11+ Best Skillshare Alternatives in 2024

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Skillshare is undoubtedly one of the most popular and largest e-learning platforms, offering various courses led by experts at an affordable price.

Currently, it has more than 13 million registered users and offers more than 35000 courses on its platform.

However, it is not the right choice for everyone, mostly because of its subscription options and the quality of the course. So, if you are on a mission to explore the “best skillshare alternatives,” then this article is for you.

This article covers the 11+ best websites like the skillshare that offer top-notch quality courses that are worth your time and hard-earned money.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s dive into it and explore the 11+ websites like Skillshare and their features and decide which one is for you; let’s have a quick overview.

Quick Summary of Skillshare Alternatives

Best Premium Platform: Masterclass is one of the most premium platforms, with over 2 million active members. It offers 180+ courses led by industry experts and celebrities in their respective fields, Check the Masterclass NOW!!!

University Patterned Platform: Coursera is the #1 university-partnered learning platform with more than 129 million users and offers 7000 + courses along with a certificate after the completion of the course issued by the top universities, Check Coursera NOW!!!

Most Affordable Platform: Udemy is an excellent alternatives for people. It has more than 63 million members and offers more than 213000 courses in different categories, with prices ranging from $10 to $20, check Udemy NOW!!!

11+ Best Skillshare Alternatives in 2024

Here is the list of all skillshare alternatives!

1) Materclass

Masterclass is another alternative to Skillshare, which is known for offering high-quality courses created by industry experts who have years of experience in their respective fields.

As of now, they have more than 2 million active subscribers and offer more than 180 courses in different categories ranging from dog Training, cooking, filmmaking, writing, and storytelling to business etc.

Mostly, they have courses that cover creative skills, but the things that separate this platform from others is that you will have access to learn from the world’s best teachers, such as Gordon Ramsay, Neil Gaiman, Serena Williams, and more.

In essence, you can say that it is an online university for the top 1% of professors who will teach about their field and help you build the necessary skills. Let’s see some of the features of this platform.

  • The production quality is very high, which helps you to learn things interactively.
  • Get access to the private community of the expert people.
  • Most courses contain frameworks; workbooks allow you to implement them faster.

Unlike Skillshare, Masterclass also offers an on-demand learning experience. You can access their courses anytime once you have taken the subscription; let’s explore their options.

Pricing of Masterclass

Masterclass offers multiple subscription options to their customers, which can be only paid annually, and these are mainly divided into three categories, which are given below

  • Standard Plan: $120 Per Year ( Access to 1 Device and No offline Mode)
  • Plus: $180 Per year (access to 2 Devices and Offline Mode)
  • Premium: $240 Per Year (access to 6 Devices and Offline mode)

Pros and Cons of Masterclass

Until now, you have seen the overview of the materclass and their subscription options; now let’s see some of the [tos and cons] and decide whether it’s worth your investment.

Pros of Masterclass

  • Access to courses taught by renowned experts and celebrities.
  • High-quality video production and engaging lesson formats.
  • Opportunity to gain insights from industry leaders.

Cons of Masterclass

  • Relatively expensive compared to some alternatives.
  • Limited course selection and depth within certain subjects.
  • Limited compatibility with mobile devices or offline viewing.

Why Choose MasterClass as a Skillshare Alternative?

There are various reasons for choosing the master class over the skills. First, their video lesson is well polished and taught by a renowned expert with years of experience teaching their respective subjects.

Secondly, it also offers the cinematic representation of the videos, which makes the learning experience even more interactive and improves their learning experience. Still, they don’t offer monthly subscription options.

On the other hand, skillshare courses are of low quality compared to the Masterclass and are not taught by renowned experts, so if you are looking for guidance from an expert, masterclass would be the right choice for you.

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2) Coursera

Founded in 2012 to make education accessible to underprivileged people, Coursera has become one of the most renowned learning platforms. It partners with various universities to offer high-quality courses at an affordable price.

The good news is that they not only offer various courses but also provide you with certificates issued directly by the top universities, which you can use as valuable credentials.

As per their official information, currently, they have over 129 million registered learners on their platform and offer more than 7000 courses in a variety of domains, including data science, business, health, personal development, humanities, and many more.

Now let’s see some of the features of Coursera and see what this platform offers

  • It has a vast collection of courses ranging from data science to business to many more
  • It provides the certificates after the completion of the course from partnered universities
  • It includes video lectures, assignments, and projects for a better learning experience.

Unlike Skillshare, Coursera also offers pre-recorded courses, but its well-structured courses make It the best alternative to Skillshare.

Besides that, they also offer supplementary learning material, which makes their courses even more interactive for the users and enhances their learning experience.

Pricing of Coursera

One of the core factors that we look for before deciding to purchase a subscription to any platform is pricing, so let’s examine Coursera’s subscription.

Coursera offers multiple subscriptions to customers, which can be quite confusing, but I have a breakdown of all of their subscription options here.

  • Individual Courses —The price of individual courses varies depending on the course. They cost $49 to $79 per course and offer a 14-day refund policy.
  • Guided Projects—This plan starts at $9.99 and offers 750 courses, but it does not include a free trial.
  • Specializations— This plan starts from $49.99 monthly and offers 2000+ courses; it includes a free trial and a refund policy.
  • Professional certificates – The professional certificates plan starts from $49.99 per month, offers 600+ courses, and includes a free trial.
  • MasterTrack Certificates—The plan is expensive, starting at $2000, and offers 20 high-quality courses. You will get a certificate from the partnered university.
  • Degrees – This includes the degree plan, which is similar to any reputable university and starts at $9000

If you want to know more about Coursera’s pricing structure and the types of courses it offers, you can read our guide on how much Coursera costs.

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Pros and Cons of Coursera

As mentioned above, Coursera is one of the biggest learning platforms that offers high-quality courses partnered with top universities. However, this platform has many pros and cons, so let’s consider some of them.

Pros of Coursera

  • A vast collection of online courses on a variety of topics.
  • Over 1700 free courses.
  • Degree courses that are partnered with reputable institutions.
  • Affordable pricing as compared to the value they offer.
  • Self-paced courses that you can complete on your schedule.

Cons of Coursera

  • Pricing Structure is very complicated
  • Advanced courses are challenging to complete

Why choose Coursera as a Skillshare alternative?

The main reason for choosing the coursera as an alternative to Skillshare is that it offers courses partnered with prestigious universities, which adds more value when applying for jobs.

Coursera focuses on academic learning courses, while Skillshare focuses on creative and hobby-based courses.

Overall, if your goal is to earn the credentials to showcase in your resume or your job, Coursera is perfect for you.

But if you are more interested in learning creative skills and taking hobby courses, Skillshare might be the perfect choice.

3) DataCamp

DataCamp is another leading learning platform that mainly offers data science and technology courses and currently, this platform has more than 10 million members and offers more than 300 courses, mostly related to data analysis and technology, which the subject matter experts create.

The best thing about this platform is its built-in coding interface, which helps the learners practice their coding lessons and receive immediate feedback.

Now, let’s see some of the features of datacamp. 

  • It offers a wide range of courses covering various topics related to data science programming, artificial intelligence, and more.
  • Courses are well structured and allow users to learn things from the beginner to the advanced.
  • It also offers an analytical tool that you can use to track your progress. 

Pricing of the DataCamp

Basic plan – It is a free plan offered by the datacamp that allows you to access six courses for free and understand the structure of the course. 

Premium plan –This plan starts at $29 monthlyand the yearly fee is $149 (which works out to $12.42 per month) in one payment. You can choose the payment plan according to your requirements.

Team plan — This plan costs 25 dollars per user per month and can only be renewed annually. With this plan, you will get access to all the courses and the premium features of this platform. 

Enterprise plan — Lastly they also offer the plan for enterprises, but the price of this plan is not publicly available. 

Pros of DataCamp 

  • It offers a basic plan, which allows you to access its courses and check their quality without commitment. 
  • It is suitable for all groups of people, including beginner and advanced professionals. 
  • Their courses are very interactive and enjoyable, which can be implemented practically. 

Cons of DataCamp 

  • It does not offer any certificate after the completion of the course 
  • Some of their plans are nonrefundable, which is an issue for many people. 

Why choose DataCamp over Skillshare?

One of the biggest reasons for choosing DataCamp over the skillshare is that DataCamp specializes in data science and machine learning, and students take related courses, which ensures high-quality courses. 

On the other hand skills, your offers a broader range of courses which can sometimes lower the quality of their courses. 

Overall, if your primary goal is to learn data science programming, machine learning, and artificial intelligence on the web from the subject matter, expert and DataCamp is the right platform for you. If you are looking for career-oriented or creative skill courses, go for the skillshare.

4) Udemy

It is one of the biggest e-learning platforms and marketplaces, with over 64 million customers worldwide, and offers more than 2130,000 courses.

Most of these courses cover a wide range of topics, including programming, tech, business, freelancing, art, and personal development.

In short, this platform is the hub of courses where you will find every kind of course you need to develop your skills and smash your goals; here are some of the features of this platform.

  • Most of their course are led by experts to get genuine knowledge.
  • It also offers certification of completion of their courses.
  • It has a vast collection of courses for customers

Apart from offering courses, Udemy also allows instructors to create courses using its platform and make money from them. In return, they will take a 37% commission on the course sales.

Pricing of the Udemy

Udemy is more affordable than Skillshare. Let’s see its pricing. In general, Udemy offers three types of plans to its customers that you can choose according to your needs and budget.

  • Individual Plan — The price of this plan varies depending on the courses, but it generally costs between $10 and $20 per course.
  • Personal Plan — This is another plan offered by Udemy that starts at $20 per month. It allows you to access 11,000+ Top Courses.
  • Team Plan — Udemy offers a Team plan that costs $30 per user per month (Billed annually). It allows you to access over 11,000 top-notch courses and other course material.

Pros and Cons of Udemy

You have seen the overview of this platform and its pricing; now, let’s discuss the most important things, which are the pros and cons, as they will help you decide whether it’s worth considering.

Pros of Udemy

  • Udemy Courses are more affordable than other platforms. They start at $19.99 and cost even less with constant deals and promotions.
  • Udemy offers more than 600 + Free courses on various topics, from programming to personal development.
  • Udemy also offers a 30-day, no-questions-asked refund policy. You can always get your money back if you don’t get courses that meet your expectations.

Cons of Udemy

  • Finding quality courses is a bit difficult as they have a variety of courses.
  • Most of the Udemy courses are pre-recorded and lack instructor interaction.
  • Some of the Udemy courses are limited, which might cause problems for users.

Why should you consider Udemy?

From my experience, you should consider Udemy for various reasons. First, it has a vast library of courses to choose from. Second, it is valuable for money as it does not cost much compared to other platforms.

I have purchased more than 2,500 courses, and my experience with Udemy is quite good. Still, as said earlier, finding quality courses among the various courses can sometimes be difficult.

Overall, it can considered one of the platforms, especially for people who are looking to access a variety of courses at an affordable price.

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5) Edx Platform

Like Skillshare, Edx is also a leading online platform that has partnered with several renowned universities and institutions to create courses covering a wide range of topics and subjects.

Using the platform, I found that its courses are more aligned with career-driven skills. The best part is that it offers various options for its customers.

This means that you can either take one course from their platform or buy the whole course, which includes the complete bachelor’s and master’s degree as per your preference of university, from their platforms.

According to the stats, their courses have more than 110 million enrollments on various topics ranging from artificial intelligence and robotics to public health; now, let’s see some of the features of the EDX platform.

  • It offers high-quality courses partnered with the top universities.
  • It also offers a discussion for learners to exchange their learned experiences.
  • The platform is accessible on various devices, such as mobile and web.

On the surface, EdX and Skillshare are the same platforms, but when you examine them in-depth, you will realize that EdX has more well-structured and high-quality courses than Skillshare.

Now, let’s examine the Edx pricing structure and the subscription options it offers to its customers.

Pricing of Edx Platform

As said earlier, Edx offers a variety of courses. The price of each course depends on the subject, length, and the partnered university, but on average, their courses range in price from $50 to $300.

If you want to get more details about the Edx platform and the number of plans it offers, you can read our complete review.

Pros of the Edx Platform

  • The interface of the platform is easy to understand & User friendly
  • Wide range of courses curated by expert instructors from prestigious universities.
  • Get the certificate of completion of the courses
  • Self-paced courses, you can learn as per your schedule

Cons of edX Platform

  • Some of their course are very expensive and difficult to afford.
  • Some of their courses lack personal interaction.
  • Inconsistency in the pattern followed by different courses.
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Why choose edX as a Skillshare alternative?

Edx can be an excellent alternative to Skillshare for various reasons. First, it offers courses from top universities like Harvard and MIT that ensure high-quality content. 

Second, it also offers a variety of free courses, allowing the learner to get a quality education without having any financial issues. 

Most importantly, Edx also offers a verified certificate from a renowned institution that can help you showcase your credentials as valuable.

Overall, if you are looking for a trusted and credible instructor to learn the skill, then Edx is the perfect choice, but if you are looking for a platform that offers a variety of courses at a lower price, then Skills Share can be a good choice.

6) Pluralsight

It is another learning platform mainly focusing on helping people learn technical skills. Currently, it offers over 7000 courses in data analysis, cloud computing, software development, IT operations, and more.

Additionally, this platform offers different levels of courses, so whether you are a beginner or an advanced professional, you will easily find the courses on their platform.

Now, let’s see some of the features of this platform that make it different from others.

  • Courses are designed by industry experts who have years of experience in their fields.
  • It offers flexible learning, meaning you can learn at your own pace and schedule.
  • Most of their courses are well structured, giving clear instructions to the learners.

Unlike Skillshare, Pluralsight is also a leading learning platform. What makes this platform different from the others is that one is focused on offering technical courses, while the other is focused on catering to all kinds of people.

Now, let’s examine the subscription to Pluralsight and whether it’s worth the investment or just a waste of money.

Pricing of Pluralsight

In general, Pluralsight offers three subscription options to its customers, which you can choose according to your needs and budget.

  • Individual standard plan – It costs $29 (if billed monthly) Or $299 yearly in a single payment, and the plan gives you access to over 2500 courses.
  • Individual Premium Plan – It costs $45 (if billed monthly or $499 paid in a single payment and this plan offers over 7500 courses along with the projects)
  • Professional Team Plan – It costs you $579 a year per user and allows you access to over 7000 courses and engaging practical exercises.

If you want to know about the pricing of the Pluralsight, you can also read our guide about its pricing.

Pros of Pluralsight

  • It has the best collection of high-quality courses covering a wide range of topics.
  • Courses are taught by instructors who are subject matter experts in their field
  • Regularly update the content to keep you updated with the latest trends and technology. 

Cons of Pluralsight

  • Free content is limited and it requires a subscription to get access to the courses. 
  • The category of courses is limited and is mostly related to technical skills.
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Why choose Pluralsight as a Skillshare alternative?

You should choose Pluralsight as a good alternative for the skills here as it offers high-quality courses and contains projects to give you hands-on experience and improve your learning. 

Overall, Pluralsight is more expensive than Skillshare because it offers specific types of courses related to technology.

However, Skillshare may be the right option if you are looking for a platform that offers both personal development and professional courses.

7) LinkedIn Learning

It is another platform owned by Linkedin that contains a variety of courses on a wide range of topics, from business, technology, and creative skills to personality development; they have everything you need.

Currently, this platform has more than 27 million users and offers 16000 courses led by industry experts. The best thing about this platform is that you can get suggestions of courses according to your personal preferences.

Here are some of the features of LinkedIn Learning that you can consider

  • A vast collection of courses offers 16000 courses that cover various topics and subjects.
  • It also offers mobile apps that bring a seamless experience to the users.
  • Most of the courses offer a certificate after completion that adds valuable credentials.

LinkedIn learning is mostly for professionals who want to advance in their careers, while Skillshare focuses on offering all kinds of courses.

Pricing of the LinkedIn Learning

As of now, LinkedIn Learning offers two plans to its customers: the first is a monthly subscription that costs $39, and the other is an annual subscription that costs $239 ($19.99 per month).

They also offer the team plan, but for that, you need to fulfill some conditions, and currently, their team plan cost is not publicly disclosed.

Pros of LinkedIn Learning

  • It offers well-structured and high-quality courses led by industry experts.
  • It also offers certificates that you can use as a valuable credential. 
  • Easy to use and offers flexible learning, allowing learners to learn at their own pace

Cons of LinkedIn Learning

  • This platform has a smaller collection of courses than the other platform. 
  • This platform does not offer any community or forum for interaction. 
  • Their courses are primarily free recorded videos that lack engagement 

Why choose LinkedIn Learning as a Skillshare alternative?

LinkedIn learning as an alternative to Skillshare is an excellent option as it allows the user to access courses related to their career, which can be helpful in the corporate world; on the other hand, Skillshare only offers courses related to creative topics.

Overall, Skillshare is mainly for the creating people who focus on providing the creating courses. On the other hand, LinkedIn Learning is primarily a professional platform that offers courses related to career advancement.

LinkedIn Learning has always been my first preference. I have used it for more than two years and acquired various skills, from content writing to email marketing to running Facebook. It has everything you need.

If you want to know about my learning experience, you can also read about my experience with this platform.

8) Udacity

Founded in 2011, Udacity has become a first choice for many people who want to learn new skills and grow in their careers. 

This platform has over 15 million users and offers more than 150 courses covering topics such as programming, data science, artificial intelligence, digital marketing, and more.

What made Udacity popular among various learners is its new concept, the Nano degree program. It is a unique online educational program designed to bridge the gap between learning and career goals. 

Most importantly, they have partnered with industry leaders and experts who understand the skills that are currently in demand and applicable in the job market. 

Now let’s look into some of the features of the audacity that you can consider.

  • It offers a variety of courses that come with the projects and gives you hands-on experience.
  • Most of their courses are created by experts with real-time experience. 
  • It offers a self-paced learning experience, allowing students to learn according to schedule. 

Pricing of Udacity

As mentioned above, udacity is a subscription-based learning platform, meaning you must pay the price to access its content, you can choose the plan as per your needs.

Currently, their monthly subscription plan is $249, but you can save up to 15% by paying an upfront payment for four months, which will cost you around $846.

Pros of Udacity

  • It offers quality courses created by industry experts who have real-time experience. 
  • It also offers a certificate of completion if you enroll in their nano degree program.
  • It also offers mentorship from experts and improves your learning experience.

Cons of Udacity

  • Most of their courses and programs are expensive compared to other platforms. 
  • Offers limited courses on non-technical subjects compared to other platforms. 

Why choose Udacity over Skillshare?

The main reason for considering udacity as a good alternative for skin care is that it focuses on providing a more structured and traditional approach to learning that enhances the overall learning experience of the users and helps them get hands-on experience by completing their projects. 

On the other hand, Skills Share is more likely to be a platform that offers a variety of courses related to personal and professional life. Ultimately, choosing the platform will depend on an individual’s needs and interests.

9) BBC Maestro

BBC Maestro is another platform similar to the masterclass. It offers various courses taught by industry experts with years of experience and achievement in their respective fields.

Their courses cover topics such as writing, filmmaking, music, cooking, business, painting, and acting. 

Unlike other platforms, the main motive of this platform is to offer high-quality courses led by exporters at an affordable price so people can develop the necessary skills and get real-time exposure and here some of the features of BBC Maestro include 

  • It offers high-quality video courses and on-demand learning, which help you to complete their courses even with busy schedules. 
  • Most of their courses are designed in an easy-to-consumable manner that can be implemented immediately and help you get hands-on experience. 
  • It also offers community forums, which help learners to improve their overall learning experience. 

Pricing of the BBC Maestro

BBC Maestro offers two plans for its customers: an annual subscription and individual subscriptions. Let’s explore each of them.

Annual Subscription – BBC Maestro offers this first option, which costs $120 annually ($10 per month). Once you buy this subscription, you can access all the courses on this platform.

Individual Course – These courses are a bit expensive. Typically, you need to pay $89 to access any course, its downloadable guide, and helpful resources for a lifetime.

Pros of BBC Maestro

  • Top-notch instructors & In-depth learning material
  • Engaging teaching method & User-friendly interface.
  • Regular updation of the course 

Cons of BBC Maestro

  • Limited interaction in courses and no formal certification
  • Expensive and mostly available in the English language 

Why choose BBC Maestro Over SkillShare ?

You should choose BBC Maestro over Skills Share because of various reasons. First, it offers high-quality courses created by renowned experts and celebrities. Second, their courses are well-produced, making your learning experience more interactive. 

To sum up, if you are looking for high-quality courses and learn from the experts, then choosing BBC Master is a good option for you, but if you are if you have budget constraints and want to get access to the various courses, then skills are your skills here is your best friend

10) Khan Academy

Founded in 2008, Khan Academy started as a series of tutorial videos by Sal Khan, who helps his cousin with math problems. Soon, his videos gained popularity, becoming one of the most popular nonprofit platforms for helping people get quality education who could not afford the expensive courses on the market. 

This platform has over 160 million users and offers courses in more than 20 categories, including maths, science, economics, history, life skills, and more. 

In short, the community of programmers, teachers, designers, data scientists, and content experts ensures that people get quality education; now, let’s see some of the amazing features of the Khan Academy.

  • A vast library of video lessons that contains practice exercises & projects for learning.
  • Personalised dashboard that helps the user to track their performance and progress
  • It also offers a point and reward system that encourages users to complete their courses

Pricing of Khan Academy

As said earlier, Khan Academy does not charge any money from the people to get access to their content, and it is all free; anyone can sign up on their platform and take any part of their courses.

Pros and Cons of Khan Academy

As of now, you have seen an overview of the features of the Khan Academy platform; now, let’s explore the pros and cons to see whether it suits you.

Pros and Cons of Khan Academy

  • It offers free courses that are available for all groups of people. 
  • Offers personalized learning recommendations for the student to track their progress. 
  • It offers courses on various subjects from elementary to advanced level. 
  • Most of their courses include exercises and projects that improve the learning experience. 

Cons of Khan Academy

  • It does not offer enough guidance on the specific problem or application. 
  • Lack of personalized feedback and support from the instructor.

Why choose Khan Academy over Skillshare?

Khan Academy is an alternative to SkillsShare because it offers free courses that you can access anytime. These courses include free courses, practical exercises, and projects that will help you get hands-on experience. 

In summary, they might be the perfect choice if you are looking for a platform offering free and structured academic courses. Still, if you are looking for creative skills courses, then you can consider Skillshare.

As of now, we have seen the list of the best and top learning platforms that you can use as an alternative to Skillshare to learn and grow your skillset; now, let’s see some of the platforms from the perspective of the course creator and instructor.

11) Teachable

It is one of the most popular online platforms for creators, allowing them to create, organize, host, and sell their courses at minimal entry-level fees. That’s why it has become the first choice for many creators.

What makes this platform different from others is its user-friendly interface, which anyone can understand without any technical knowledge, and its ability to add the necessary elements to their courses.

Additionally, there is no limit to what you can teach on this platform, ranging from art, drawing, fitness, yoga, marketing, business, and anything you have expertise in.

Here are some of the features of this platform that you should consider.

  • It allows the creator to structure their course content and include additional features according to their preferences and needs.
  • It allows the creator to customize the appearance of the course website with their brand themes and colors.
  • It also provides tools for marketing your product, including the payment gateway, coupon code, affiliate programs, and email marketing.

Pricing of the teachable Platforms

Currently, Teachable offers four plans to its customers that they can choose from based on their needs and budget.

Free plan – It allows you to create and publish a single course with a 10% transaction fee on the sale of the course.

Basic plan — This plan starts from $59 per month or $468 per year. It allows you to publish 5 courses and 5 digital products, and there is a 5% transaction fee.

Pro plan — This plan costs $190 per month or $948 per month and allows you to create unlimited courses and digital products without any transaction fee.

Business plan — This plan starts at 499 per month or 3999 per year and includes all the pro features, including the Custom domain and dedicated support.

Overall, this platform is perfect for people who want to start selling a business but don’t know where to begin, as it offers every time they need to launch their courses and make money.

Pros and Cons of Teachable 

You have seen the overview of the teachable and the features and plans they offer. 

Let’s examine some of the pros and cons of tea tables to help you decide whether this platform is suitable for you.

Pros of Teachable

  • It offers a user-friendly interface, allowing people to create content quickly.
  •  It offers excellent customer support and is the resource for content creators
  •  it provides the inbuilt marketing tools that make things a lot easier

Cons of Teachable 

  • Transaction fees are  high, especially for basic plan
  • Offers The Limited flexibility and customization option

Why choose teachable as a skillshare alternative?

You can consider Teachable over Skillshare as it allows you to upload your video lessons and offers other features that make it even more interactive.

On the other hand, Skillshare is more likely a platform where you can mostly upload video lessons, and it offers fewer customization options.

Overall, Teachable is mainly for people who want control over their courses and prices, and SkillshareSkillshare is best for beginners who have just started creating courses.

12) Podia For teachers & creators

Podia is another all-in-one platform for the creator and the instructor that helps create, market, and sell their online courses, digital products, membership, ebooks, and templates of the creator.

Apart from that, podia also helps the creator to market their product, which includes building the email list, starting a newsletter, and running some email marketing campaigns.

This application differs from others because Podia is a platform that helps creators launch their products, market them, bring in sales, and process payments; you will have all these things in one tool.

Now let’s see some of the features of the podia that you should know

  • User-friendly interface that allows people to create the course within a few minutes
  • This platform offers everything any creator needs to launch their courses.
  • Offers multiple marketing Strategies to bring sales to your courses

Pricing of the podia 

Free Plan: This allows you to create and host your course for free, but they will charge an 8 % transaction fee on your course sales.

Mover Plan: This plan starts at $33/month and allows access to their premium features.

Shaker Plan: The most premium plan starts at $75 per month and allows you access to all its features without any transaction fees.

If you want more details about this platform, consider these plans and subscription options based on your needs and requirements. You can also check our complete review of Podia.

Pros and cons of Podia 

There is no question that every platform has both positive and negative sides, so let’s jump in and see both sides of this platform and decide whether it’s worth investing or not.

Pros of Podia

  • This platform offers everything that you need to launch your course.
  • It allows you to create courses for free, which is value for money.
  • It has a clear and simple interface for both the student and the teacher

Cons of Podia

  • It offers limited features compared to other platforms at their price point.
  • It offers fewer customization options for some pages.
  • Provides limited integration with the third-party tools

Why should you choose Podia over Skillshare?

There are various reasons why podia is considered an excellent alternative to skillshare. The first reason is that podia is a versatile tool that offers an all-in-one solution in one place, which makes things a lot easier for the creators.

Secondly, podia allows the creator to control their branding, pricing, and marketing strategies. On the other hand, Skills Share controls its pricing, branding, and other things.

Overall, if you are an online creator looking for a platform that gives you flexibility and more control over your courses and their pricing, Podia can be the perfect.


There is no doubt that finding the best Skillshare alternative is a daunting task, but from the above post, you got the idea about websites like Skillshare that you can choose and start your learning of developing new skills.

Moreover, the most important things that you need to consider before choosing any platform in your goal and interest are pricing, pros and cons, and the features each platform offers before buying the subscription of ay platform.

From my experience, there is no perfect platform; it all depends on an individual’s needs, goals, and budget. However, if you still have questions regarding the Skillshare competitors, please let me know in the comment section.


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