edX Review in 2024: Legit? Is It Worth It?

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Are you someone who is always curious and wants to keep learning? You took as many classes as possible in your college but still get haunted by all the classes you couldn’t take. Or are you someone who loves to learn but didn’t get the opportunity to do so due to some unforeseen circumstances? 

If you know someone (like me), then edX is what you are looking for. Edx is one of the few learning platforms that offers higher-level education that is readily available online. If you want to take university-level courses, then edX will help you.

All of this sounds amazing, right? But what if it’s too good? Is that true? 

In this review, I will address all your edX queries and more. 

But if you are in a rush, then here’s a quick overview:

Quick Summary of edX Review: Is It Worth It?

edX is a popular and leading online learning platform that has partnered with several renowned universities and institutions to curate a variety of courses covering a wide array of thorough and well-planned subjects. These courses are not just focused on academic endeavors but also on developing career-driven skills. The courses offered by edX are often accredited and recognized by most organizations. You can decide to take just one course or complete your bachelor’s or master’s degree from one of their partnered university at an affordable price. 

  • User-friendly with intuitive design.
  • Courses curated by expert instructors from prestigious universities.
  • Accredited certificate that many organizations recognize.
  • Self-paced learning and no deadlines.
  • Well thought and thoroughly researched course content .
  • Chance to audit the courses for free with an honorary certificate of completion.
  • Some of the courses are expensive.
  • Course content is limited to math and science subjects, mostly.
  • Inconsistency in the pattern followed by different courses.
In my honest opinion, edX is a great learning platform with various courses available. That makes education accessible and affordable regardless of geographical or financial constraints. You can get a university degree online at your convenience and without any time restrictions.

edX Review in 2024: Legit? Is It Worth It?

edX is an online learning platform founded by a team of professors from Harvard and MIT (talk about academic giants) to revolutionize the world of virtual learning. Experts from prestigious universities like Berkeley, Columbia, and Harvard design the courses. These universities and institutions have partnered with edX to make education accessible.

With such unique collaborations under edX’s belt, it is safe to assume that all its courses are high-quality and taught by industry experts at a superior level. edX has millions of dedicated learners and offers over 2000 courses on various subjects. On edX, you can find courses on anything from business to humanity to engineering. So, the course material is versatile and can cater to several people with different needs. 

These courses not only help you advance in your professional life but also help you grow on a personal level. It is also important to note that edX is a nonprofit and open-source platform that lets developers discuss various assessment modules.

Who is edX for?

EdX has a lot to offer, but it is essential to determine whether it is the right platform for you. Only you can do this, but I will try simplifying it.

edX is for anyone who wants to learn an interesting new skill from an experienced industry expert. Learning new things can be daunting, but edX makes it easy with its guided approach and structured lesson plans. You can choose to take a course on a specific topic you want to learn about, and after you finish it, you get an accredited certificate for it.

If a complex skill or topic can’t be covered in one course, edX also offers a group of courses in the form of Xseries. Various universities design these courses, and they are very informative.

Most edX courses are designed for individuals looking to learn career-driven skills that help them move ahead professionally. The courses are self-paced and don’t have any deadlines, so you can take your time completing them at your convenience. edX provides you the flexibility to work full-time while also learning new skills.

Lastly, if you are curious by nature and love to learn, then EdX is your haven. You can audit good courses for free and learn a lot from them. Some of these courses also give you an honorary certificate of completion, and that is just amazing.

So, if you are one of these people, then edX is your learning destination.

How much does edX cost?

edX offers a wide variety of courses, so the price of each course depends on its subject, length, and partnered university. Most edX courses range from around $50 to $300, which is by no means cheap, but compared to college tuition, it is nothing. But buying a course is entirely up to you as edX offers the chance to audit the courses for free. Whenever you choose any course on edX, you can select a track.

  • Audit Track: You can opt to audit a course for free, but you won’t get any additional course material, accredited certificate (you get an honorary certificate of completion, which is not the same), or reference resources.
  • Verified Track: you opt to pay for a course and get access to all the resources and course materials and an accredited certificate that is recognized by most organizations.

But if you want to choose a degree program that credits towards your higher education

then there are a few options to choose from:

  • Global Freshman Academy: You complete courses to get extra credit for your freshman year. You can also earn full college credit and then opt to transfer to another university. These courses start from $200 (per course).
  • Professional Certificates: Career-driven practical skills that prepare you for a specific job (like IBM). These courses start from $150 up to $1000.
  • MicroBachelor’s Program: Specially curated for individuals with some or no college education to move ahead with their education. The courses start from $500 up to $1500.
  • MicroMaster’s Program: It is a unique feature that gives credit towards your Master’s degree, but you can do it online at your own convenience. The price of this program starts from $600 up to $1500
  • Master’s Degree: A full university-level master’s degree from prestigious universities ranging from $10,000 to $25,000.

Some of these courses and programs are in no way cheap but compared to in-person college tuition and tutoring fees, it is really not that expensive. You need to understand your needs and then decide on which program suits you the best.

My personal experience on edX

To understand what a learning platform has to offer, it is essential to dive in completely, and that is exactly what I did. I needed to know what edX offers and how it compares to all other online learning platforms. To do so, I had to take a course to give edX a fair shot. 

Firstly, to create an account on edX, all you need is your name, email address, and password. You then select your country, and you can log in. The platform itself is easily navigable, and the design is interactive and creative. 

Then, you can see the variety of edX courses on business, science, engineering, writing, and more. There are plenty of courses to choose from, and there is something for everyone. You can also customize your search filters depending on your area of interest.

When you select a course, you get the option to either audit it for free or pay for it and use the verified track. The course content is straightforward to follow, even with complex subjects. 

The courses are self-paced, and that made learning very convenient for me. edX also has apps supported by both iOS and Android, and that is another plus. You can download the course content and learn however and whenever you want. 

Expert instructors craft the courses in partnership with top universities, so the content is, without a doubt, extensive and up-to-date. 

All in all, my experience on edX was a positive one. The learning is smooth and hassle-free.

What did I like about edX?

What I like the most about ddX is that it offers free audit courses for people. This makes learning accessible for underprivileged people, and that is a very noble thing to do. They also provide an honorary certificate with each free course. This sets edX apart from its competitors. 

I appreciate the platform’s ease of use. You can easily search for courses, check the summary and topics of a course, and track your progress.

There is a massive course catalog, and the courses are designed by instructors who have partnered with esteemed universities and institutions. The verified courses all have accredited certificates, which is another plus.

There are also multiple course programs to select from. Whether you want to take just one course or finish your master’s degree, edX has got you covered, and I think that is amazing.

After purchasing a verified course, if you are unsatisfied and want a refund, you can request one within 14 days.


It is effortless to understand why edX is one of the top online learning platforms in the world. It offers high-level learning programs with accredited certificates at a reasonable price. It has partnered with leading universities and organizations to provide courses that are both accredited and of great quality. With a verified track, you also get access to helpful and informative course material and resources.

You can choose a course and learn a new skill in a few days, or you can choose a degree program and use the credit earned toward getting into a university. The opportunities are endless.

I recommend edX to anyone who wants to learn seriously to move ahead in life, professionally and personally. 

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