13 Best MasterClass Courses In 2024 [Worth it?]

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MasterClass isn’t your average learning platform–it is an immersive and informative journey into the minds and talents of the world’s greatest minds. 

How would you feel if Gordan Ramsay personally taught you the art of cooking like he was your friend? Maybe you are a tennis enthusiast and get to meet Serena Williams, listen to her talk about her techniques and playing style, and give tips and tricks on improving your footwork or perfecting your serve.

That is only some of what you get on MasterClass. There are endless possibilities, and you will be held back by your limitations because, on MasterClass, there is no cap on learning. From fashion to interior design, MasterClass has it all!

If you are a writer (like me), you will be inspired by all the writing courses you can find on MasterClass. There is a class on specific writing genres from Neil Gaiman to David Sedaris. 

The best part is that all the courses are self-paced. You can learn anytime and anywhere. MasterClass also has exceptional video quality and high production value (it sometimes feels like a legit movie). The courses also have interactive practical exercises and supplementary material (the cherry on the cake).

MasterClass offers over 80 courses in 13 categories, and it can be overwhelming to choose a course. To simplify that process, I have compiled a list of the best MasterClass in each of the thirteen categories, making it easier for you to know where to start. Check the masterclass review.

Best MasterClass Courses In 2024

Quick Summary  

If you are on a time crunch, this list will be helpful.

Best MasterClass in each category:

  1. Acting & Performing Arts: Helen Mirren Teaches Acting
  2. Business & Entrepreneurship: Bob Iger Teaches Business Strategy and Leadership
  3. Community & Government: Jane Goodall Teaches Conservation
  4. Culinary Skills: Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking
  5. Design & Creative Arts: Bobbi Brown Teaches Makeup and Beauty
  6. Digital Content & Gaming: Will Wright Teaches Game Design And Theory
  7. Film & Television Production: James Cameron Teaches Filmmaking
  8. Health & Wellness: Jon Kabat-Zinn Teaches Mindfulness and Meditation
  9. Music: Christina Aguilera Teaches Singing
  10. Outdoor Adventures & Events: Mindy Weiss teaches how to Plan your Dream Wedding 
  11. Science & Technology: Neil DeGrasse Tyson Teaches Scientific Thinking And Communication
  12. Sports & Athletics: Serena Williams Teaches Tennis
  13. Writing: Neil Gaiman Teaches The Art Of Storytelling

Honorary mentions:

Photography: Annie Leibovitz Teaches Photography

Interior Design: Kelly Wearstler Teaches Interior Design

Fashion: Marc Jacobs Teaches Fashion Design

Why choose MasteClass? 

MasterClass offers an immersive online learning experience that differentiates it from other platforms. The courses are taught by industry icons and famous celebrity experts in their fields. MasterClass provides a wide range of courses (from cooking to science) in 13 categories.

The courses provided by MasterClass are exclusive, including actual behind-the-scene stories (like the filming of Avatar) and personal anecdotes (of celebrities). The classes are planned perfectly to give the audience a once-in-a-lifetime learning experience. 

Unlike any other learning platform, the videos are of the highest quality, with the most transparent audio (and subtitles). This creates an interactive learning environment, and the video lessons feel like you are watching a movie or talking to a friend.

MasterClass is a subscription-based service with multiple pricing options. The Individual membership plan costs $120 annually ($10 monthly). The Duo plan costs $180 annually (for two devices), and the Family plan (up to six devices) costs $240 annually. This is not cheap, but the plans are affordable compared to what you get.

MasterClass courses will inspire and motivate you to pursue your passions, explore new interests, and tap into your creative potential. You will learn from the best in the world and gain the confidence and skills to achieve your goals.

Helen Mirren Teaches Acting and Performing Arts

Video lessons: 28 

Total time: 6 hours 17 mins

Topics included:

  • Bring Unforgettable Characters to Life
  • Learn the Art of Theater, Dance, & Magic
  • Overcome Stage Fright & Anxiety
  • Refine Your Acting & Nail That Audition

Ideal for: People who are beginning their acting journey and need a little guidance on how to make it in such a competitive industry.

Helen Mirren is an award-winning actress (Academy, Emmy, Tony, and BAFTA awards) recognized for acting as Queen Elizabeth II in The Queen and DCI Jane Tennison in Prime Suspect.

Check: Helen Mirren MasterClass Review

As a personal fan, I was utterly enthralled by her MasterClass. Her course is exceptionally well-structured and masterfully presented. Her strategies and tips are invaluable for any budding actor. Though her delivery is sometimes a little robotic (teaching does not come naturally to everyone), you will enjoy learning more about her experience once you get past that.

Helen goes into detail about the impact of choosing the perfect role. Also, she talks about how playing Shakespearean characters is something any actor should do at least once.

She also explains how she uses her character’s props and costumes to deliver an impactful performance. If you are passionate about acting as a career or are a fan of Helen Mirren (like me), then you will enjoy her class.

Bob Iger Teaches Business Strategy and Leadership

Video lessons: 13

Total time: 2 hours 11 mins

Topics included:

  • Grow with Branding & Marketing Tactics
  • Innovate & Think Creatively in Business
  • Lead Teams to Success
  • Negotiate & Persuade Effectively

Ideal for: People who aspire to be business enthusiasts and are interested in gaining insights into entertainment and media from this generation’s most renowned and successful CEO.

Bob Iger has been named one of “World’s Most Powerful People” by Forbes magazine (2018) and was Time’s Business Person of the Year (2020). He is the CEO of one of the largest companies in the world, Walt Disney.

His MasterClass offers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into negotiating acquisitions to steer the company through difficult times. You’ll understand the strategies and bold decisions he made that shaped Disney’s iconic legacy under his leadership.

Also, check Bob Iger’s MasterClass Review: Is It Worth It? Business & Leadership

Bob infuses the class with his trademark charm and wit, making each lesson a delightful blend of education and entertainment. You’ll laugh at his anecdotes while absorbing valuable leadership and innovation lessons. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a Disney fan, or simply curious about the secrets behind one of the world’s most beloved brands, Bob Iger’s MasterClass delivers its promise to entertain and inspire in equally.

Jane Goodall Teaches Conservation

Video lessons: 29

Total time: 5 hours 6 mins

Topics included:

  • Elevate Your Public Speaking Skills
  • Embrace Eco-Friendly Living & Gardening
  • Inspire Change With Philanthropic Impact
  • Study, Train & Care For Animals

Ideal for: Nature lovers, conservationists, and aspiring scientists. Anyone passionate about protecting the environment and wildlife while promoting sustainability and cohabitation will enjoy this MasterClass.

Dr. Jane Goodall is recognized as one of our most accomplished scientists and conservationists. She has been recently awarded the Templeton Prize (2021) and the Stephen Hawking Medal for Science Communication (2022). 

Also, check Jane Goodall’s MasterClass Review

Jane Goodall captivates you with her passion for wildlife and conservation. She shares her heartwarming stories and incredible adventures in the jungles of Africa. She goes into depth about chimpanzee behavior and the patterns she uncovered (not all were happy). 

The MasterClass is not just about the animals; Jane uses warmth and wisdom to inspire you to become the protector of the Earth by making 

a positive impact and small changes in your life.  

Gordon Ramsay Teaches Cooking (Part 1 and 2)

Video lessons (part 1): 20

Total time: 3 hours 54 mins

Topics included:

  • Cook Mouthwatering Meat Feasts
  • Elevate Your Cooking Skills & Techniques
  • Prepare Delectable Seafood Meals

Video lessons (part 2): 15

Total time: 4 hours 14 mins

Topics included:

  • Bake Delicious Pastries & Desserts
  • Cook Mouthwatering Meat Feasts
  • Create Healthy & Tasty Vegetable Dishes
  • Elevate Your Cooking Skills & Techniques

Ideal for: Anyone who wants to learn the art of cooking, regardless of your skill level. You can be an aspiring chef or a home cook; as long as you’re passionate about cooking and culinary science, you’ll love this class.

Gordon Ramsay has 16 Michelin stars across his 30+ restaurants worldwide, making him one of the most decorated chefs in history. He is the most influential chef in the world and has earned incredible fame for single-handedly popularizing British cuisine on a global scale.

In his MasterClass, Gordon delves into the fundamentals of culinary science and shares his secret techniques for fileting fish or making risotto. He also discusses his cooking process and leads you on a journey of innovative cooking and skillful presentation that has taken the world by storm.

He is a fabulous teacher, and to keep the audience engaged, he shares his personal experiences and challenges you to push the culinary boundaries with interactive exercises and his personal brand of motivation (if you know, you know). This MasterClass is as close as you can come to learning one-on-one from the legend himself (he is my culinary hero).

You also get exclusive access to Gordon’s culinary insights, including tips for navigating professional kitchens (think about Kitchen Nightmares) and managing teams (like Hell’s Kitchen), providing an understanding of the culinary world beyond just cooking techniques.

His energy is infectious, and his passion for cooking is electric, and I was left in awe. He is witty and humorous and will keep you entertained while ensuring you learn thoroughly.

Bobbi Brown teaches Makeup and Beauty

Video lessons: 19

Total time: 3 hours 48 mins

Topics included:

  • Elevate Your Fashion & Personal Style
  • Learn about Color Theory and Makeup
  • Makeup Techniques and Tips

Ideal for: People who want to improve their appearance and style, makeup beginners who don’t know where to start, established makeup artists who want to brush up on their basics, and lifelong Bobbi Brown admirers. 

Bobbi Brown is the most sought-after celebrity makeup artist for the last three decades. She has her own successful makeup line and runs a famous luxury boutique hotel. Beginner and advanced makeup artists worldwide adore her, and she is also a fantastic entrepreneur, making her the perfect role model for young women.

Also, check Bobbi Brown MasterClass Review

This MasterClass starts with understanding the essential makeup application techniques (step-by-step). You will get tips on creating a flawless base and mastering the craft of a creaseless eye-shadow application.

She also explains the importance of skincare and shares tips and tricks for creating the perfect routine (from basic CTM to advanced routines) for your skin type and concerns.

Choosing the right shades and undertones that make your face shine is difficult, but Bobbi breaks it down and makes it effortless. She also talks about her career as a makeup artist and her experience with behind-the-scenes stories and industry anecdotes.

Her teaching style is interactive, and her lessons are relevant. The whole course feels like a makeup session with a close friend.

Will Wright Teaches Game Design and Theory

Video lessons: 21

Total time: 4 hours 16 mins

Topics included:

  • Explore Advanced Gaming Tactics
  • Learn World Building & Genre Writing
  • Paint, Design & Create Your Art Piece
  • Use Behavioral Science to Read Others

Ideal for: Anyone curious to learn about the art and science of game development, like aspiring designers and creative thinkers.

Will Wright is the visionary behind the life simulation game The Sims. He is a Lifetime Achievement Award winner at the Game Developers Choice Awards (2001). He was the fifth person inducted into the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Hall of Fame (2002).

Check: Will Wright MasterClass Review

Will uses the natural and social world as a source for his design material and teaches you how to let it inspire you. He talks about his creation of The Sims and how to find ideas through research.

He talks you through his process of narrative design and using story-telling as part of video game world-building to hook your players into your game. You learn to make your game challenging and engaging to provide an unforgettable user experience.

A good game has memorable and relatable characters, which will help you drive your narrative forward. Will also talks about the latest technology and tools used in game development (from game engines to prototyping software) to help you bring your vision to life.

Will shares tips and techniques for overcoming creative blocks, fostering inspiration, and pushing the boundaries of game design.

James Cameron Teaches Filmmaking

Video lessons: 15

Total time: 3 hours 20 mins

Topics included:

  • Break Into the Entertainment Business
  • Develop Iconic Cinematic Characters
  • Innovate with Emerging Technologies
  • Techniques for Directing Your Movie
  • Write & Pitch Stories for Film & TV

Ideal for: People who are beginning their filmmaking journey, directors (from any genre) who need help with crafting memorable scenes, screenwriters who want to captivate the audience (think tear jerkers), film lovers who want to look at incredible behind-the-scene footage of filmmaking process or a die-hard James Cameron fan.

James Cameron is an Academy and Golden Globe Award-winning director whose films have grossed over $2 billion worldwide. He is widely celebrated for his creative direction and masterful storytelling.

Check, James Cameron Teaches Filmmaking: A MasterClass Review

Cameron has pioneered several directorial and cinematographical techniques, which he shares in his MasterClass. He thanks those who came before him for paving his road to success and wants to inspire the coming generation to do the same. As a longstanding fan of his work(who doesn’t love Titanic?), I loved hearing him talk about his personal experiences and the art of filmmaking. 

His MasterClass provides an opportunity to peer through the mind of a legendary director with over 40 years of experience. He talks about the “rules” of filmmaking and how to follow them to stay true to your story.

He explains every tiny detail that goes into filmmaking, like lighting, sound design, background music, and even the selection of 

camera lenses. He shares his techniques for building emotions with the help of relatable characters.

He talks about advancing technology and how to use it to improve your film (like Avatar) and teaches that direction is essentially leadership. Successful filmmaking relies on your vision, management, and ability to collaborate with your team.

Jon Kabat-Zinn Teaches Mindfulness and Meditation

Video lessons: 20

Total time: 6 hours 30 mins

Topics included:

  • Practice Mindfulness for Mental Clarity
  • Reduce Stress & Find Inner Strength
  • Unlock Empathy & Philosophical Wisdom

Ideal for: Anyone curious about yoga as an exercise or spiritual practice, yoga enthusiasts at all levels, fitness professionals seeking to deepen their understanding of yoga, and people looking for stress relief and improved well-being.

Jon Kabat-Zinn is known as the godfather of mindfulness. He was a professor of medicine and is now a world-renowned author. His goal is to make meditation and mindfulness accessible through mainstream media. His meditation techniques are all backed by science, making it even more relevant.

Check: Jon Kabat-Zinn Masterclass Review

He has a teaching background, so his MasterClass is a delight to watch. He teaches you tricks to help you be fully present in the moment while calming your mind. He shares his secrets for wrangling even the most restless mind while meditating.

You will learn poses to improve your flexibility, core strength, and overall balance while focusing on mindfulness to reduce stress and cultivate peace from within. He also shares his favorite breathing exercises that help your mind relax and focus while giving you clarity. This entire process promotes emotional well-being and personal growth.

The yoga principles for living a more mindful and balanced life are highly effective (for me, they were), and you will be compelled to incorporate them into your daily routine for physical and mental health.

Christina Aguilera Teaches Singing

Christina Aguilera Teaches Singing

Video lessons: 23

Total time: 3 hours 43 mins

Topics included:

  • Perfect Your Vocal Performance Skills
  • Perform Live & Captivate Your Audience
  • Succeed in the Music Business
  • Unlock Musical Creativity & Expression
  • Write and Compose Music That Resonates

Ideal for: Anyone who is a fan of Christina Aguilera, an aspiring singer, performer, stage artist (vocalist or background musician), songwriter, or just a music enthusiast.

Christina Aguilera is a famous American singer-songwriter and actress who has won several awards for exceptional singing and songwriting (including a Grammy). She has millions of fans and has sold millions of records worldwide. 

Her singing MasterClass is currently the only one in this category. She has been a music industry star since the 90s and has a beautiful voice. She shares her vocal techniques and shows exercises designed to improve your singing prowess. These exercises will help you develop control and refine your tone and timbre.

Also, check the complete Christina Aguilera MasterClass Review!

When discussing performance skills, she guides you through the nuances of stage presence and body language that let you connect with your audience spiritually and leave a lasting impression on them. Live performances are essential to music; her tips are valuable and beneficial for all budding singers.

She gives rare insight into her songwriting process, which helps you write compelling lyrics that resonate with your listeners. Christina’s practical advice and creative inspiration will help unlock your songwriting potential and bring your musical ideas to life.

Throughout the MasterClass, Christina offers personal experiences and anecdotes from her own journey in the industry. From being a young performer on “The Mickey Mouse Club” to her rise to superstardom with hit songs like “Genie in a Bottle” (her first Grammy-winning song) and “Beautiful,” Christina shares valuable lessons and wisdom she gained along the way.

Mindy Weiss teaches how to Plan your Dream Wedding

Video lessons: 20

Total time: 3 hours 33 mins

Topics included:

  • Calculate a realistic wedding budget
  • Choose your ideal venue
  • Make your guest list confidently
  • Find the right photographer
  • Determine your glam team
  • Create a perfect seating chart
  • Choose memorable drinks and desserts
  • Write your vows.

Ideal for: Anyone planning a social event, budding and experienced event planners, wedding designers, small entrepreneurs, and, of course, brides-to-be. 

Mindy Weiss is an award-winning event planner based in Los Angeles with over 30 years of experience. She plans events for celebrities like Kris Jenner (and the Kardashian family), from birthday parties to weddings. In 2022, she was on the Best Planners for Party Consultants list, while the 2020 Elle International Bridal Awards recognized Mindy as the Best Wedding Planner. She writes about the wedding planning process and is a successful author.

Mindy discusses the process of planning and executing essential events (weddings, in this case), covering everything from initial brainstorming to final execution. You will learn to conceptualize and bring your designs to life without getting lost in translation (keeping up with the client’s vision).

This brings us to another important point: she covers client management. It is one of the most significant (if not the most) parts of wedding planning. Understanding your client’s needs, communicating with them, and cohesively collaborating builds a solid relationship that leads to successful events.

Planning a budget (and sticking to it) early on is essential for a wedding. The next step is to find your dream venue. Wedding venues are difficult to find and notoriously expensive, so booking a venue as soon as possible is best.

Mindy then shares her tips to source your dream team (for photography, styling, makeup, and more). She suggests asking friends and family members for suggestions and referrals.  

Neil DeGrasse Tyson Teaches Scientific Thinking And Communication

Video lessons: 13

Total time: 2 hours 14 mins

Topics included:

  • Elevate Your Public Speaking Skills
  • Navigate News with Media Literacy
  • Unlock the Secrets of Space
  • Use Science and Math to Solve Problems

Ideal for: Anyone wanting to improve their public speaking skills, astrophysics enthusiasts, and fans of Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

Neil deGrasse Tyson is a celebrated astrophysicist and planetary scientist currently working at the Hayden Planetarium at the Rose Centre for Earth. He considers himself a science communicator, intending to make science (especially physics) fun and engaging.

He is an author, TV show host, podcast host and has amassed a large following on social media. He has received the NASA Distinguished Public Service Medal, the Stephen Hawking Medal for Science Communication, and an asteroid named after him (that is so cool).

In his MasterClass, he talks about the impact of science on your daily life. He encourages you to be a skeptic and question everything. According to him, curiosity is the key to success. He also discusses his scientific, spiritual, and religious beliefs.

He provides tips to improve your delivery to help you understand how to become an effective instructor. The skills that he teaches are all backed by research and real-life examples (so you can be sure it works).

His strategies for better communication make his course so valuable. He conveys complex ideas easily, making you realize why millions of people follow him and hang on to his every word. These techniques can be helpful for people who need to speak publicly (like teachers) and keep the audience engaged.

Serena Williams Teaches Tennis

Video lessons: 10

Total time: 2 hours

Topics included:

  • Boost Fitness and Athletic Prowess
  • Build Mental Strength and Resilience
  • Get Tactical Sports Skills & Strategies

Ideal for: People with some tennis experience who want to learn more about fitness, training, and discipline and are fans of Serena Williams (let’s be honest, who isn’t?). 

Serena Williams requires no short introduction, but if you don’t know her (living under a rock?), she is a tennis prodigy ranked No. 1 women’s tennis player and is the winner of 23 Grand Slam singles titles. She is a dedicated and hard-working athlete who started practicing when she was only four years old. 

Between 2003 and 2007, she struggled with multiple ankle injuries and was ranked at No. 95 (from being 1), but she returned stronger and harder. Her story is not that of a gifted player who was always good at tennis but that of resilience, perseverance, and dedication. Anyone who dreams of becoming a successful tennis player someday stands to learn a lot from her.

Sport is practical, but in this MasterClass, you will understand Serena Williams’s techniques for perfecting her serve and footwork. You will also gain insight into her life and training process to learn how grueling and time-consuming it is.

This course gives a refreshing view on how to be more like Serena Williams (the ultimate tennis pro). It is a one-of-a-kind course that cannot be found anywhere else.

Her tips on serving, ground footwork, and rocket technique make this course a valuable lesson for anyone wanting to become a professional tennis player.

 Neil Gaiman Teaches The Art Of Storytelling

Video lessons: 19

Total time: 4 hours 49 mins

Topics included:

  • Construct Compelling Stories
  • Craft Your Writing Process & Voice
  • Edit Your Work & Get It Published
  • Express Yourself Through Poetry
  • Learn World Building & Genre Writing
  • Overcome Writer’s Block & Other Hurdles
  • Write Characters Who Jump Off the Page

Ideal for: People who are interested in the art of storytelling, budding writers, fiction writers ( and readers), creative professionals, and (above all) fans of Neil Gaiman.

Neil Gaiman is one of this generation’s most well-known fiction (fantasy) writers.  From fantasy graphic novels (like The Sandman) to comics (like The Eternhe has dipped his paintbrush everywhere and left a mark.

In 2020, he won the Bradbury Award for Outstanding Dramatic Presentation for his book Good Omens. His work has received critical acclamation internationally, winning several medals like Newbery and Carnegie.

As a writer, I have always admired his work and, at times, taken inspiration from it as well. So, for me, it felt like the opportunity of a lifetime to learn from him (any budding writer would feel the same way).

Neil will teach you how to craft multi-faceted characters that resonate with the readers. He explores through his techniques of creating memorable protagonists and (even more memorable) antagonists.

He explains that being a writer means being consistent with your voice and writing style to stand out in such a competitive industry. You will learn to experiment with different narrative techniques, perspectives, and storytelling devices to find the voice that best suits your story. 

A fantasy world is all about world-building; nobody does it better than Neil Gaiman. He will teach you to craft vivid descriptions, evoke mood and atmosphere, and infuse your world with depth and authenticity.

He will give inside insights into the publishing industry and help you understand how to navigate the submission process and work with the editors and agents. Neil Gaiman offers practical advice on finding your audience, building your author platform, and marketing your work effectively.

Remember if you subscribe to masterclass you can access any masterclass course available on masterclass!

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After my extensive review of each category, I am a big fan of MasterClass and its courses. Everyone should take a couple of MasterClasses at least once and check out everything it offer. These are my top picks in each category (it took a lot of work to choose just one), but there are many more courses for you to explore.

MasterClass gives regular people (like you and me) a chance to learn from our idols, a rare opportunity everyone will enjoy. Consider it a personal meeting with your lifelong hero and a chance to ask them all your burning questions. 

The courses are well-structured and designed with professional finesse. The video and audio quality are fabulous, and the course material and practical exercises are well-crafted and valuable daily.

You don’t receive a formal certificate of completion after finishing a course, and you will not become a singing sensation overnight after taking one course. But it will surely motivate you, inspire you in the right direction, and bring you closer to your goals.

The subscription plan is affordable, and if you are unsure about making the financial commitment, you can preview the courses you are interested in and then decide.

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