7 Best Udemy Alternatives in 2024

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In this digital world, people have started buying everything online. From clothes to groceries to furniture, you can buy anything online. Even quality education!

My journey to explore online learning platforms started in 2019. Due to the pandemic, the world was coming to a standstill, and it was during those trying times that I decided to start learning again. I spent hours and hours looking up various courses available on multiple online learning platforms.

Udemy kept popping up for any course that I searched for. I realized that Udemy is a platform that has courses on anything. From music to business, from culinary science to data science, you name it, and Udemy has it. Well, that just seemed perfect (at first).

Udemy has an extensive course catalog offering over 200,000 courses on a variety of topics, and there are over 700 courses that you can take for free. Udemy is a fantastic platform if you want to learn new skills to develop professionally and personally.

Udemy has many upsides, but there are a few downsides as well. Udemy doesn’t provide accredited certificates for its courses; the sheer number of courses available can be overwhelming at times, and some of the courses are way too expensive for what they offer.

Due to all these factors, it is important to check out what other online learning platforms offer and how they compare with Udemy to get the best value for your money. I will do so in this review, which consists of a list of the best Udemy alternatives that I picked after extensive research and careful consideration. 

7 Best Udemy Alternatives in 2024

But if you want a quick summary, here’s an overview table for you to go through:

Platform Pros Cons Pricing 
SkillshareAffordable, Community-support, creative coursesNo certificatesQuality of the courses is inconsistent Monthly subscription is $29Annual subscription is $99
Coursera Affordable, Community-support creative coursesComplicated pricing No creative courses availableIndividual courses start from $49Specializations start from $49 monthlyMasterTrack certificates start from $2000Degree courses start from $9000Coursera Plus monthly is $59Coursera Plus annually  is $399 
MasterClassAffordable, Community-support creative coursesNo certificates No free classesAnnual individual plan is $120The annual duo plan is $180Annual family plan is $240
Pluralsight Digital upskillFree trialGood supportNo verified certificates Limited course contentNo accredited certificates more focused on professional training
LinkedIn Learning Expert instructors Free trial Affordable Varied course contentAccredited certificates free coursesIndividual courses start from $20Monthly subscription is $39.99Annual subscription is $323.88
edXHuge course catalogVerified certificates Experienced instructors Limited subjects Hard to navigate Verified track plan starts from $50Xseries program starts from $120Professional program starts from $299MicroBachelor’s program starts from $499MicroMaster’s program starts from $600Master’s degree program starts from $10,000
DatacampPractical exercisesUser-friendly Interactive coursesNo verified certificatedNon-refundable Basic subscription is FREE with unrestricted access
Premium subscription is $300 annually or $39 monthly.

Udemy Pros and Cons

Udemy was established in 2009 and has since become one of the leading online learning platforms in the world. Its massive content library makes learning accessible and affordable for everyone. Udemy has over 40 million users worldwide and is used by popular companies like Apple, Glassdoor, and Volkswagen for their employees to learn new skills. 

You can buy an individual course starting at $10 or a personal plan for $26.99 monthly.


  • Provides more than 700 courses for free.
  • It is one of the most affordable learning platforms, with courses starting at $10.
  • The variety of courses offered is unparalleled.
  • Once purchased, you get lifetime access to that course.
  • Expert instructors with experience in their respective industries.
  • Courses are thoroughly vetted before they go up on the platform.


  • The certificate of completion needs to be accredited or recognized by many organizations.
  • The quality of some of the courses could be better.

What Should You Consider in a Udemy Alternative?

  • Quality of the courses: Udemy is one of those learning platforms that does not have partnerships with various institutions, so the instructors need to be certified lecturers. Because of this, it is difficult to evaluate the quality of the courses, as there is no certainty that they will be worth your time and money. Other platforms have high standards to match before anyone can post their courses. 
  • Accredited certificates: Udemy course certificates need to be verified or recognized by most organizations, and if you are looking to update your resume with professional certificates, it is better to look for platforms that provide accredited certificates.
  • Affordability: Along with paid courses, Udemy also offers many courses for free and individual courses at a reasonable price. This is ideal for people on a budget, like students. So, a good Udemy alternative should have free courses, and if not, then a free trial so you can check out what they offer.
  • Variety of courses: Udemy provides various courses on various subjects and topics and in multiple languages. Any other platform should offer a similar variety of courses in your area of interest.

Best Udemy Alternatives in 2024

Let’s detail what each platform offers and why it could be an excellent alternative to Udemy.


Skillshare is an online learning platform that focuses on the creative side of education. It offers over 50,000 courses and has over 10 million users. Skillshare provides graphic design, photography, abstract art classes, and many more. The instructors are the best in their respective fields of art and are passionate about what they are teaching also check this: Udemy V/S Skillshare; which one is best for you?

You also get practice exercises and strategies to develop your creative skills. You can choose a monthly subscription for $20 or an annual subscription for $99. Considering all the courses that Skillshare offers, it is affordable.


  • Active community: Skillshare provides access to a creative community that supports and guides you when you feel stuck. This makes the process of learning fun and engaging.
  • Passionate instructors: The instructors on Skillshare are experts in their field and are enthusiastic to teach. They also have years of experience and can share their handy tips and tricks for you to follow in the future.
  • Affordable prices: Skillshare subscription plans are affordable, giving you access to all their courses to explore your creative side with various topics. And if you are uncertain, you can always choose the free trial options to check out what Skillshare offers.
  • Practical approach: The teaching method on Skillshare follows a more hands-on technique. There is no such thing as just watching lessons or reading words; you get tons of practice exercises that help you master a new skill quickly and in less time.


  • No accredited certificates: Skillshare does not provide accredited certificates after you complete any course.
  • Unreliable course quality: Some of the courses on Skillshare are not of good quality as the platform does not thoroughly vet the instructors. 

Why choose Skillshare over Udemy?

Skillshare provides the learners with a supportive community that helps encourage them to perform better. It also makes the learning experience entertaining and interactive. The practical exercises offered by the instructors are exciting and help you learn a new skill quickly and effectively. With the subscription plan, you can take as many courses as possible. 

If any of these things are important to you and your goal is to explore creative learning, then Skillshare is the right platform.


Coursera was founded in 2012 by two Standford professors with a dream to make education accessible for everyone around the world. It is one of the most distinguished online learning platforms, with courses on engineering, business, health, science, and more. Corsera has over 80 million users and 7,000+ courses to choose from.

The most unique thing about Coursera is that it has partnered with some prestigious and highly sought-after universities to provide quality education with accredited certificates. Reputable organizations like Google, Microsoft, and IBM recognize these certificates. 


  • Quality of the course: The courses on Coursera are taught by lecturers and instructors from esteemed universities. The course material is well-researched and informative. The courses are also well-structured and easy to understand.
  • Accredited certificates: Coursera provides accredited certificates for every course from Ivy League universities like Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, and more. This is the most distinctive feature of Coursera. 
  • Free courses: If you don’t want to spend the money but still learn new skills, Coursera allows you to audit most of its courses. You can take the courses and learn from them, but you won’t get their certificate.
  • Affordable (compared to real-life college tuition): Coursera provides university degrees at an affordable price and at your convenience. Compared to college tuition in this day and age, these degree courses are much more affordable.


  • Complicated prices: Coursera offers many learning programs and paths, so it has one of the most complex price structures. It takes a while to understand what you need to select to get the course you want, and it can be frustrating for many people.
  • Lack of creative courses: Coursera is more geared towards academic and professional development, so the courses are more in those fields. There aren’t many courses available on creative topics.

Why choose Coursera over Udemy?

Coursera provides a variety of courses to help you advance not just academically but also professionally. Top universities in the world accredit most Coursera courses. That makes its courses much more valuable. Coursera also lets you audit most of the classes for free (albeit without certificates), which is perfect for someone who is curious and wants to learn a few new skills for personal growth. 

Coursera certificates are also recognized in a professional capacity, and if this is something that you require, then you should choose Coursera.


MasterClass was launched in 2012 and is a one-of-a-kind learning platform with exceptional classes. However, the feature that sets MasterClass apart is that celebrities conduct these classes and share their experience and expertise. You get to learn from industry maestros, like the art of story-telling from Neil Gaiman and songwriting and producing from Alicia Keys.

With classes on over 190 subjects, MasterClass is for curious people who want to keep learning new things. The lesson structure is well thought out; you also get a course guidebook. You also get practical and helpful advice from experts that you can use in your life. MasterClass courses focus on both professional and personal development.


  • Production quality: MasterClass is known for its unparalleled production quality and cinematic experience. The videos are shot well and are all of exceptional quality. They are also well-edited and organized to keep your learning journey smooth.
  • Engaging content: Even though MasterClass is a video-format learning platform, you will still find the learning experience immersive and interactive. 
  • Affordable: MasterClass courses are taught by celebrities and industry experts, and even then, they are pretty affordable.
  • Celebrity instructors: This is the USP of MasterClass as a learning platform. You get a rare opportunity to learn from your idols, and it makes the whole process an out-of-the-world experience.


  • No free classes: MasterClass does not offer free courses to help you decide if the subscription is worth it. However, it does have a solid 30-day refund policy.
  • Lack of academic courses: The classes taught in MasterClass are more focused on personal development. These won’t help in a professional capacity. 
  • No certificates: After you are done with a class, you don’t receive any certificates.

Why choose MasterClass over Udemy?

MasterClass has hands-down the best production quality out of all the online learning platforms available. You get to learn the ins and outs of an industry from a true industry veteran with years of experience. If you are one of those people who idolize celebrities and want to learn how they got to where they are right now, then MasterClass courses are for you.

These classes will also motivate you and help you grow as a person. If personal growth as well as professional insights are what you are looking for in a learning platform, then MasterClass is the one for you.


Pluralsight is an online learning platform that provides you with courses that help to learn and improve your technical skills. The platform was founded in 2004 and has over 5000 courses in various digital skills like data analysis, cloud computing, software development, IT ops, and more.

All the courses on Pluralsight are detailed, provide in-depth knowledge on the subject matter, and are taught by experienced experts. Pluralsight aims to provide practical knowledge on technical and complex subjects. Check out the complete comparison here: Udemy VS Pluralsight


  • Technical courses: Pluralsight is your one-stop shop for all digital and technical skills. It provides an extensive course catalog that is geared toward developing your digital skills and help advancing your career.
  • Free trial: On Pluralsight you get a 10-day free trial or 200 free minutes (whichever comes first) to assess if the courses provided on the platform are what you need. This gives you a chance to research and understand if you want to buy a subscription.
  • Offline mode: Pluralsight has its own app that works for most devices and lets you download courses so you can learn offline.
  • Good customer support: The customer support provided by Pluralsight is really good and your doubts and queries are answered almost instantly.
  • Self-assessment checks: On Pluralsight, you can keep a constant track of your progress and evaluate what you have learned so far.


  • Lack of subjects: Pluralsight is mainly focused on digital and technical skills, and there needs to be more variety in topics, making it a niche learning platform.
  • No free courses: You cannot take free courses on Pluralsight. You either get the free trial or buy the subscription.

Why choose Pluralsight over Udemy?

If you aim to advance your technical skills for professional development, then Pluralsight is a more suitable platform for you. You can also take their “Skill and Role IQ assessments” for free. This shows you all the relevant courses available on Pluralsight that match your requirements and are based on your aptitude.

Pluralsight provides an end-to-end learning experience and you can choose individual courses that you want to take. There is also a subscription option. Pluralsight aims to provide practical knowledge on technical and complex subjects.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning, previously known as Lynda.com (founded in 1995), has quickly become one of the most sought-after online learning platforms. It provides users with a platform that helps them learn career-driven skills that can advance them professionally. It boasts millions of users and offers over 17,000 courses on design, technical writing, Java, coding, and more. 

Depending on your requirements, you can buy an individual course or subscribe to a subscription. The lessons are taught by industry experts, and you can easily check their credentials. After you complete a course, you get a certificate of completion. These certificates are not accredited, but they will be displayed on your LinkedIn profile. Check the complete comparison here: Udemy VS LinkedIn Learning.


  • Free trial: LinkedIn Learning provides a one-month free trial for users to see if their paid subscription is worth it.
  • Mobile App: The app features provided by LinkedIn Learning make learning convenient and easy. You can take the courses whenever and wherever you want. You can also download the courses for offline viewing.
  • Range of courses: LinkedIn Learning has a massive course library on all industry-relevant topics that can help you advance your career.
  • Quality of content: The courses on LinkedIn Learning are taught by sought-after industry experts, and you can check out their own LinkedIn profile to check out their credentials and experience.


  • No accredited certificates: Though LinkedIn Learning provides certificates, they are not accredited and, hence, not that valuable. Plus, you can display these certificates directly on your LinkedIn profile.
  • Lack of creative courses: LinkedIn Learning focuses more on technical and professional development, so the courses are more in those fields. There aren’t many courses available on creative topics.

Why choose LinkedIn Learning over Udemy?

LinkedIn Learning lets you buy an individual course or get a subscription, depending on your requirements. You can also use the platform for a whole month for free before deciding to purchase anything.  

LinkedIn Learning is the ideal platform for you if you want to advance your career and let your progress show on your LinkedIn profile. You can also use the platform monthly to see if it meets your needs (remember to cancel your membership before the trial ends). 


edX is a learning platform where students can find courses from various universities. It is a non-profit started by Harvard University and MIT. The aim was to make good-quality university-level education accessible to people from all around the world. Apart from Harvard and MIT, edX has partnered with other Ivy League institutions like Berkeley, Caltech, and Brown.

Partnered with over 400+ universities, edX offers over 4000 courses on a variety of subjects like science, engineering, business, math, humanity, and more.


  • Free courses: edX offers you a chance to audit most of its classes for free. Unlike Coursera, it also provides an honorary certificate if you successfully audit a class.
  • Prestigious partnerships: The courses on edX are partnered with institutions like MIT, Harvard, and Brown, making their courses highly valuable.
  • Expert instructors: The instructor of each course is an expert in the field and is affiliated with top institutions. That makes the content provided in the course quite detailed and informative. 
  • Accredited certificates: The certificates provided after you complete the course are accredited and recognized by companies like Google, IBM, and more.


  • More subjects: edX is focused on higher education, and most of its courses are designed around college curricula like math, science, and language.
  • Outdated UI: The web design could be more exciting. The UI is outdated, making the site difficult to navigate.

Why choose edX over Udemy?

edX has partnered with top universities and organizations to provide accessible and affordable education online. You also get accredited certificates and a wide range of courses on subjects like math, science, data science, health, and the humanities. 

If your goal is academic and professional progress and the subjects mentioned above interest you, then edX is the learning platform that you should choose.


Check Datacamp NOW!!!

As the name suggests, Datacamp is a learning platform focused on teaching data science. Datcamp was established in 2013 and has since amassed over 5 million learners. Their goal is to make data science and analysis accessible for individuals and companies. It provides personal and business plans. Their standard plan is popular, with over 400 interactive courses that teach the basics of data science and analysis.

You can choose to get individual courses or decide to get career and skill tracks. The purpose of these tracks is to help you understand one specific data-based skill in full depth so that you can monetize it later. Companies can use DataCamp to upskill their employees for better productivity.


  • Free plan: Datacamp has a basic plan that offers introductory chapters of the majority of the courses for free, so you can check out what the course has to offer.
  • Expert instructors: The instructors on Datacamp all have experience in the field of data science and are working with top organizations like Caltech and Anaconda.
  • Engaging courses: The course format is fun and interactive, with multiple challenges and exercises to keep you engaged. You can also assess your skills based on your performance in the challenges.
  • Universal appeal: Datacamp is both for beginners and experts in data science. There is something to learn for everyone.


  • No accredited certificates: You are provided with a certificate of completion after you finish the course, but these certificates are not accredited. 
  • Nonrefundable: Datacamp courses are not refundable. They offer a basic plan, so you should check it out before purchasing any course of action.

Why choose DataCamp over Udemy?

Suppose you are looking to advance your career in data science and data analysis. In that case, Datacamp is a better option than Udemy, as it is aimed at making data science more accessible and easier to understand.

DataCamp career and skill tracks are unique, and if there is one specific skill that you want to learn, then it will help you do it. It will help you become a data scientist in a fun and interactive way. 


Udemy is one of the most sought-after online learning platforms, and for good reason. It offers a wide range of courses on various subjects and caters to all your learning needs. A lot of popular organizations, like Apple, Samsung, and Volkswagen, use Udemy to upskill their employees. 

Udemy remains unrivaled regarding online learning, and it seems too difficult to consider alternatives, but it might be necessary. Just because it is the best online learning platform doesn’t mean it is the best for you.

In this review, I have listed the best alternatives for Udemy out there, and you should consider everything each platform has to offer and then assess your needs to make an informed decision.

Just because it is online learning doesn’t necessarily mean it is free, and even if you decide to go with platforms that offer free courses, you are still investing your time, effort, and energy. 

So, have a good time selecting a platform that best suits your requirements and get started on your educational journey.

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