Shea Mcgee Masterclass Review: Best Masterclass For Interior designer?

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Are you also interested in learning about interior designing or renovating your home and looking for the best resources online?

If so, then you are not alone. A few days back, I was also at the same place, wanting to renovate my home and searching for the best resources for learning interior design.

That’s when I came across Shea McGee, a well-known interior designer famous for her different approach to interior design.

Furthermore, after researching, I found that she has recently launched his first-ever course on the masterclass that teaches about designing the space you love.

As I already have a masterclass subscription, I decided to enroll in this course and see what it teaches about interior design and determine whether her course is worth the time and money.

In this Shea Mcgee Masterclass review, I will share my honest experience and a complete in-depth review of this masterclass, from what it teaches to what it lacks. I will cover everything that you need to know before buying this course.

So make sure you read till the end; before that, let’s see what this post covers.

  • Shea Mcgee Masterclass Review 2024: worth it?
  • About the instructor: Shea Mcgee
  • Overview of the Shea Mcgee Masterclass
  • What does Shea Mcgee Masterclass cover?
  • Who Should Consider Shea Mcgee Masterclass?
  • What did I like about Shea Mcgee Masterclass?
  • How much does Shea Mcgee Masterclass Cost?
  • Is it worth buying Shea Mcgee Masterclass?

And more, so let’s dive deep into this and explore the Shea McGee Masterclass.

Shea McGee Masterclass Review Summary

What you will learn: This course is a comprehensive guide to the fundamentals of interior design, covering everything from designing a mood board to selecting and placing furniture. By the end, you’ll have the skills to transform any space into one you love.

Duration: 7 video lessons (2 hours and 3 min)

Who should consider: Aspiring Interior Designers, DIY homemakers, Fans of Shea McGee, and anyone who wants to learn to design the space they love.

Recommendation: 8.5/10 – this masterclass is worth it for anyone who wants to learn about the fundamentals of the interior from someone with a year of experience in this industry and build a successful business around it.

Shea Mcgee Masterclass Review in 2024

About the Instructor: Shea Mcgee

Shea Mcgee is one of the renowned interior designers, author, TV personality, Co-founder, and chief creative officer of Studio Mcgee, a well-known interior designing firm and lifestyle brand.

Additionally, Shea and her husband, Syd Mcgee, are also the stars of the Netflix reality show Dream Home Makeover; it is a show that teaches people about interior design and how they can update their own, which is tailored towards their unique style and preferences.

Furthermore, she has also created a social media presence for her companies, where she shares her work and projects with people across the globe. However, what makes Shea stand out from other people is her different approach to interior design.

What made her popular among millions is her best-selling books, Make Life Beautiful and The New Design Rules: How to Decorate and Renovate, From Start to Finish, a book that teaches everything you need about Interior Design and renovating your home.

Lastly, she has become one of the prominent figures in the interior designing industry. She has inspired millions of people who want to pursue a career in this industry and become a successful interior designer.

Overview of the Shea Mcgee Masterclass

Shea Mcgee teaches designing your Space You Love, an extensive course hosted on the Masterclass, a platform that offers people an opportunity to learn from the top experts across the globe who have years of experience in their work and craft and gained popularity for their work.

In this masterclass, Shea has shared a dive deeper into the world of interior designing and teaches you the fundamental and advanced concepts you need to know about designing the space or tailoring your room per your unique preferences.

In addition to that, she also shared her own creative approach to working on the specific projects that helped her to stand out from the people; here is the complete list of the concepts covered in this masterclass, including are

  • Introduction
  • Mood Board and Design Plan
  • Interior Finishes and Fabrics schemes
  • Floor Plan
  • Furniture Selection and Placement
  • Lighting Design
  • Interior Accents

Each lesson teaches you the concepts around interior design and renovating your home the way you love. The best part about this masterclass is its various practical exercises and elements to help you implement what you learned from this course.

What does Shea Mcgee Masterclass Cover?

Shea Mcgee’s Master class consists of 7 lessons about interior designing with a total duration of 2 hours, where each lesson consists of a different concept that will help you design the space you love as per your preferences.

Here, I have shared an in-depth review of each lesson to give you a complete idea of what each lesson teaches you about interior designing and the shea process of renovating the room.


Unlike any other course, this course also starts with an introduction, during which she welcomes you to her session on interior design and tells you what you will need to get started.

Whether you are doing a quick home update or a complete renovation, she guides you through the interior designing process using her best tips and tricks.

Furthermore, this lesson will also cover a short intro about the instructor and a complete overview of the topics she will cover in this master class, as well as teach you about interior design and renovation.

Mood Board and Design Plan

Undoubtedly, taking on our interior design project is overwhelming, especially when you are new to this field. Still, shea shows you exactly what steps to follow to complete the project and explains how to create and stick to a vision.

Additionally, she teaches you about a concept called a mood board and color palette while creating an interior design plan. Most importantly, you will learn how to establish a color palette and overall feel for your room design.

Beyond that, she also demonstrated how to narrow down the images and the object to develop an interior design moldboard. You also shared the step-by-step guide on creating your mood board.

Lastly, she also breaks down the early steps of the interior design process, including decluttering your space, developing a spending strategy, and establishing a timeline. Most importantly, you will also get some additional tips for budgeting, tracking, and ideating the interior of your dream house.

Interior Finishes and Fabric Schemes

This lesson is about interior finishes and fabric schemes, which break down the important details one needs to know before picking any fabric or finishes, such as color palettes and wood finishing.

Most importantly, she has shared her entire process for developing classic, timeless interior designs; she also laid down some important concepts around paint color to wood stands and textile fabrics and some of the important tips for choosing them.

Furthermore, this lesson will demonstrate the development of confidence in fabric selection by working with swatches. She mixes matches and compiles different colors of fabric and textiles to give you a complete idea of the color palettes that will help you select the right one per your preference.

Floor Plan

In this section of the floor plan, you will learn how to turn your abstract ideas into a clear and concise interior design plan, and Shea also shows you how you can utilize a digital board to make a floor plan and ensure that all of your purchasing should perfectly fit your spaces.

Moreover, she also demonstrated her tips and techniques for measurement. She showed you exactly how you can tape out your spaces, understand what your spaces can hold, And avoid wasting money on unnecessary purchases.

Overall, this chapter will give you a clear idea of what you need to keep in mind while converting your abstract ideas into a solid interior design plan, executing it, and designing your space the way you love.

Furniture Selection and Placement

When it comes to renovating your room, one of the fundamental elements one must consider is furniture, as it gives attractive looks to any space; in this chapter, McGee shares the steps on how you can create a space that exudes flow and functions irrespective of your budget.

With this video lesson, you will also learn how contrast selection can create a cohesive look that you can apply in your own spaces, and you will find the detailed guide in this chapter.

In addition to that, she has also covered the concept of sofa selection and determining the ideal placement of cheer and furniture. She explains how you can ensure you have the right amount of connectivity.

In essence, you will learn everything you need to know about selecting the right furniture for your spaces and how you can ensure that you arrange them in the right way to maximize the most out of your spaces.

Lighting Design

Lighting is the other element that can make or break the look of your space, and in this chapter, Shea teaches you everything from lamps and bulbs to seed and drop what you need to know about balancing lighting in the space you are designing.

Beyond that, she also teaches you her signature approach to layering lightning for the perfect balance in any room or space you design. She explained each lighting well and gave you a proper understanding of the concept of lightning.

What I liked about this lesson was that Shea explained how to maximize natural light and broke down the different window treatments and guides for drape-hanging tips.

Interior Accents

It is the last chapter of this masterclass where shea teaches you that having a collection of amazing pieces is not enough. You need to learn how to make them sign in your space, and for that, she has demonstrated her process for styling the spaces, which will help you create a balance between yourself and the coffee tables.

In addition to that, she also explains how you can select the proper scale of artwork for the different spaces in your home and achieve calmness while unifying the space.

What I liked about this lesson was her approach towards styling the space, demonstrating how textiles can come to life through pillow styling, and most importantly, how you can purchase the accessories for your design home and make it even more attractive.

Who Should Consider Shea Mcgee Masterclass?

From my experience of completing this course and watching every lesson, I would say that this course is perfect for anyone interested in renovating their room or learning about interior design.

The good news is that this course is designed for all groups of people, no matter whether you are a complete beginner or an experienced professional who wants to learn about the advanced concept of interior design.

However, here is the list of the group of people who can consider buying this masterclass.

Budding interior designers – If you’re just starting with interior design and want to learn about interior design fundamentals, this course is perfect. Shea has broken down the complex concept into easy-to-understandable lessons.

DIY Enthusiasts – If you are a person like me who loves to tackle home projects and wants to design the space to your preferences, then these scores will give you complete insights on how you can renovate your space.

Fans of Shea McGee’s Style – If you are already a fan of Shea’s working style, you will find this master class a masterpiece as it covers the various advances and her approach towards interior design.

Overall, these courses are for anyone who has a deep interest in interior designing and wants to learn about how to renovate their own spaces and design in a way that they love, as these masterclasses do not need any prior experience or the skills to get started anyone can benefit from these master class.

What did I like about Shea Mcgee’s Masterclass?

Overall, my experience with this course is really good. The insights and techniques covered in this master class are proven and unique to most of the techniques you hear online or on the Internet.

The best part about this masterclass is that it has covered the various personal approaches and the process of Shea Mcgee that she uses on her projects and works.

Here, I have mentioned the list of things I liked about this masterclass, and all the points mentioned are from my experiences.

Shea Teaching Style

Apart from being a successful interior designer, she is also an excellent teacher who knows very well how to explain the concept to her learners so they can digest it without any hurdles.

She has explained various complex concepts around interior design more simply like you are conversing with your friend, which has made the scores even more enjoyable and engaging.

Overall, her ability to explain complex concepts in a more straightforward and digestible manner has made the course even more worth considering for people who want to learn about interior design from someone with years of experience in this industry.

Real Life Example

Understanding the concept with an example is one of the best and my favorite ways of learning any concept, and in this course, Mcgee has explained every concept using real-life examples.

She has not only taught you the concept around interior designing but also shows you how she applies those concepts in real-life projects to give you practical exposure to how things get done in real life.

Consists of the practical exercises

Another feature that makes this course stand out from the other courses in the market is that it consists of various practical exercises that allow the learner to implement what they have learned from this masterclass.

These practical exercises have helped the learner grasp the concept and allowed them to practice the knowledge practically and get hands-on experience.

Personal Insights & Insider Tips

It is one of the best things that I liked about this course. Shea has shared various insider tips, personal insight, and the processes he follows for any project, and these are the tips that have held him to become one of the most successful interior designers in the industry.

The best thing about these tips is that you will not find such tips in any typical interior design book or an online video. These tips are the real-life experiences of Shea McGee, who has spent years in this industry learning the concept that works in real life.

What can be Improved in the Shea Mcgee Masterclass?

While I overall enjoy this course from my experience, a few things can be improved to make it even more enjoyable and valuable for the learner.

Most importantly, all the below points are from my experience as I have completed this course in one go and watched each lesson carefully before writing this review.

More advanced topics for experienced designers

To be honest, I have taken several courses on interior design. One such course includes Kelly Wearstler, But one of the missing things in this masterclass is that it does not cover the advanced topic for the experienced designer.

This course is a masterpiece for beginners as Shea has explained various concepts and the fundamentals of interior design, which will help you understand the vital concepts.

However, when it comes to advanced topics from my experience, various concepts can be added, which can make this course even more valuable for the learner and experienced interior designers.

Less content around the business

The other disadvantage of this masterclass is that it has covered less about the business aspect, which I expected this masterclass would offer great advice about the business. I have been working in an interior design business for a long time and have built a successful brand.

Unfortunately, I have not seen various concepts and topics around the business aspect of interior designing and how you can land clients, and the main reason behind this may be that this course is mainly designed to teach you how to create the space you love.

Shea Mcgee Masterclass: Pros and Cons

Until now, you have a complete idea of what this course teaches you about interior designing and what the things that can be improved to make this course even more valuable for the learner,

Now, let’s move ahead and discuss the pros and cons of the Shea Mcgee masterclass that you need to consider to make the informed decision to buy this course.

Pros of Shea Mcgee Masterclass

  • It covers a wide range of concepts related to interior design.
  • It consists of various practical and easy-to-follow lessons.
  • It contains various real-time examples and exercises.
  • It provides various insider and pro tips for the industry.
  • Beginner-friendly; anyone can understand without experience.
  • Additional resources will help you implement what you have learned.

Cons of Shea Mcgee Masterclass

  • Less interaction with the instructor.
  • Limited coverage of the advanced concepts.
  • It is too Basic for advanced and experienced interior designers.
  • No direct feedback for your work or projects.

How much does Shea Mcgee Masterclass Cost?

As mentioned above, this course is hosted in the masterclass, so to get access to this, you need to buy a subscription to the masterclass. Here are three subscription options that you can choose from based on your needs and preferences.

  • Standard Plan: $120 Per Year ( Access to 1 Device and No offline Mode)
  • Plus: $180 Per year (access to 2 Devices and Offline Mode)
  • Premium: $240 Per Year (access to 6 Devices and Offline mode)

Each of the plans has its specifications. To get more idea about the pricing of the masterclass, you can check out the complete guide on the masterclass review.

Is it worth buying Shea Mcgee Masterclass?

Yes, Shea Mcgee Masterclass is worth it, especially If you are new to the interior designing field and want to explore the world of interior designing and learn from someone who has been in this industry for years.

This masterclass has laid down some critical and fundamental concepts around interior designing and renovating your home. Besides that, this masterclass also covers some insider tips and techniques industry experts use.

Here are some of the other reasons for you to consider buying Shea Mcgee Masterclass

  • You will learn from one of the top interior designers.
  • The course is well-structured and easy to follow.
  • Consists of various practical exercises and real-life examples.

Most importantly, buying the masterclass subscription will allow you to watch this masterclass, and you will also get access to over 180 masterclasses that you can watch anytime you want, as per your schedule and comfort.

However, if you already have sufficient knowledge about interior design and are looking for some advanced techniques or concepts, this course might disappoint you as it does not cover too many advanced techniques or concepts.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a course that will teach you the fundamentals of interior design and allow you to design your space tailored to your preferences, then this course is worth considering.


It is my honest review of Shea Mcgee’s Masterclass Review, where I have shared everything this course teaches you about interior design, from creating your mood board to turning your ideas into reality. This course has covered everything.

Now, you have the information of everything in this masterclass for making an informed decision. Still, from my experience, this course is worth considering for those who want to learn how to design the space they love according to their preference and choices.

Ultimately, it depends upon an individual’s goal and budget, but if you still have an inquiry or question regarding the Shea Mcgee Masterclass Review, please let me know in the comments section. I will be happy to assist with your query.

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