Serena Williams MasterClass Review: Is It Worth It? [Must Read]

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Before I start this review, I would like to share something about myself. I am sure most of you have similar childhood memories (more or less). The one where gym class was a personal nightmare, dodgeball felt like punishment, and the mere suggestion of climbing the monkey bars sent shivers of fear down your spine. If any of this resonates with you, you and I are the same buddy. I was “That Kid.” 

Well, what do I mean by it? I was that perpetually skinny kid with a permanent blush (thanks to my awkwardness).

So here I am, as an adult who still breaks into hives at the thought of doing anything physical, wanting to branch out and pick a sport that would feel comfortable yet challenging.

After trying out playing a few sports (football, basketball, and badminton) that didn’t feel right, I stumbled upon tennis and grew to like it. But with no history with the sport and no training, I felt a little overwhelmed. That is when I came across Serena Williams’ MasterClass teaching tennis and immediately signed up.

Now, I’m not delusional. I know I am not about to morph into Serena Williams overnight. But there is something undeniably inspiring about her. Maybe it is how she commands the court, the power that explodes off her racket, or the sheer grit that has propelled her to win and smash so many titles.

Whatever it is, it has sparked a flicker of determination within me. Who knows, maybe there’s a hidden athlete buried beneath these layers of “allergic to exercise” excuses. So, with a healthy dose of hope (and possibly a touch of delusion), I am going to take a swing at this tennis thing. 

So, let’s “get straight down the line” and “grand slam” this class!

Serena Williams MasterClass Quick Summary

If you are short on time, here is a quick summary you’ll know.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Enhance your game
  • Boost your fitness 
  • Build your mental strength and resilience 
  • Learn from your failures and never give up
  • Get tactical sports skills and strategies
  • Understand your opponents to beat them
  • Advanced tennis skills that can improve your game

Time Duration 

This class is 2 hours long.


  • Learn from a true tennis maestro
  • Her charming delivery and engaging teaching style
  • In-depth information on advanced tennis skills
  • Exceptional production value
  • Principles on fitness and motivation that are transferable 


  • Some lessons feel unorganized
  • Not beginner-friendly

Alternative to Serena Williams MasterClass

If the concept of any sports activity intrigues you, then other sports-related courses on the MasterClass platform include the Lewis Hamilton MasterClass, Simone Biles MasterClass, and Stephen Curry MasterClass.


While this course is not that advanced and only touches complex tennis techniques, it is still an amazing opportunity to learn from Serena Williams. You will learn how to overcome hardships and strive for success even when nobody believes in you. I would recommend this MasterClass for all the tennis enthusiasts and tennis players. 

Serena Williams MasterClass Review

Who is Serena Williams?

In the world of tennis, Serena Williams is not just a name but a legend. She is considered one of this generation’s greatest tennis players. The way she dominates on the court is truly awe-inspiring.

Williams holds the record for most Grand Slam singles titles in the Open Era (since professional tennis began allowing amateurs to compete) with 23 victories (just in singles). She also plays doubles and has 14 Grand Slam titles with her sister Venus and two more in mixed doubles. 

Her list of achievements does not stop there. She has been ranked number one in the world for 319 weeks (a record-tying 186 consecutive weeks included). In 2015, Sports Illustrated awarded Serena the “Sportsman of the Year” title, and her countless year-end championship wins solidified her place in tennis history.

When someone plays this well, people assume it is sometimes sheer dumb luck. But these trophies are not just luck. Serena’s story is incredibly dedicated, which began when she was just a kid. Her relentless training and competitive spirit are unrivaled. With decades of experience under her belt, she has seen it all on the court, from strategic rallies to intense pressure-filled matches.

So, why is Serena’s MaisSerena’sserfect for anyone looking to get inspired? I will answer that question with another: Who better to learn from than the absolute best?

Serena is not just a winner; she is a master of the game. Her masterclass offers a unique opportunity to gain insights from a champion. She shares technical expertise and the mental fortitude and strategies that propelled her to the top. If you want to improve your game or get inspired by greatness, this course led by Serena Williams is the perfect place to start (in my opinion).

Who should Get Serena Williams MasterClass?

Serena Williams’ Masterclass is ideal for a broader range of tennis enthusiasts and sports lovers in general. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Serious Players Looking to Up Their Game: This MasterClass is perfect for intermediate and advanced tennis players who want to brush up their skills. Serena dissects the technical aspects of the games and explains strokes like the forehand and backhand. She also shares tips on perfecting your strokes and provides practical insights honed over decades of experience. This course will feel like a personal training session with a champion.
  • Tennis Fans Craving a Deeper Connection: Serena Williams’ MasterClass is not just about tennis. It is for people who bleed tennis green (if you know, you know). It gives a chance to peer through the window into the life of a tennis legend. You will learn about the grueling training regimens that help her maintain her incredible physique and stamina, her mental strategies to stay focused under pressure, and more.
  • Beginners with a Spark of Determination: Though Serena uses advanced tennis terminologies and focuses heavily on complex techniques, beginners (like me) also stand to learn a lot. Her enthusiasm and passion for the game are infectious and will motivate you to pick up that racket and start practicing immediately. As a beginner, you will learn core tennis principles, like grip and footwork, through the lens of a tennis pro.
  • Anyone Who Wants to Learn from a Master: This course offers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn directly from one of the greatest tennis players of all time. Serena is not just a champion; she is a true master of the craft. For her, tennis is not just about powerful serve and exceptional footwork; it is about understanding the game at a deeper (almost holistic) level, the mental fortitude, and the lesson learned on the court. Her inspiring philosophy and dedication will help you understand why she is so revered.
  • Those in Need of a Motivational Push: Let’s face it, starting a new physical activity can be daunting. Serena’s story of relentless training and unwavering competitive spirit is a powerful motivator. This Masterclass can be the nudge you need to step outside your comfort zone and embrace a new challenge. Witnessing Serena’s dedication and the sheer joy she finds in the game might be just the inspiration you need to dust off those old sneakers and hit the court.

What does Serena Williams MasterClass cover?

Serena Williams’ MasterClass teaching tennis is 2 hours long. It is divided into ten bite-sized video lessons of about 12 minutes each. Even though MasterClass has a one-sided video lessons format, this class felt like you were having a gab session with your friend. The conversational style of this course made it really engaging and fun. 

Serena uses advanced tennis terminology (duh, it is a tennis class, after all), and beginners might feel lost for a minute, but the course is easy to follow and perfectly timed.

This class (like all other courses on the MasterClass platform) comes with a supplementary (13-page) workbook that breaks down her serving techniques and explains how to practice them to perfection.

The MasterClass platform provides a community space for engaging with fellow learners. It allows you to exchange insights, seek support for challenges, and celebrate your achievements with a group of individuals who share similar interests.

The lesson plan is as follows:

  1. Introduction – Focus and Desire
  2. Groundstroke Fundamentals
  3. Mastering Groundstrokes
  4. Controlling the Court
  5. Mental Toughness
  6. Advanced Net Play
  7. Training Like A Pro
  8. Preparing For Game Day
  9. Making of a Winner
  10. Mastering of The Serve

Summarizing Serena Williams’ MasterClass

Serena Williams opens her MasterClass by introducing herself and talking about her childhood. She explains the significance of focus and dedication as an athlete who started practicing when she was only four years old. 

In the following two lessons, she breaks down her groundstrokes and shares the drills her father ran for her as a kid—drills she still runs every day as a pro. Serena emphasizes that consistency is the key to perfecting any sports technique.

Serena will then help master baseline play with advanced footwork, backhand, and troubleshooting techniques that she uses to challenge any opponent. If you are a beginner like me, the first few lessons will feel overwhelming due to the sheer number of tennis terms used, but if you hang on, you will get your footing shortly.

Williams teaches you how to turn defense into offense, when to anticipate and react, and how to open up the court for easy winners. She says that she prefers playing on the offense, but learning good defensive skills can help you be a better player. 

She gives examples of good defense players like Caroline Wozniacki, Ana Ivanovic, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic. She also explains the importance of speed and agility when playing tennis.

Serena rarely comes to the net, but when she does, she makes it count. You will learn proper approach, volley, and smash techniques. Her critical advice is to “Don’t run through the shot” when playing around the net to avoid missing or fouling the shot.

She discusses the importance of not getting too excited and coming to the net early. To time your shot perfectly, you need to run fast, do a split, and then be ready for the next shot.

Serena Williams believes that tennis is 70% mental (her dad taught her that). Surely, tennis is a very physical game but also a mental one. You need to be physically fit but also be resilient and persevere against all odds. She will teach you how to dig deep in tough situations (she is a player known for impossible comebacks).

The average women’s professional tennis match lasts two hours, but Serena trains to play all-out for four. She reveals her tips for staying in top shape, her pro drills, and how to keep it fun while putting in the hard work. Serena conditions herself by running, biking, and working for hours on the tennis court, and she encourages you to do the same.

Serena starts a big match before she even steps out onto the court. She will teach you the physical and mental routines that have taken her to the Grand Slams over and over again. She will explain how you should not be hung up on your loss but rather use it as a stepping stone for winning the next match.

She talks about her game-day rituals and routines. Serena discusses how she harnesses and overcomes her fear. She also mentions that this principle can be used for school, exams, work, or any other game. Mastering your fears is a very important step to achieving success in the future.

Serena’s run of titles is otherworldly, but it all started with goals, heroes, and a lot of practice. Her success has nothing to do with luck; it is all about her hard work and dedication. She talks about how she is different from establishing herself in the sports fraternity.

Serena suggests that you bring out some extra toughness when you are entering the court (if you feel like you lack it). You need to focus on every point, not think about your opponent or the crowd, and try to win every point. 

Closing her MasterClass, Serena breaks down her legendary serving techniques. She teaches you to weaponize it. Serving is the only shot over which you have complete control, so when you take the court and are about to serve, you should never forget that it is the only shot in tennis, where everything relies on you.

Serena thinks the serve is probably one of the hardest shots in tennis. With the ground stroke, you can use your opponent’s pace or get set up, but you have to create your own pace with the serve. She teaches her techniques to master the serve and come out on top.

Key Points from Serena Williams’ MasterClass

I am someone who has never played any sport throughout my life, let alone something as challenging as tennis. So, if you are also like me (most people are), you will stand to learn much from Serena Williams MasterClass teaching tennis.

I have always had trouble eating healthy (because salads are unappealing), and Serena made me realize that my eating habits are the reason for my lethargy and sudden body aches. To play any sport, you need stamina; you need nutritious food to acquire that. Serena treats her body as a temple for food, and I plan to follow in her footsteps.

When a player wins a game, the first thought in my head is, “Huh, he/she is so lucky!” After this course, I will never make the mistake of thinking that. Looking at Serena’s schedule made me understand the hard work and dedication required to be at the top of your game. Serena practices and trains herself so that her racket becomes an extension of her hand, and it is inspiring and motivating.

Serena talks about the jeering and bullying she faces on the court and the internet and how she uses that as a catalyst to work even harder. Her advice is helpful not just on the tennis court but in all aspects of my life. I cower in the face of criticism, but thanks to Serena, I will now use it to achieve my goals and improve.

Lastly, as I examined Seren’s journey, I understood the significance of having a healthy support system. Serena’s father always believed in her (and her sister) and constantly motivated her to be the kind of player she was. Her anecdotes about her childhood are endearing and inspiring. 

What did I Like about Serena Williams’s MasterClass?

Here’s what I liked about Serena Williams’ Masterclass:

Learn from the Legend Herself: You have to accept that this course is an unbelievable opportunity to learn from a tennis legend. You get direct access to Serena’s knowledge and experience. You also get insights into the technical aspects of the game from her. It is like having a personal training session with Serena and learning the nuances that make her game so incredible.

Inspiration from a Champion’s Journey: Serena’s story is not all about trophies. This MasterClass helps you understand what goes into making a tennis prodigy. You learn about her training schedule, her unfaltering competitive spirit, and the mental strength that fueled her to overcome her adversaries. Her dedication inspired me; seeing her hard work and passion pay off was fulfilling and energizing.

Serena’s Engaging Teaching Style: Serena is not just a tennis champion; her MasterClass proves that she is a captivating teacher. Her delivery is charming, and her passion for tennis is infectious. She breaks down complex techniques into manageable steps with her well-known charisma. I enjoyed learning from someone so enthusiastic about the game. 

A Peek into the Champion’s Life: Sure, this class is about tennis techniques like forehand and backhand, but that is not all. I really liked getting a glimpse into the physical preparation (you can see it behind the scenes) required to excel in such a demanding sport. Serena makes it look easy on the court, but in her class, she shares her training routines, teaches the importance of fitness, and how to build stamina to win games. Her well-rounded approach helped me understand the dedication required to succeed in any athletic pursuit.

MasterClass Production Quality: Masterclass is known for its high production value, and this class was no exception. I appreciated the clear visuals, well-structured lessons, and the ability to rewind and rewatch sections that I found particularly useful. This feature ensured I got the most out of Serena’s teachings and could revisit key points to solidify my learning.

A Starting Point for Your Tennis Journey: Whether you’re a complete beginner (like me) or a seasoned player, Serena Williams’ Masterclass can be a valuable launchpad. Beginners will be exposed to the fundamentals and get a taste of the sport through the eyes of a legend. More experienced players can delve into advanced techniques and strategic insights. This class will motivate you to take the next step, whether it’s joining a group lesson or seeking personalized coaching.

Serena Williams MasterClass Conclusion

So, did this skinny kid with zero tennis experience emerge from the Masterclass as a court-dominating champion? Let’s be honest: the dream of dethroning Serena at Wimbledon might have to stay on hold for now.

But here’s the thing: this Masterclass wasn’t about instant glory. It was about opening the doors to a whole new world, a world where grunting and backhands are not just spectator noises but the thrilling sounds of competition.

Sure, my tennis vocabulary is still under development. Telling the difference between a “drop shot” and a “lob” might take some practice (those terms are definitely on my to-learn list, next to “love” and “deuce” – what do those even mean?). But Serena’s infectious enthusiasm was a masterclass in itself. Her insights into the mental game, the importance of focus and strategy, and the dedication required to excel honestly had me scribbling notes like a crazed fan who finally scored a front-row seat.

The most eye-opening realization? Tennis was not an exclusive club for the naturally athletic. Seeing Serena’s journey, her relentless training and the unwavering spirit that took her from a kid (just like you and me) to a legend felt real. It felt attainable. Maybe, just maybe, I could hold my own on the court someday with a sprinkle of practice, a gallon of sweat, and a lot of Serena-inspired fire.

So, if my shower of praise is not enough indication, I absolutely enjoyed Serena Williams’ MasterClass and think it is worth your time and money. You will learn fundamental life skills from her that you can transfer to other aspects of your life, not just on the court. 

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