Review In 2024 Legit? Is It Worth It?

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If you’ve been looking to develop your critical thinking and problem-solving skills, you might have encountered a learning platform called

If you’ve not heard of it, then this review is for you to know what is and whether it meets your learning requirements. is a unique online learning platform focused on STEM topics (science, technology, engineering, and math), making it the perfect place for people who want to progress their careers in those fields. Review In 2024 Legit? Is It Worth It?

Here is a quick overview of what you’ll learn in this review:

Quick Summary of Review

Brilliant was established by Sue Khim in 2010. It has grown exponentially in the last 14 years, amassing over 10 million users. The course catalog on Brilliant includes courses from expert professionals at Duke, MIT, Google, and Microsoft. Though complex, these courses are designed to be interactive and focus on practical learning while keeping the content as entertaining as possible. The content quality is top-notch and creative, aiming to make math and science more fun for students. The monthly subscription is expensive, and the platform only provides courses in STEM fields. 

  • Focused on improving critical thinking and logical reasoning.
  • User-friendly design and easy navigation.
  • Interactive and engaging courses.
  • Unique features that make learning fun.
  • It helps with building skills in mathematical and scientific concepts.
  • None (this is one of the best MasterClass I have ever encountered on financing and investments).
  • Expensive compared to other learning platforms
  • Focuses on only STEM-based skills
  • No verified certificates is made for people who want to improve their logical thinking skills. This learning platform is for people interested in STEM and seeking a challenge. It is also primarily a visual-based learning program so that is always fun and engaging. They simplify complicated topics by making them interactive and fun. 

What is is an online learning platform focusing on developing critical thinking and logical reasoning skills. It stands out in the world of learning with its interactive and engaging learning activities.

It isn’t your typical video lectures and assignments like other platforms; it has a more problem-solving approach to it by using playful designs. You get gamified problems based on complex STEM concepts and need to solve them to get to the next level.

Physics of the everyday, math for quantitative finance, and artificial neural networks are just a few of the 60+ courses available on Active learning is an integral aspect of; there is no watching monotonous, one-sided videos without a way to test your knowledge of the subject matter.

The goal of founder Sue Khim was to make complicated concepts more relevant and accessible for everyone, regardless of age. According to her, age does not matter when it comes to learning. To accomplish this Herculean task, she created, a platform that understands that you can’t learn complex skills like programming, Java, and data analytics by watching videos. This requires you to actively engage in learning to evaluate your progress and skills. She revolutionized the world of learning with her refreshing approach, and that led her to be on Forbes’ 30 under 30 in Education list. works on all devices like computers, laptops, tablets, and even your smartphone. They also have an app that makes it more convenient to use on tablets and phones. This makes learning easy while you are on the go and can solve challenges from anywhere.

Who is for?

You first need to figure out your learning strategy and requirements to know the answer to this question. All learning platforms are unique and have distinctive design features. is for people who want to improve their logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

For most people like me, math and science problems are intimidating. If you are one of those people, then is the platform for you, as it focuses on making STEM subjects easier to understand. With its intuitive and engaging learning techniques, some people can brush up on their existing knowledge, while others can learn something new in a fun way. It is recommended for people from age 10 up to 100. It is important to note that you need to be 14 years of age or older to have your own Brilliant account.

For people who are looking for a broader spectrum of learning, might not be the right platform for you. While truly interesting and entertaining, has limitations when it comes to providing various learning materials and subjects. The main subjects covered are based on STEM principles, making a niche learning platform. If you want to develop your professional skills, then Datacamp or Coursera might suit your needs. for Teachers is not just targeted toward students who want to learn. It is also a handy platform for educators who want to stay up-to-date with their basics while simultaneously learning advanced skills and topics. provides free educational plans that allow teachers to use interactive tools that enhance rational thinking through challenging problems to improve their lesson plans. To avail of these services, you need to sign up and fill out a survey form listing all your requirements. When your form is accepted, you will be able to select around five courses and receive daily challenges based on your subject. This account will be valid for two years.

How much does cost? offers free and premium options to choose from. The free option provides just a couple of features and only lets you preview some of the courses. You do get the daily challenges and can track your progress on both the website and the app. 

 The premium option provides you access to all the courses available on You also get unrestricted access to all the quizzes and challenges, and you can use the app in offline mode to complete your challenges and guided courses. Currently, offers three subscription plans, and they are:

  • Monthly plan: It costs $24.99 for one person and is billed monthly.
  • Annual plan: It costs $161.88 for one person and is billed annually (it costs $13.49 per month), which is half the cost of the monthly subscription, but the catch is that you have to pay the full amount in a single payment.
  • Group (3 or more people) plan: costs $299.88 annually and grants access to all the services provided by to multiple users with their own individual accounts (the final price may change depending on the number of users).

You get a 7-day free trial to see if the subscription is worth it, and after that, you can choose a plan that is most suitable for you. You can also cancel the subscription anytime you want, but you need to do so before it gets auto-renewed. So that is something you need to keep in mind when subscribing to It also does not have a refund policy (there are exceptions to this rule), so you need to be sure about buying the subscription. I would suggest trying out the free option first and then taking the free trial to get an idea of whether you are ready to make this investment.

My Experience on

When you get to the online portal, you are greeted with their fun and animated landing page, where you get the option to sign up if you are a new user. The sign-up process is quite simple and straightforward. You need to answer a few questions about what your learning goals are and what medium you prefer to learn through. You can then explore the free option or get started by using their 7-day trial feature. 

The lessons were short and engaging, and that was perfect for me because most of the concepts were complex and challenging. But as I got more familiar with some of the topics, I started enjoying the courses and the puzzles.

Growing up, math was my least favorite subject, and I never thought that I would end up enjoying math problems and learning more about advanced math concepts like applied probability and calculus. But after I finished a few of’s courses and guided exercises, I really started having fun learning math in all subjects! Eventually, I started looking forward to their daily challenges, and before I knew it, I was hooked. follows a progress-based learning system, making it very easy for me to track my growth. I enjoyed the sense of accomplishment it gave, and it made me more keen to learn more every day. 

Overall, my experience on was a pleasant one. I enjoyed learning more about STEM principles, and it definitely helped me revise my basics.

What did I like about is a one-of-a-kind learning platform focused on just STEM concepts and uses visual tools to enhance the learning experience. The creators understand that every user learns in a different way that is more comfortable for them, and they design their courses and challenges revolving around that principle. 

The user experience provided by is exceptional and effective at the same time. The puzzles and quizzes are unique and make learning more fun. The gamification of certain complex topics makes them easier to understand while also providing you with a sense of accomplishment. understands that learning is a gradual process and does not bombard you with difficult problems and challenges all at once. You can evaluate your level and decide for yourself if you want to go forward with the difficult challenges. 

The courses are designed by professionals from prestigious organizations like MIT, Havard, Duke, Microsoft, and Google, so you can be assured that the quality of the content will be amazing. That being said, the lessons are interactive and intuitive and keep you engaged without it getting overwhelming. 

All the courses available on are self-paced so you can finish the exercises and puzzles at your convenience. It also offers a free trial to new users that gives you access to all its content so you can make a calculated decision if the paid subscription fits your budget and needs.

They also follow the theme of positive reinforcement and you get rewarded every time you finish an exercise. When you are struggling with a concept and make a mistake they still keep up with positive encouragement. For me, this was particularly significant as it helped me stay motivated to complete the exercise.


In my opinion, I would recommend to everyone, regardless of their age or aptitude. All you need is a curious mind, and you are set. However, you will benefit more from it if you are interested in STEM concepts and principles. 

The courses are well-rounded and cover all the information with practical learning techniques. The interactive lessons make a fun learning platform and set it apart from its competitors. 

If you are looking for a more methodical approach and need verified certificates for completing the course, then might not be for you. It also does not focus on career-driven skills, so these courses will not boost your work resume.

All in all, is an interesting and unique online learning platform, and you should surely try it at least once. 

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