$1000 Legit Course Reviewers Scholarship Program

Scholarship name: Legit Course Reviewers $1000 Scholarship Program
Deadline date: June 20, 2025.
Result date: Aug 1, 2025
Scholarship Value: $1000
Available scholarship slots: 1

$1000 Legit Course Reviewers Scholarship Program

Who can apply:

Must be a legal United States / Canada resident or hold a valid student visa.
Must be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program in an accredited Canadian or U.S. college or university.Must be 18 years or older.

Award: $1000

How to apply:

Write 500 words of an article about: “Advantages and Disadvantages Of Online Learning

A letter showing acceptance.
A headshot picture of the applicant (If selected as a winner, your image will be used when we announce it on the site).

Where to submit Essay:

[email protected]

At Legit course reviewer, we review some of the most reliable courses and platform online and there are 2 most popular online learning platforms right now and that’s MasterClass and SkillShare, you can check Is MasterClass Worth it & Is SkillShare Worth it?

In education, not everyone gets the same chance to do well. To help students and discuss online learning, Legit Course Reviewers made a $1000 Scholarship Program. We give money to students and want to talk about online learning.

We offer one $1000 slot, and the deadline is June 20, 2025. To apply, you must meet some requirements. You have to be in the US or Canada legally or have a student visa. Also, you must be in college in the US or Canada and be at least 18 years old.

The $1000 helps with college costs, but the application isn’t just about money. You have to write a 500-word essay about the good and bad of online learning. This makes you think about online learning.

You also need a letter saying you got into college and a photo. They’ll show the winner’s photo on their website.

When you finish your essay, you email it to [email protected]. Some experts will read it and pick a winner.

The Legit Course Reviewers $1000 Scholarship Program wants to help students and talk about education. By asking applicants to think about online learning, they hope to learn more about modern education.