Samuel L Jackson MasterClass Review in 2024: Worth it?

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A friend of mine has been into acting for over two years and has purchased various courses to sharpen his acting skills.

Recently, he asked me to recommend some exceptional courses offering the best acting lessons and concepts.

I decided to research to find the perfect fit for him in the acting course, and that’s where I came across the Samuel L. Jackson masterclass.

Quick Summary of Samuel L Jackson Masterclass

What you will learn: The art of building a character, Sessions with real-life actors, collaborating with directors, building a reputation on the set, and discovering the industry secrets of acting.

Run Time: 21 video lessons (4 hours 59 minutes)

Who should consider: Aspiring actors, Professionals with experience in the acting Industry, Jackson fans, and anyone who wants to learn about the acting world and has prior Knowledge.

Recommendation: 8/10 (It is one of the most practical masterclasses that give you practical exposure to acting and share the personal secrets to succeeding in acting and making a successful career.

Samuel L Jackson MasterClass Review

Knowing his impressive work on film and movies and being already a fan of his, I suggested this course to my friend, and without hesitation, he purchased it.

To write this Samuel L. Jackson masterclass review, I got access to this course from my friend and watched all the lessons.

In this post, I have shared everything you need to know before enrolling in this course.

Before that, let’s have a quick preview of what this post covers about this masterclass.

  • Overview of the Samuel L. Jackson MasterClass
  • Things covered in Samuel L. Jackson MasterClass
  • Who should consider Samuel l Jackson MasterClass?
  • What did I like about Samuel L. Jackson
  • Pros and cons of the Samuel l Jackson MasterClass?
  • Is it worth buying the Samuel l Jackson MasterClass?

I’ll cover everything from the structure of the lessons to the insider tips provided by legendary actors. Lastly, I will share my personal experience and whether it’s worth considering.

About the Instructor: Who is Samuel l Jackson?

Samuel L. Jackson is a Multi-Award-Winning American Producer and highly prolific actor who has appeared in more than 100 films and has become a household name for his work in various films.

Some include Die Hard, Spike Lee, Unbreakable, Formula, Black Snake, and many more.

Additionally, he is known for his distinctive voice and the intensity of his work on the screen. Jackson has also been nominated for the Oscar (for Pulp Fiction) and has won various awards, including BAFTA. Here is a list of his achievements.

  • He starred in over 150 films, including Pulp Fiction and The Avengers. 
  • Highest-grossing actor of all time, with films earning over $16 billion. 
  • Received BAFTA, Golden Globe, and Screen Actors Guild Award nominations. 
  • He holds a Guinness World Record for being the highest-grossing actor.
  • Received an Honorary Oscar for his lifetime contribution to cinema.

Furthermore, as an actor and producer, he has won various awards, including the BAFTA Award. The most interesting thing about Jackson is that he is one of the highest-grossing actors of all time, earning more than $7.2 billion at the box office.

In this masterclass, he shared his wealth of knowledge on working in more than 100 films, winning multiple awards for his work; apart from this, he also shared some insider tips that helped him to become the most successful actor of all time.

Overview of the Samuel L Jackson MasterClass

Samuel L Jackson’s Masterclass is one of the in-depth acting courses hosted on Masterclass, a subscription-based platform known for offering high-quality courses led by experts at an affordable price.

In this 4 hour and 45-minute masterclass, Jackson covers various topics related to acting. He shares the proven roadmap to becoming a successful actor in the entertainment industry and making a name for yourself.

Additionally, this course covers a variety of topics related to acting, including creating characters, physical characterization, working with a director, on-set collaboration, personal lessons, and more; here is the complete list of lessons covered in this course.

  • Introduction & Creating Characters
  • Physical Characterization & The Caveman’s Valentine
  • Student Sessions: Breaking Down a Script
  • Student Session: Character Biographies & Making It Your Own
  • Voice and Character
  • Student Sessions: Plumb Your Emotional Depths & Use Your Voice/Body
  • Working with Directors & On-Set Collaboration
  • Student Sessions: Developing Characterization & Making Bold Choices
  • Enriching Your Acting Practice
  • Auditioning & Growing Your Acting Career
  • Sam’s Journey, Hollywood Lessons & Conclusion

Overall, this masterclass is divided into 21 lessons, each chapter covers different and specific things about acting and that you need to elevate your acting skills and discover the secret to getting an acting opportunity.

Inside Samuel L Jackson MasterClass Review

As said above, this masterclass contains 21 lessons, each of which serves the different teachings and lessons about acting that you will learn from the legendary actor Jackson.

So, let’s discuss each of the lessons in detail, see what they teach you about acting, and decide whether it’s worth buying this course with your hard-earned money.

Introduction & Creating Characters

Unlike any other course, this one starts with an introduction, where Samuel shares his journey and story of finding a passion for acting and becoming a successful actor.

In addition, he also shared the goal of his masterclass, which gives you an overview of what he will cover in this masterclass.

Furthermore, this lesson also teaches you the step-by-step process of creating and developing the character of the story, which can relate to people and make them believe that you are a real person, not a character.

Overall, this lesson lays down the essential fundamentals of the character creation. Samuel shares the questions that help you better understand the character’s role and make it memorable for the people.

At the end of this lesson, you will learn how to create a character that resonates with people and makes them believe that you are a real person rather than a character from a movie.

Physical Characterization & The Caveman’s Valentine

In this section of physical characterization, Jackson teaches you about the importance of dress in acting and how it can make your character unique.

For instance, he uses the example of his movie Unbreakable, in which he created a unique look to make it more resonant with the people and make the characters stand out from the others.

Additionally, he also highlighted the role of collaborating with the costume designers and explaining to them how to create the unique costume that suits your character; he also covers some of the important concepts, which includes

  • How to use costumes to express your character uniquely?
  • How physical change can help you connect with your audience?
  • How to adopt different physical characters?
  • How to improve your physical skin for character?

On the other hand, he also uses his case study of the caveman’s Valentine, in which Jackson explains how, through his physical expression, he made Romulus a sympathetic and humble character.

Furthermore, it highlighted the importance of learning new habits and skills to play the character’s role effectively. For example, Jackson learns to play the piano to give his best and make his character more authentic for the audience.

Student Sessions: Breaking Down a Script Part 1&2

This lesson is a combination of two lessons; where Jackson teaches the art of breaking down the script, Jackson sits down with the five young actors in the room and takes the first scene on the docket, an ionic dinner scene from pulp fiction.

With the help of the scene as an example, Jackson teaches you the art of breaking down the script, gaining a deeper understanding and intention of the character, performing it well, and connecting with the audience.

Furthermore, this section also gives you a deeper understanding of what you need to consider when building characters and shows you the different ways the character can perform the scene.

Student Session: Character Biographies & Make It Your Own

These lessons correlate with the previous lesson, in which Jackson teaches about character biographies and the importance of creating in-depth character backstories. He tells the students to connect with Jules by imagining his life stories.

He also teaches you about adding a unique element to your character and making it your own, which makes the character more relatable and entertaining.

What I like about this Lesson is that you will get real-time exposure to first-hand acting experience from the student, which helps you understand every detail without any hurdles.

Moreover, this Lesson also allows you to examine characters’ roles more closely and improve them based on what works and what doesn’t.

Lastly, Jackson ended this Lesson by giving you useful notes along the way of this Lesson, which you can use for further reference.

Voice and character

In this section on voice and character, Jackson shared how his childhood experiences have helped him approach the character voices throughout his career.

He also shared the personal method that helped him overcome the shutter and use it to learn his line. Additionally, he shared the character in Kingsman as a reference to teach you what made this character stand out from the others.

Along with this case study, he also shared his approach to the read-through, rehearsal process, and voice warm-ups for characters; he highlighted the importance of using the voice expressively and adding emotion to the character.

Overall, this lesson teaches you how to engage with different audiences by adjusting your vocal tonality and understanding the character. It has given me a unique perspective on using your voice to portray a character.

Student Sessions: Plumb Your Emotional Depths & Use Your Voice/Body

In this chapter of the session with the student, Jackson gives an exercise to all the young actors in the room to express the role of the diverse personalities.

Specifically, these exercises are the scene of the negotiator film and a phone call between Danny and Farley that requires these actors’ diverse personalities and expressions.

Jackson has also revealed his personal technique for bringing emotion into the characters and expressing the roles of the different personalities.

Furthermore, Jackson also analyzes the student’s choices of the power position when playing Dnany and how movement can convey the power in different ways.

Additionally, he has also taught various concepts in this lesson, which includes

  • Analysing the scene critically to understand the role of a character
  • Exploring both range of communication for your character
  • How to make your character more authentic for the people

What I liked about this lesson was that Jackson explained text and subtext, which I had not found in the other acting courses.

Overall, this lesson will give you a visual demonstration of the actors and how they perform the different personalities and reveal the different layers.

Working with Directors & On-Set Collaboration

If you are an aspiring actor and want to make a career in the acting field, then one of the most important things that you need to do is to learn the basics, and that’s what Jackson has covered in this section.

He has shared the proven method and experience of building relationships after working with more than 100 directors and playing roles in various films.

In the next part of the lessons, he teaches you about set collaboration where he guides you about the responsibility of an actor when it comes to performing their art on the stage and understanding the onset in the environment; there are some of the other lessons that are included in this chapter.

  • Understanding the types of directors and how you can work with them
  • Analyzing the types of onset environment and acting accordingly.
  • How to align with the vision of the director and his goals.

The good news is that at the start of this chapter, Jackson will give you practical advice on building a reputation on the Set. These. These things include time management, taking ownership, and giving your best.

Furthermore, he shares his experience managing the relationship between the actor and the director, especially when aligning the same vision.

Overall, this lesson has provided some practical tips for building your reputation on the Set while working with the director and collaborating on their projects.

Enriching Your Acting Practice

In this chapter on enriching your acting practice, Jackson encourages you to nurture a sense of curiosity and explore the wide range of story sets that you are unfamiliar with.

This will help you determine which character to take throughout your acting career. He also teaches you how to make the most of reading, theatre, watching people, and studying the cinema to learn more acting techniques.

He also highlighted the importance of observing and meeting new people and learning about their behavior, as this will help you understand the versatility of the character.

Additionally, Jackson also teaches you about the various ways that you can use to improve your acting skills and take them to the next level.

Moreover, he also recommends the type of films you should watch and what you should look for while watching, as this will help you evaluate your performance and improve it accordingly.


Auditioning is a vital process that every aspiring actor must go through in order to become a successful actor, and Samuel has discussed this in this lesson.

He discusses making a visual impression and gives you the background of the audition process. He explains why it is vital for you to enter the audition room with confidence and make a strong impact on the director and producer.

Furthermore, Samuel has also shared about her journey of the struggle and frustration of giving auditions to multiple places and getting rejected.

In addition, he shares some insights on how to engage with the person opposite you and deliver the perfect performance by using proper emotion and tones.

Growing Your Acting Career

As you know, he is one of the greatest actors in this generation. He has worked on various films and is known for his impactful work.

In the lesson, Samuel gave insight on how to grow as an actor and make a name for yourself in this industry.

He teaches you the importance of taking every acting opportunity and working hard for it to grow in this profession. He also uses his own example of how he takes every acting opportunity and gives his best to perform the role.

What I liked about this lesson is there is that Jackson also mentioned that he takes every acting job no matter how small it is; he thinks that every role is essential for telling the story; some of the other things that this lesson covers include

  • Why should you take every role seriously?
  • Why is it important to respect the process?
  • How can you make an impression with your skills?
  • How you can make the smart choices

He also compares acting with other creative professions, such as writing and painting and explains why daily practice is vital for growth in this career.

Lastly, he gives you the reason for taking every chance as an opportunity. He believes that some of the best performances and significant breakthroughs come unexpectedly, which can change your career. That’s why you need to take every opportunity that comes your way.

Sam’s Journey from New York to Hollywood

In this lesson, Samuel shares how he began his acting journey in New York to become one of the most successful actors of this generation.

He shares that initially, he thought making a career in acting was straightforward, from theatre to TV and movies, but after a few days, he realized that things were not the same and various factors influenced the acting career.

So he accepted this fact and started his career with the Negro Ensemble Company and worked at the Public Theatre and various other theatres.
Jackson mentioned in this section that he found New York to be the perfect environment for actors to support each other and share opportunities.

He also mentioned feeling a sense of community in New York, which he misses in Los Angeles, where the auditions are more competitive and isolated.

Overall, this lesson will teach you about his challenges and how to tackle them; he also shares some practical advice to help you get more opportunities and succeed as an actor.

Hollywood Lessons & Conclusion

In this section of the masterclass, Samuel shared some valuable lessons he has learned after working on more than 150 films and partnering with various directors in his journey of acting and filmmaking.

He shared his first incident when he met James Earl Jones, regarded as one of the most respectful actors. During his interview with James, he learned important lessons, including that even famous actors must audition for the role and that nothing is guaranteed.

Lastly, he concluded the lesson by sharing some of the key lessons that he wishes he could tell his younger self, and some of these lessons include.

  • Be patient, as making a successful career takes time.
  • There is no formula for success in acting; you must do hard work and prepare.
  • Take a chance at every opportunity that comes your way.

In essence, he highlighted the importance of preparation, hard work, dedication, and patience, which he has learned after working on various films and receiving various awards.

Who should consider Samuel l Jackson MasterClass?

You have seen the overview of this master class and what it has taught you about acting until now; now, let’s move into the most important part of this article and understand who should consider Samuel L. Jackson’s Masterclass.

After watching each lesson of this masterclass and going through the workbook from my experience, here are the three types of people who can consider buying this course

Aspiring Actors

As I said before, this course is specially designed for people who are struggling to make a career in acting or want to succeed. This master class offers you the valuable opportunity to learn the art of acting from one of this generation’s most respected and famous actors.

Samuel shares everything he has learned in this masterclass after working on various films and collaborating with various directors.

He teaches you about building character, breaking down the script, improving the character’s voice, finding the opportunity for the work, and everything you need to set the right foundation from the start of your acting career.

Experienced Actors Looking to Improve their Skill

If you already have experience acting or have done some kind of theatre or TV show, I can guarantee this course will also give you a wealth of knowledge and techniques to help you improve your acting skills and take them to new heights.

He also shared his wisdom on the character’s emotional depth, finding your unique voice, making bold choices, changing the voice to make your character more relatable, and practical tips on creating an impression in front of the director and the casting agents.

Overall, this masterclass is helpful if you are an experienced actor, as it gives you insight from one of the leading actors of this time, who has built a brand for himself in this industry.

Fans of Samuel L. Jackson

If you’re already a fan of Samuel and love his work, you should take this masterclass. You will learn about his acting skills and get to know Samuel as a person, which will help you connect with him on a deeper level.

He also shared his philosophies, journey, and technique, making him one of the most celebrated actors of all time, who has crossed one of the highest earnings from his film.

From my personal experience, these are the list of people who can invest their hard-earned money in the scores and learn from the experts who have been a leader in this industry for a long time.

Samuel L Jackson MasterClass ReviewWhat I liked about this course

From my overall experience completing this course, I can say that it is a wonderful master class for anyone who wants to learn about proven acting techniques and learn from someone who has years of experience and is considered one of the most legendary actors of this time.

Here is a list of things I like about this course that you can consider before investing your hard-earned money.

Expertise and Experience of Instructor

The first thing that makes this course stand out from the other courses in the market is the expertise and experience of the instructor, Samuel Jackson.

Samuel Jackson is one of the most popular and favorite actors of all time who has decayed of experience in the acting world, and he has worked in more than 100+ movies.

In this masterclass, he shared his experiences, mistakes, and challenges while starting his career. These things will help you set the right foundation from the start, which will eventually help you succeed in this field.

Real-life example and student session

Throughout this course, one of the common patterns that I observed in this particular master class is that it contains practical and real-life examples that make the concept even more interesting and understandable for people.

It also gives you a unique perspective and angle toward acting, especially around character-building, using your voice to evoke emotion, Sessions with the student, and more.

Overall, this lesson gave me real-time exposure to how acting works in real life and how you can understand the role of a character and make it relatable for the audience, making an impression on their mind.

Additional learning material

Initially, while enrolling in this course, my friend and I thought it was just the video lesson collection. Still, after going through the complete lesson of this master class, we learned that it also offers additional learning material in the form of a workbook.

This workbook contains resources like chapter summaries, assignments, Practical exercises, and notes from the class. The best part is that you can refer to these nodes and the supplementary material anytime you want.

I liked the assignment and practical exercises as they helped me implement what I learned from this master class and grasp the concept more concisely.

Community hub to enhance your learning

I have taken various courses in the master class, and very few offer a community hub where you can interact with your fellow members, get feedback, share your ideas, and improve your learning experience.

Samuel L Jackson MasterClass community

Fortunately, This master class also has a community hub where you can interact with fellow students, share your ideas, and get clarity on the topic you are not understanding properly.

Overall, this community hub will enhance your learning experience and give you some more insights about acting once you start discussing it with fellow students who have enrolled in the course.

Furthermore, what impressed me most about this course was that Samuel shared various studies and live examples, which made this class more interactive, and I learned about various unique things in this industry.

Samuel L Jackson Masterclass Review: Things that can be improved

As of now I have shared the list of things that I liked about this course move into the next section and see the thing that can be improved in this course in order to make it more interactive for the learner

You have now understood what this masterclass teaches you about acting and technique, how to stand out from the crowd, and how to make a name for yourself in this industry.

You also went through the things that I liked about this course. Now, let’s move into the next section and discuss some of the drawbacks of this master class that need to be improved to make the learning experience more interactive for the learners.

Not designed for beginners

The first drawback of this course is that it is not designed for beginners, which means that if you don’t have basic knowledge of acting, it will be very difficult for you to understand the concepts in this course.

This course is specially designed for people who want to improve their acting skills, take them to a new height, and find new opportunities to grow in their careers.

Less theoretical and more practical

From my experience of taking various courses in the master class, I can say that the best course combines both. Still, regarding Samuel L Jackson’s Masterclass, This course mostly focuses on visual and practical learning. It does not focus too much on the theoretical part, which might be an issue for those who want to understand the concept deeper.

So if they can improve the course on the theoretical part then the course on the theoretical part then it can become even more helpful for the learner to understand the concept without any hurdles.

So, if you are considering buying the scores, make sure you also understand the drawbacks of this course so you don’t get disappointed after investing your hard-earned money.

Samuel L Jackson Masterclass: Pros & Cons

After watching all the video lessons in this course, I will say it’s the best course for anyone wanting to upgrade their wine appreciation knowledge.

However, as you know, every course has its own pros and cons, and this course is no longer an expectation.

Let’s examine the pros and cons of Samuel L. Jackson’s Masterclass, which will help you make the right decision about investing in this course.

Pros of Samuel L Jackson Masterclass

  • Learn from one of the most legendary actors of this. 
  • Includes practical and real-life examples with student sessions.
  • It contains additional learning material to implement the concepts.
  • Covers the various cast studies and Community Hub

Cons of Samuel L Jackson Masterclass

  • It is not designed for beginners and is hard to understand.
  • It requires prior knowledge of acting to understand the concepts.
  • Lack of theoretical concept and more alignment toward visual learning.

How much does the Samuel L Jackson MasterClass?

As said before, this course is hosted on the Masterclass platform, which is known for offering high-quality courses. You need to buy a subscription to this platform to get access to this Samuel L Jackson Masterclass.

Currently, this platform offers customers three types of subscription options that you can consider based on your requirements and budget.

  • Standard Plan: $120 Per Year ( Access to 1 Device and No offline Mode)
  • Plus: $180 Per year (access to 2 Devices and Offline Mode)
  • Premium: $240 Per Year (access to 6 Devices and Offline mode)

Each of the plans has its specifications. To get more idea about the pricing of the masterclass, you can check out the complete guide on the masterclass review.

Samuel L Jackson MasterClass Review: Is It Worth It?

Overall, from my experience, this course is worth considering, especially if you want to elevate your acting skills and take them to the next level. Samuel Jackson has outlined various aspects of achieving success in the acting industry. 

Is there insight on succeeding in an audition, exploring the different dimensions of acting, working with the director, building a reputation on set, and finding the opportunity to make a lasting impression at your audition and in front of your director? 

But considering this course might not be worth it if you don’t have enough knowledge and experience about acting. 

It’s better for you to get some Foundation knowledge from YouTube and the book, as it will help you better understand the concepts covered in this master class. 

You can also enroll in the courses that cover the foundational knowledge about acting that I will discuss in my upcoming post. 


This is my honest and experienced Samuel L. Jackson masterclass review post, where I have said everything you need to know about this masterclass to make an informed decision. 

From my personal experience, I think that this master class is value for money and worth considering, especially if you have basic knowledge about acting. 

On the other hand, I still believe that some points can be improved in this master class to make it even more interactive for the learner. 

But ultimately, whether you should consider this master class or not depends on your experience goals and budget. Make sure you consider it before investing your money. 

Lastly, if you still have any questions or queries regarding the Samuel L. Jackson master class review, please let me know in the comment section.

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