Sara Blakely Masterclass Review in 2024: Worth it?

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Have you ever wanted to start a business or turn your brilliant idea into a reality, but you found yourself paralyzed with self-doubt and uncertainty?

If so, then you are alone; countless aspiring business people suffer from the disease of self-doubt and uncertainty.

A few years back, I was also in the same place: confused, frustrated, scared, and did not know where to start my first business.

I have asked for the help of some of my friends who are running successful businesses. One of my friends recommended me to buy the Sara Blakely Masterclass.

Before buying her course, I went to Google and searched about Sara Blakely, and while doing so, I found that she is the founder of Spanx, a billion-dollar company.

After completing my research, I was convinced and invested my hard-earned money into Sara Blakely Masterclass.

Sara Blakely Masterclass Summary

  • What you’ll learn: Finding ideas, building the products, marketing, sales, team building
  • Runtime: 3.5 hours
  • Who is course for: Anyone who wants to their business but doesn’t know where to begin
  • Recommendation: 8/10 ( It covers the wisdom of building a billion-dollar company & proven tips)

In this detailed Sara Blakely Masterclass Review post, I will share everything you need to know about this masterclass, so let’s have a quick overview of things covered in the post.

  • About Sara Balkey ( why she is the right person)
  • Overview of the Sara Balkey course
  • Things covered in Sara Balkey masterclass
  • Who is this course for?
  • My honest experience about this course?
  • Is it worth buying Sara barely masterclass?
  • And many more

Sara Blakely Masterclass Reviews in 2024

Introduction of the instructor: Sara Balkey

Now, before I deep dive into sharing my insights about this course, it’s vital for you to know about your instructor, her background, and why you should listen to her and choose her as a mentor to launch your next successful business.

Who is Sara Balkey?

Sara Bakley is an American entrepreneur, investor, and founder of Spanx, a leading shapewear company that has revolutionized the undergarments industry.

Sara started his journey of becoming an entrepreneur after being fed up with selling fax machines door to door for more than seven years.

After leaving her job as a salesperson, she applied to many companies, but none of them hired her after she faced rejection and failure multiple times.

She decided to start her own business without any formal training and with a capital of $5000 against all the odds.

  • After years of effort and dedication, she has turned Spanx into a billion-dollar company and helped many people get jobs and make their livelihood.
  • In fact, she became the world’s youngest female billionaire in the year 2012 and inspired many people to start their own businesses.

With this masterclass, she has shared his entire lesson and experiences of building a billion-dollar company from scratch and making it profitable from the start.

Now, let’s review the overview of the Sara Balkey masterclass and the topics it covers regarding starting your own business.

Overview of the Sara Balkey Masterclass

As stated above, after becoming a successful entrepreneur, Sara decided to help people who were in the same position she was when she started her journey.

With this course masterclass, Sara balkey teaches about self-made entrepreneurship, which is hosted on the masterclass and purchased by many, many people who want to start their own businesses.

These courses contain 14 video lessons, each with a duration of 10 to 20 minutes, that cover a wide range of topics, which includes

  • Finding Your Purpose
  • Developing Your Big Idea
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Prototyping
  • Make It
  • Sell It
  • Build Awareness
  • Marketing Case Study – Mented
  • Pricing & Positioning
  • Positioning Case Study – Wellround
  • Building a Culture
  • Culture & Growth Case Study – Fellow
  • Spanx Case Studies
  • Sara’s Survival Guide

These are the basic things that Sara Balkey discusses in her course; although this is just an overview, we will see a complete review of each lesson in the next section.

Overall, the course is three and a half hours long, and it is packed with practical knowledge, actionable guides, and some personal secrets for anyone who wants to start or grow their business.

Things Covered in Sara Balkey Masterclass

As said earlier, Sara Balkey’s masterclass covers a wide range of topics, from finding your passion to developing ideas to creating your first product, marketing it, and selling it to customers.

This masterclass covers everything that one needs to build and start a business from scratch, even if they have no business ideas.

No, let’s review each module of their course in depth to see what they contain and whether it’s worth investing your money in them.

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Lesson 1: Finding Your Purpose

These courses start with finding your purpose, which is the perfect starting point for the course. In this video lesson, Sara has shared about this personal journey and how she has found their passion, which helped her to create a billion-dollar company.

She has also shared the frameworks she used to find the purpose of her business. These frameworks are generally the three questions that you need to ask yourself.

  • What do you enjoy?
  • What are you good at?
  • How do you want to serve the world?

Asking these three simple questions will help you discover your purpose. Once you find your purpose and identify your “why,” it’s vital for you to stay connected with it, as it helps you build an entrepreneurial mindset.

Lesson 2: Developing Your Big Idea

It is one of the most important lessons of her courses, which teaches you to find your business ideas. As Sarah mentioned, everyone has at least one million-dollar idea in their life.

This lesson is all about finding and developing your idea because you will never know where to start. So now the big question is where to find the ideas.

In this lesson, Sara recommends you figure out where you get your best ideas; for me, I get my ideas when I go for the morning walk, so you have to find your sweet spot to get the best ideas.

Here are some things that can help me find the best ideas for launching my first online business.

  • List down all the ideas that come to your mind
  • Boiled down to the ideas that you think are the best
  • Pick any one of them and prioritize it

She also mentioned naming your ideas early, as it will motivate you, help you take the first step towards working on them, and, most importantly, help you find your mission and what impact you want to create with your products

Lesson 3: Entrepreneurial Mindset

This is one of my favorite lessons. In it, Sara Balkey discusses the mindset required to succeed in the business and entrepreneurship journey.

In this lesson, Sara teaches you about having the right mindset from the start; she also mentions that in the journey of becoming an entrepreneur or a successful business person, you will fail multiple times in different areas.

Instead of giving up on your idea, you need to embrace your failures, examine what you learn from them, and make changes in those areas.

Some of the other lessons that Sara teaches in this Entrepreneur Minds video lesson are

  • Set a high Aim for your business
  • Visualise your dream and goals regularly
  • How to motivate yourself?
  • How do you manage your self-doubt?

Overall, this lesson covers how to control your thoughts that can lead you in the wrong direction, and most importantly, she also teaches you how to act immediately toward your goal.

Lesson 4: Prototyping

There is no doubt that having viable prototyping for your product is one of the first steps to building a successful product. In this video lesson about prototyping, Sara shares her time-tested prototyping tactics, including how to gather consumer feedback and capitalize on your weaknesses.

Additionally, she also uses some of the analogies and the framework to help you explain the concept in a better way, and she has also shared about her journey of building the prototyping for their brand Spanx.

Here is the list of the topics that Sara has covered in this video lesson on prototyping

  • Where does it all start?
  • collection of feedback
  • Anticipation of objection
  • Keep cost in mind
  • Obsess over customers – is it ready to sell?
  • When to pivot or abandon your product?

In essence, this video lesson is about developing the prototype and determining whether it solves the market problem. You also need to collect feedback.

Lesson 5: Make It

This lesson is pretty cool; where you will learn after choosing your manufacturers and building your product once you have successfully tested your prototype in the market.

With this video lesson, Sara teaches you about testing the boundaries with the manufacturer and encourages you to think outside of the box.

However, it also covers topics like how to find and choose the right manufacturer for your business growth. She also covers some of the personal negation techniques you use with your manufacturers and gets your product’s manufacturer to sell it at a reasonable price.

Here is our list of the topics that this video lesson covers on making your product

  • Take no as a compliment
  • Choose the right manufacturer
  • Don’t assume anything
  • Always ensure quality from the start
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Diversify to gain leverage

To summarize, this video lesson is about making your product and choosing the right manufacturer. What I like about this lesson is the negotiation techniques she shares while you select your manufacturers.

Lesson 6: Sell It

As stated above, she started her journey of selling door-to-door fax machines, and in this journey of selling fax machines, she has learned a lot of techniques for making sales.

In the video lesson Sell It, she shared all his wisdom for making sales and the practices that have helped her to grow the company, especially in the initial years.

She has shared how to understand your customers’ needs, suggest the right product, and, most importantly, turn their no to yes and make successful sales.

In addition, she also covered the techniques to face your fear of sales, and sara mentioned that there are 4 types of customers, and you need to understand each to make a sale, and this includes

  • The socializer
  • The director
  • The realtor
  • The thinker

She recommends that you be a good listener while making a sale and that you focus on what’s in it for them rather than just pushing your product to them to make sales.

To be honest, I personally liked these tips on facing the fear of sales, as they take a practical approach that is easy to implement.

Lesson 7: Build Awareness

Spanx has become one of the leading brands in the undergarment industry, which has disrupted their completion, and one of the reasons behind this is their word-of-mouth publicity.

One of the first reasons is that they have created a product that actually solves the problem. They use the story to market their product, which has helped them gain more traction.

With this video lesson, sara teaches you how to build your brand’s awareness, and she encourages you to lead with the origin story and create the buzz through creative marketing tactics.

Some of the topics that have been covered in this video lesson are

  • Speak to your customers
  • Stand out – don’t be afraid of using humor
  • Break conventions
  • Prioritise the PR placement
  • Using social media strategically

She also suggests thinking from other people’s perspectives, and once I watched this lesson, it literally blew my mind as it contained gems of wisdom in this video lesson.

Lesson 8: Marketing Case Study – Mented

For me, all the video lessons are invaluable. Still, one of the videos that contains the real and actual value is this video lesson where sara sits with the other entrepreneur, the founder of Mental Cosmetics, which is the nude makeup line for all skin tones.

In this video lesson, Sara explains the marketing principles and strategies from another successful entrepreneur’s story.

With the conversion of KJ Miller ( founder of mented cosmetics), they shared a few things to make this lesson more precious.

  • Understanding the consumer and developing an authentic brand voice in the market.
  • Growing the business and scale in when you are on the right budget.
  • Leveraging is a free marketing channel to grow your business and build community.
  • Strategically using social media to increase brand awareness.

Furthermore, this video lesson will teach a precious lesson you cannot find on YouTube and the internet, as it’s a real conversation between interpreters.

Lesson 9: Pricing & Positioning

When it comes to business, setting the right prices for your product and positioning it correctly plays a very vital role; in this section, sara teaches you about the 4Ps of marketing, which s

  • Product
  • Place
  • Placement of your product
  • Positioning

With this video lesson, you will learn about pricing your product based on the value instead of the cost, and to do that, you need to create the perceived value of the product

She also covers developing distribution plans and navigating discount strategies, which will help you increase the sales of your products.

She also shares her own story and strategies that she has used for her company, Spanx, and how offering discounts and promotional offers helps them create FOMO in customers’ minds and increase their overall sales.

Lesson 10: Positioning Case Study – Wellround

It is another excellent case study that will open your mind, especially about the posting of your product; this video lesson is about the conversion between sara and the founder of wellround which is a plant-based meal delivery services company.

With this masterclass, sara has illustrated her principles that help you strategically position your brand in the crowded market.

  • Some of the things that this video lesson about position case study includes
  • Strategy to position your product in the crowded market without too much money
  • Tips to create a compelling brand story that resonates with the target audience
  • Identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors and creating the strategy

Overall, this video lesson is insightful and teaches you about positioning your brand in the market and reaching the maximum customers.

Lesson 11: Building a Culture

One of the common things that I have noticed in almost all successful companies in the world is that they have a good company culture, a culture where people feel motivated, a culture where people love to work and are aligned with your mission.

This class will teach you about building a company’s culture. Sara says that the company is one of her top priorities, especially as Spanx continues to grow.

She stressed the importance of hiring your weaknesses, empowering the employees, and creating a culture that embraces learning from failure.

Here is the list of the topics that has covered in this video lesson about building culture

  • Process of hiring the right people
  • Prioritising the culture fit
  • Define the culture and set the tone
  • Fire and stay scrappy

To summarize, this video lesson is about how hiring the right people can create a work culture where people feel pressured and love working with your organization.

Lesson 12: Culture & Growth Case Study – Fellow

This is another case study where sara sits with Jake Miller, the founder of Fellow Products, a high-gear coffee gear company.

The video discusses the importance of building culture, things to consider when hiring an employee for your company, and things to check in a candidate before hiring.

Overall, it power-packed insights on building cultures and scaling them mindfully if you are just getting started with launching your business.

Lesson 13: Spanx Case Studies

As sara is the founder of her billion-dollar company, Spanx, in this video lesson, she shares in-depth case studies about her own company, including developing some of the most successful products.

Furthermore, she also covered the various stages of the product development of her company and innovation and how she is marketing his product and building the brand that people fall in love with to buy their products.

Lesson 14: Sara’s Survival Guide

In the journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur, you will face many failures, ups and downs, and that is the reason in the last session, sara shared the grounding philosophies that were key to her success, from building a support system and bucketing time to managing self-doubt.

From my experience, this is crucial for all entrepreneurs who want to start their business and make it a successful company in the upcoming time.

We have seen what the Sara Balkey masterclass covers; I have shared everything that the course contains, and it’s time to see who should consider buying this masterclass.

Who should buy Sara Balkey Masterclass?

From my experience while going through the Sara Blakey masterclass, I believe this course is especially for the three types of people that include

Budding Entrepreneur

This course is especially for people who have business ideas but don’t know where to begin their journey of becoming entrepreneurs.

This course has covered everything that you need to start and launch your successful business, from finding the ideas to creating your product to selling. This has everything you need.

Early-stage business owner

This masterclass is also perfect for people who have recently started this business but are confused about which steps they should take next in order to grow this business.

Sara has provided priceless guidance for this course, which will teach you proven tactics in different areas, from product development to hiring people and marketing your products.

Switch their career to business

If you have been doing jobs for many years, have good years of experience, and want to start your own business, then you can also consider this masterclass, as it is designed from a beginner’s point of view.

Sara has also shared this personal journey of doing sales of jobs and becoming a successful entrepreneur, so it will be the perfect starting point for your next journey.

Sara Valley Masterclass (My experience)

I watched this course a few months ago as I was thinking of starting my own online business. Honestly, I have various masterclass courses, and this was one of the ones I enjoyed and loved the most.

Here are some of the things I liked most about this course that make it different from others.

Instructor of the course

I have seen that most of the people who are selling the course on starting a business do not have any background in running a successful business. Still, when it comes to Sara Baklkey, she walks her talk because she is teaching the things that have helped her to build the billion-dollar company.

Authenticity and Vulnerability

In most of the courses, an entrepreneur just shares their success stories or their achievement. Still, in this course, sara has openly shared her struggles, insecurities, and failure toward building the billion-dollar company.

In fact, she also shares about the times she got self-doubt over her personal journey of becoming a successful entrepreneur in innovation for many people.

Mindset to become successful entrepreneurs

more than 90 % of business and budding entrepreneurs fail just because they start with the worn mindset of making money.

In this course, sara has shared the importance of having the right mindset and how you develop that mindset; she has shared the muple ways that you use to build that kind of mindset.

She also covers the ways that she has used to build the mindset that has led her to success in the business, and this is one of the parts that I liked most about this course.

Pros and Cons of Sara Bakley Masterclass

In my experience, many things have been covered in the course that are helpful for anyone wanting to start their own business.

I like most of the things that sara taught in this course, but there are some points that I don’t like that you can consider before buying it.

Learn from a very successful entrepreneurCosts money to enroll
Get tips on building a business from scratchTime commitment to complete lessons
Inspirational story of overcoming doubtsMay not apply to all business types
Practical advice on marketing and branding
Behind-the-scenes look at Spanx company
Motivation to pursue your own business idea

Is it worth buying Sara Baleky Masterclass?

Yes, it’s worth buying, especially if you are looking to start your business. From my experience, no one can teach the business better than you, having actually built it.

Sara built a fortune by starting with $5000 without any formal business lessons, and it took her years to achieve where she is today.

But if you can enroll in this masterclass, you get access directly from the person who has years of experience building successful businesses and making them profitable from the start.

If you are interested in this course, you can get it in the masterclass; you will learn that it is one of the selling courses in a masterclass.


It is my honest and personal Sara Bakley masterclass review. From my experience, Sara Balkey’s Masterclass offers valuable and helpful insights for people who want to start their business or are already doing business; with her help, you can reach new heights.

Overall, you can consider this course an investment in progressing in your business journey. Please let me know in the comments section if you still have any questions regarding her course.

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