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Basketball has been my passion ever since I was a little kid. I have spent countless hours glued to the TV screen, watching Stephen Curry shoot threes from seemingly impossible distances. After the NBA season is done, I practice my (admittedly awful) jump shot and mimic Stephen Curry’s killer crossovers in my driveway.

At this point, basketball is not just a game for me; the players are not just people I watch on screen; they have become my friends and family (though completely imaginary). But in all my wildest dreams, I was always the spectator and nothing more.

Lately, though, my passion for watching the game has changed into something more – this constant question in my head is nagging me like a missed free throw. Could basketball be anything more than just a childhood dream? Could it actually become a viable career path?

This thought kept me up at night, and I practiced harder, hoping to go pro. Of course, the first step was to get a coach, but I always yearned for something more. That is how I stumbled upon Stephen Curry’s MasterClass. The idea of learning from the likes of this legendary player was exhilarating, and I immediately signed up for it.

Cracking the NBA (to me) seems like something straight out of myth, and only (very tall and insanely strong) superhuman athletes can crack it. I am sure they also train for years, and it is not just all genetic. But it stopped me in my tracks, and I wondered if I could really do this,

Sure, I am the best high school basketball player, but I am not in the same league as the NBA. So, with a mix of nervous excitement and a healthy dose of skepticism, I took Stephen Curry’s MasterClass

I hoped it would shed more light on what it takes to play in the big leagues. And maybe, just maybe (my desperation is evident), this could be the key to a future filled with squeaking sneakers (fingers crossed for a Nike deal), roaring crowds (wearing my jersey), and the sweet swish of a perfectly arced shot.

Let’s take a ride together through the “Galaxy of Game Plays” and see if this MasterClass is worth it.

Stephen Curry Masterclass Review Summary:

In case you’re pressed for time, here’s a brief summary for your convenience.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Boost your fitness 
  • Increase athletic prowess
  • Work on your mental strength 
  • Understand the resilience required to be a professional player
  • Get tactical sports skills and strategies
  • Set attainable goals 
  • Manage your time effectively 

Time Duration 

This class is 3 hours and 41 minutes long.


  • Learn from a successful player with experience
  • Actionable advice on making the shots
  • Play-by-play explanation of his iconic shots
  • Well-structured course curriculum 
  • Exceptional cinematic quality 


  • Stephen Curry’s screen presence could use a little work
  • Does not cover the concept of how to play in a team

Alternatives to Stephen Curry’s MasterClass

There is no alternative to Stephen Curry’s basketball class on the MasterClass platform.

However, if you are interested in sports, you may enjoy Serena Williams teaches Tennis, Simone Biles teaches Gymnastics Fundamental, and Wayne Gretzky teaches the Athlete’s Mindset.

If it is only basketball that you are interested in, YouTube has free tutorials. However, none of them are remotely as good as Stephen Curry’s MasterClass.


Stephen Curry’s MasterClass is a good opportunity for any basketball enthusiast to learn more about the game and player mindset. It is particularly suitable for anyone trying to break into a highly competitive athletic field who needs a little motivation and help understanding the workings of basketball.

Stephen Curry Masterclass Review

Who is Stephen Curry?

If you are familiar with professional basketball, then I am sure you have heard of Stephen Curry. He is not just your average basketball player; he is an artist with a ball, a true visionary (and my hero). He plays as a point guard for the Golden State Warriors.

Curry’s cabinet must be overflowing with awards and accolades. He has been named the NBA Most Valuable Player (MVP) twice, is a four-time NBA Champion with the Golden State Warriors, and is an NBA Finals MVP. He was a unanimous selection for the NBA 75th Anniversary Team, a testament to his place among basketball’s all-time greats.

His legacy does not end with championships and MVP trophies, though. He is widely recognized as the greatest three-point shooter in NBA history. Commentators often refer to him as a magician because of his exceptional dribbling skills, which can make the ball disappear in seconds. 

He has lightning-sharp reflexes, and his versatility with the ball knows no bounds. He has revolutionized how the young generation views basketball, inspiring them with his techniques. His ability to shoot the three-point shot (one of the most difficult shots to master in the game) has made his competitors want to master this shot.

Curry, who is just 36 years old, has over 14 years of experience playing professional basketball. He has played professional ball for almost half his life. His journey has not been easy, though; it has been about dedication, perseverance, and defying expectations (and sometimes the laws of physics).

So, why is he an ideal host for a basketball MasterClass?

It is not just his skills and inherent talent that make him unique. Curry has years of experience, making him an invaluable role model for all aspiring players. In his MasterClass, he explains the technical aspects of the game and offers insights into the mental fortitude required to be in the position he is in.

Who Should Get Stephen Curry Masterclass? 

Stephen Curry’s MasterClass can be ideal for a wide range of people, from basketball enthusiasts who just love watching the game to basketball players looking for tips on improving their game. 

Aspiring Basketball Players: If you dream of taking your game to the next level, Stephen Curry’s MasterClas will help you do that. A three-point star and a dribbling king, he is the man capable of teaching you the same (if not completely, then maybe in bits and pieces).

Fans Who Want to Deepen Their Understanding: Have you ever watched Curry play and wondered what makes him so good? This MasterClass will answer that question once and for all. Diehard fans will get a peek inside his life and game and learn the finer points of basketball.

Those Seeking Inspiration and Guidance: Stephen Curry is a champion of the Underdogs Club. He started small (like most of us) and worked his way up to the NBA. His story is that of perseverance and dedication. It is a valuable lesson for anyone who dreams of playing any sport professionally (not just basketball).

Players of All Skill Levels: This is a class about basketball, so some basic understanding of the game is required to grasp the concepts that Curry teaches, but other than that, your skill level does not matter. You can be a seasoned high school player or a complete novice and still gain some wisdom from him.

Those Who Want to Learn from a Champion: Learning from a basketball legend is like a dream come true for most of us, and Stephen Curry’s MasterClass gives us the opportunity to do that. You get a rare chance to learn from a professional player with more than a decade of experience.

What does Stephen Curry’s MasterClass cover?

Stephen Curry’s MasterClass is 3 hours 41 minutes long. It is divided into 17 bite-sized video lessons of 15-20 minutes each. The class is perfect in length and covers almost all basketball-related concepts.

You will watch clips of Stephen Curry in slo-mo as he breaks down his techniques and positions. He will perform his shots to explain to the audience how to implement them in their own games. This class covers all the basics of basketball, like shooting, dribbling, and ball handling. 

The supplementary 54-page guidebook provided with the MasterClass is detailed and well-thought-out. It will help you go through lessons at your own pace and analyze them to understand them better. There are also tons of follow-up exercises and maneuvers that you can practice to improve your game.

MasterClass prides itself on offering an active and engaging community platform designed to connect individuals with shared interests. Participants can showcase their accomplishments within this platform and actively engage in meaningful conversations about their learning experiences with like-minded peers. 

The lesson plan is as follows:

  1. Introduction: Write Your Own Story
  2. Shooting: Stance, Alignment, and Mechanics
  3. Form Shooting Practice
  4. Shooting off the Catch
  5. Ball-Handling: Foundations
  6. Shooting off the Dribble, Part 1
  7. Ball-Handling: On the Move
  8. Shooting off the Dribble, Part 2
  9. Creating Space From Your Defender
  10. Film Session: Creating Space and Beating Your Defender
  11. Ball Screens
  12. Film Session: Ball Screens
  13. Scoring at the Rim
  14. Off Screens: Curl, Pop, and Fade
  15. Ball-Handling: Overloading
  16. Pregame Preparation
  17. Conclusion: The Journey Towards Perfection

Summarizing Stephen Curry’s Video Lessons

Stephen Curry, the two-time MVP, starts his class by sharing two turning points in his transformation from a “nervous” junior varsity player to an NBA champion. As a sophomore, he played for Davidson and led them to the Elite Eight NCAA Tournament. He then went on to earn first-team All-American honours as the NCAA’s scoring leader in 2009 as a junior.

In the first few lessons, Curry focuses on clearing the basketball basics. The key aspect of basketball is making the shot. Curry breaks down his own shots and shows his techniques. He demonstrates the angles, positions, and stances required to make the shot.

A recording of his plays and you hear his commentary in the background dissecting his movements and explaining what you need to do to achieve the same. To remember these movements, you need to practice until the positions start coming naturally to you constantly.

The following lessons are about dribbling and ball-handling strategies. The structure of the lessons is the same; Curry shows the techniques and provides background commentary on how he did that. 

He starts with simple dribbling and ball-handling techniques and asks you to practice it to perfection before moving on to the next step. He then combines a few moves to show more advanced maneuvers. These moves are for people with some experience playing basketball. 

Curry covers basic dribbling, crossovers, four-way pickup dribbling, transition jumpers, and overloading drills. He emphasizes the impact of consistency and practice and reminds you always to practice the basics and skip training.

At the end of these practical lessons, Curry calls in a real player and watches him in person. He then gives his feedback on his positions and game plans. His feedback helps you understand what you can change about your position, and it is also fun to watch him interact with a real player (who is also a fan).

For good reasons, the team plays, and shot lessons are practically half of the course. Curry demonstrates the differences between practicing on your own and working cohesively with a team. Basketball is a team sport, and you need to be a team player to excel at the game.

He showcases how to pass the ball to your teammates in these sections. He invites a player to play with him to demonstrate his techniques, and then he practices using a chair (because not all of us have friends who are basketball players). 

With the help of his practice partner, Brandon, Stephen teaches a few concepts for getting past a defender and creating an open shot. Illustrating the concepts from the previous chapter with real in-game scenarios, Stephen talks through scoring moves and shows you his mechanics at work on the court.

Every player should work to master the ball screen. Stephen shares concepts, strategies, and practice tips for executing perfect ball screens. With an emphasis on protecting the ball, layups, and floaters, Stephen breaks down his technique for finishing at the rim both in practice and in games.

Curl, pop, and fade are a few scoring techniques when coming off screens without the ball. Stephen teaches you how to lose a defender and score once the ball hits your hands. Stephen teaches you his approach to overloading with two basketballs and a tennis ball to help you become a more confident ball-handler and make faster decisions in games.

The final lessons are all about mindset and preparation. You can practice all you want, but to become a good player, you need to have the right mindset and vice versa. Stephen emphasizes the importance of determination and hard work in sports and urges you to always believe in yourself and your dreams.

Key Points from Stephen Curry’s Class:

The most significant thing I learned from Stephen Curry’s MasterClass is that practice makes perfect. I know it is a very old saying, and there is nothing earth-shattering about this revelation, but for me, it meant a lot. As someone who spends the majority of my time on the basketball court, it was reassuring to know I was onto something, and all the greats do it this way.

I enjoyed Stephen’s interactions with a beginner in basketball. He patiently taught him new techniques and gave feedback on his skills. He also kept encouraging him and did so gently whenever he criticized his techniques. I have always respected Stephen Curry as a basketball player, but after this class, I have come to respect him as a warm and humble human being.

Stephen Curry elaborates on his process and discusses the hard work that led him to become a professional player. I learned that it is not perfect 100 shots in a row that makes you a fantastic player but the ability to learn from your mistakes. Every player (big or small) makes mistakes, but Curry tells you not to dwell on it but to learn to be better.

Lastly, basketball is a team sport, and there is no I in the team. I focus on perfecting my game and how and how the audiences (especially college scouts) perceive my game. But Curry helped me realize how wrong my stance was. Instead of making myself look better, I will now concentrate on helping my team perform better.

What did I Like about Stephen Curry’s MasterClass?

I am a diehard basketball fan and am contemplating going pro in a few seasons. Stephen Curry’s MasterClass offered more than just layup drills and game strategy plans. His class was inspiring and informative, and I got a chance to learn from an established professional player. Here’s why Stephen Curry’s MasterClass for me was a slam dunk:

From Underdog to Champion Mentality: Who does not love a good Underdog trope? This class was about more than just the technical aspects of basketball. I got a chance to learn more about Steph’s inspiring journey. He started small, just like me (and you), and look at where he is right now. It gives you the hope that if he can do it, so can you. A career in sports is not feasible for most people, but after this class, it didn’t seem so outlandish either.

Beyond the Superstar Image: The media consistently portrays NBA players as larger-than-life figures (and no, this is not a comment on their heights). Getting a chance to peer into the life of an NBA player helped me get over my illusion. In this class, I saw a more humble, genuine, and human side of Stephen Curry. He was honest with his audience and walked me through his achievements and failures. 

From Drills to Skills: We all know Curry can nail the three-point shot from anywhere on the court. But his class was not about copying his moves. He actually breaks down his footwork, hand positions, and body angles. He explains that it took him years to figure these things out, but I got a free pass to learn all these skills, thanks to Curry. I practiced my fundamentals and footwork, and my three-point score is pretty good now.

 A Community of Hoopers: Starting a journey to something unique can feel quite lonely. I know because I have been there. This class was not a solitary experience, though. The MasterClass platform provides a safe community space for students who share similar passions and need feedback on what can be improved. This sense of belonging (for now online, but soon on the court) was motivating for me and a gentle reminder that I was not alone.

Production Quality Worthy of a Champion: Finally, I cannot forget the exceptional production quality of the MasterClass platform, which elevated my learning experience. Crisp visuals showcased Steph’s on-court demonstrations with perfect clarity, and clear audio ensured every insightful word landed perfectly. Engaging editing kept the MasterClass dynamic and enjoyable, far from the typical dry instructional format. This polished production added a professional sheen, making learning fun and interactive.

Whether you’re an aspiring baller or a diehard fan, Stephen Curry’s MasterClass offers a unique opportunity to learn from the best. With its blend of insightful content, inspiring stories, and top-notch production quality, this MasterClass is a slam dunk for anyone passionate about the game of basketball.

Stephen Curry Masterclass Conclusion

So, did Stephen Curry’s MasterClass turn me from a diehard fan into a shoo-in NBA draft pick?

Let’s be honest; the path from driveway legend to Steph Curry 2.0 probably involves a few more hours of practice and a touch more natural talent than the MasterClass offered.

But here’s the thing: that wasn’t the point. This wasn’t about a shortcut to basketball stardom; it was about igniting a fire, a belief that anything is possible with dedication and the right tools.

The MasterClass wasn’t just about drills and game strategy (although, let’s be honest, Steph’s shooting tips were pure gold). It was about the mental game, the unwavering belief that fueled his rise from doubted underdog to champion. It was about the countless hours behind the scenes and the dedication to mastering his craft. Suddenly, the idea of pursuing a basketball career wasn’t a far-fetched dream but a path paved with hard work and the inspiration of a true champion.

Now, compared to other basketball courses, Steph Curry’s MasterClass felt different. It wasn’t just about dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s; it was about the heart and soul of the game. 

Sure, you can find technical breakdowns anywhere, but Steph’s insights into the mental fortitude and work ethic required to succeed at the highest level? That’s a rare gem. Plus, let’s face it, learning from the man himself, the guy who rewrote the shooting rulebook, is pretty darn cool.

So, is Stephen Curry’s MasterClass worth it?

For aspiring ballers, dreamers with a hunger to improve their game, absolutely. It’s a masterclass in dedication, skill development, and the unwavering belief that anything is possible with hard work and a sprinkle of Steph Curry magic. Who knows, maybe with enough practice, those childhood dreams of draining threes like Steph won’t seem so outlandish after all.  

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