BBC Maestro Review in 2024: Worth It? Hype or Legit?

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When it comes to buying the courses, there are various platforms that you can use, but not all the platforms are reliable and worth your investment.

What If I tell you that: There is a platform where you can learn anything from the experts in that field? I know it may sound like a dream for many people.

But believe that what you get on a platform like BBC Maestro is the platform where you learn from the greatest people to become great. It can be in any field of music, cooking, business, or, in fact, acting.

They have experts from all fields to guide you and provide you with quality education; still, the main question is: Is buying BBC subscriptions worth it, and what does this BBC Maestro offer?

To find out more, I have purchased their subscriptions and watched some of the courses, and here I am, ready with my honest guide about BBC Maestro Review.

Today, I will share my personal experience with this platform and things you should consider before buying it; let’s have a quick overview of the things this post covers

  • What is BBC maestro?
  • Features of BBC Maestro?
  • How does BBC Maestro work?
  • Types of courses available in BBC Maestro
  • The best course of the BBC Maestro
  • What I liked about BBC Maestro
  • What can be improved about BBC Maestro?
  • Who should buy this BBC maestro?
  • Pros and cons of BBC Maestro

Let’s get started without any further delay and explore the BBC Maestro Platform.

BBC Maestro Review in 2024

What is BBC Maestro?

Let’s start with the first question that many people have: What is BBC Maestro?

BBC Maestro is the initiative taken by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), which is popularly known as the most respected media organization in the world.

In other words, it is an online platform offering a wide range of courses taught by industry experts with years of experience in their field; some of these course topics include

  • Writing
  • Filmmaking
  • Music
  • Cooking
  • Business
  • Painting
  • Acting
  • and many more

They also offer supplementary material, workbooks, and notes in addition to courses, which makes the learning experience more engaging and interactive.

However, the main motive of this platform is to offer high-quality knowledge in the form of courses to people who need them in one place at an affordable price.

Features of the BBC Maestro

We have seen the introduction of the BBC platform; let’s move on and understand its features, which help you make informed decisions.

BBC Maestro offers the various features that make this platform a first choice for many learners. Here are some of the features that you should consider.

Video Courses and the on-demand learning

As said earlier, this platform offers various high-quality video courses created by top industry leaders who have achieved excellence in their field and years of experience.

Furthermore, the best part about this course is that you can access it anytime, making it easier for people to complete their courses in their busy schedules.

Easy to digest and Implement

Unlike the other courses, this course does not contain hours of lecture; they have designed the course in a way that it can be easy to consume and people can understand and implement it easily.

Additionally, they offer supplementary material such as downloadable guides, scripts, templates, or other useful files, as well as interactive quizzes and assignments to help you learn in a better way.

Learn From Expert to Become an Expert

One of the things that I liked most about this platform is that all the instructors teaching you the lessons on multiple subjects are the people who have achieved excellence and gained popularity in their respective fields; here are some of them.

Besides that, they also have years of experience and have seen that with all the hurdles and challenges that people face.

As a result, they can guide you in the best possible way, and you will learn things faster and smoother.

Community Forum and Progress Tracking

Another excellent feature of this platform is its community forums, where you can engage with instructors and other fellow learners.

In addition to that, you can also track your progress, which means you can see where you left off the course you watched last time.

Regular Updates & Multiple Access

I know most of the courses you purchase online are either pre-recorded videos or outdated video lessons. Still, this platform regularly updates its courses, so you get access to relevant knowledge.

How does BBC Maestro work?

BBC Meastro works similarly to other online learning. The first steps are to sign up on their website or mobile apps and create an account, which generally requires a few basic things.

Once you have created your account, the next step is to buy their subscription, and they have two options.

  • Pay Annually & get access to all courses
  • Purchase the individual course without paying for the subscription

From my experience, the second is a great option, especially for you, to check the quality of their courses before you buy the annual subscription.

However, buying an individual course gives you limited access, as you can only watch the course’s videos and the assignments that are included in it.

Most importantly, if you choose the individual option, you will have permanent access to the courses; in other words, you don't need to renew them.

On the other hand, buying an annual subscription will unlock all the BBC Maestro courses, but you must pay recurring money every year.

With a plan, you will also get access to new releases in 35+ categories, which is not possible with the individual course buying options.

Let’s move on and understand more about their pricing structure, as it is vital for deciding whether it’s worth your investment.

Types of courses BBC Maestero offers

BBC Maestro offers various courses that cater to different interests. They have courses for everything from writing, acting, business, cooking, filmmaking, storytelling, and painting to everything you need.

Here is a list of the main types of courses that help bring customers to their platform.

  • Filmmaking Courses
  • Writing Courses
  • Music Courses
  • Photography Courses
  • Acting Courses
  • Art and Design Course
  • Business and entrepreneurship Courses
  • Personal Development Courses

As mentioned above, these courses are created by renowned industry leaders, meaning you will get the right and practical knowledge you need to excel in your respective field.

The best part is that they update and add new courses frequently, which means you also get the new courses on a regular basis.

Best Courses of the BBC Maestro

As previously mentioned, BBC Maestro offers different courses catering to different people’s interests. Here is a list of the best BBC Maestro courses that you can consider if they match your interests.

Writing Thriller course

Writing Thriller is a writing course by Harlan Coben, the #1 New York Times best-selling author who is famous for writing thrillers.

In this course, Coben teaches you about the process of creating a suspenseful thriller novel and the stories, which includes plotting the twists and turns and keeping the reader hooked until the end.

He also shared his insights on the writing process, overcoming writer’s block, and the importance of researching and paying attention to details.

Writing Comedy for Television

It is another writing course from Bill Lawrence, who is the creator of hit TV shows like “Scrubs” and “Ted Lasso,” and he is mostly famous for writing comedy.

In this course, he teaches you about writing comedy that makes people laugh. He covers the essential elements of writing a successful comedy, from developing characters with different voices and comedic styles to creating hilarious stories and jokes.

Besides this, he also shares his personal experience of working with different actors and directors and how he navigated towards television in this journey of writing comedies.

Art of Storytelling with Alon Moore

Stories are the best way to describe any human emotion, and this is a skill everyone needs to have in their life; this storytelling course by Alan Moore is one of the best courses for people interested in learning about the art of storytelling.

What this course covers: In this course, Alan Moore, the legendary comic book writer who has written famous comics like Watchmen and V for Vendetta, covers the fundamentals of storytelling, such as creating unique narratives, developing multi-layered characters, and exploring different themes.

Furthermore, Alan Moore also shares the importance of investing time in research and finding ideas and inspiration in various forms of art and literature.

Portrait Painting by Jonathan Yeo

If you have a love for portrait painting and want to learn it from an expert, there is no better person than Jonathan Yeo; he is one of the renowned portrait painters who created the representational paintings of celebrities, politicians, and public figures.

In this course on portrait painting, he teaches you about his techniques and insights into the art of portrait painting, covering the basics of working with different mediums, including oils and acrylics.

Beyond that, he also has some advanced concepts such as capturing the likeness, rendering the skin tones, and conveying the emotion with your portrait.

Lastly, he shared some of his personal experiences, which have helped him grow more than other people in his industry.

The 16 Steps to Success by Steven Bartlett

This course is perfect for people who want to grow in their lives and careers and are confused about where to start; it will give me the perfect kickstart for your journey.

This course is designed by Steven Barleet, a young entrepreneur and founder of Social, a multi-million dollar company that provides social media marketing services.

It covers topics such as goal setting, time management, overcoming self-doubt, and strategies for building a growth mindset.

He also shares his experience and practical advice that you can implement to unlock your potential and achieve all your dreams.

How Much Does BBC Maestro Cost?

As stated above, BBC Maestro offers two plans for its customers: an annual subscription and individual subscriptions. Let’s discuss each of them in detail.

Annual Subscription

The first subscription option for the customer is an annual subscription, which costs $120 annually ($10 per month). Once you buy this subscription, you will have access to all the courses on this platform.

But currently, they are offering 40 % off their plan, which means you will have an annual subscription for $72

Additionally, you will get access to the downloadable resource, proven framework, and helpful guide offered in this course.

But there is a catch: If you buy the annual subscription, you need to renew it every year to access the course and the material, which will cost the same amount.

Individual Course

From my experience, individual courses on those platforms are a bit expensive, typically you need to pay $89 to access any course and their downloadable guide and helpful resources for a lifetime.

Currently, they are offering 40 % off all their plans, so you can get the individual course for just $53.

However, this option is mostly for people who want to access a specific course instead of buying a subscription to all the courses.

However, considering the prices of both subscriptions, I would say that the individual course is more expensive than the annual subscription, and in my experience, buying an annual subscription is value for the money.

What I like about BBC Maestro Courses?

After using this platform for more than three months and watching some of its courses and video lessons, here are some of the things I liked the most that you can also consider.

Quality of Instructors

The first thing I liked about this platform is the quality of the instructor they have; the good news is that their instructor is experienced and has achieved success and fame in their field.

No. Whether it’s Mark Ronson, Allan Moore, Marco Pierre, or anyone else, getting access to these highly successful at $10 per month is a wonderful deal that anyone can invest in and start their journey of learning from great people.

Depth of Content

To be honest, I have purchased many online courses, and one of the most common ones is that they take the money from quality and end up serving surface-level value.

But when it comes to BBC Maestro, they literally deliver on their promises to their customers. All of their courses are comprehensive and give you in-depth knowledge, no matter which course you watch on their platform.

Engaging Teaching Style

Most of the instructors on this course are experts in their fields and good teachers who understand their students very well.

Due to this, they always break down complex and broad topics into easy-to-understand lessons that you can easily consume and implement in real-time.

Furthermore, they sometimes prefer to explain the concept using real-life examples, which makes the learning experience even more enjoyable.

Useful Learning Materials

As mentioned before, you will have access to the quality of the courses on this platform and the downloadable and useful guides that these people create.

Overall, it will make your journey smoother, and you will be able to implement what you learn from them in your courses.

User Friendly Userface

One of the checklists before considering any learning platform is its user interface, as it can make or break your learning experience. I have seen that some platforms add too many options for their customers, and in the end, they get confused.

Some even require technical knowledge, but BBC is the application whose interface is simple, clean, and minimalistic. You can navigate and operate the platform very easily.

What I don’t like about BBC Maestro Courses?

There is no doubt that BBC Maestro is one of the best platforms to enhance your skills and grow in your life, but here are a few things that can be improved to improve this platform.

Limited Language Options

After watching multiple videos on this platform, one of the common problems that I have noticed is that they have limited language options, which means that you can only get access to the courses in the English language.

So if you are people from another country or someone who doesn’t understand English, it might be a problem for you.

Lack of Certification

BBC Maestro is a skilled-based learning platform that does not offer formal certification upon course completion, which is not a problem for many people.

But still, there are various learners who appreciate getting recognized by the expert and showcasing their achievements.

Less Community Interaction

As said earlier, they also give you access to their community forums. However, after joining the community forums for more than two months, I found that the community is not very active. Engagement and interaction in the community can be improved.

It helps people to network with fellow learners, feel a stronger sense of the community, and improve their learning experience overall.

These are the things that can be improved on this platform to make it even better for customers. Now, let’s move on to the most important question: Who should buy BBC Maestro subscriptions?

Who Should Buy BBC Maestro Subscription?

BBC Maestro subscription is suitable for anyone interested in learning and developing their skillset in various fields, but here are some people who can consider buying a BBC Maestro Subscription.

Aspriring Proffesionals

If you are an aspiring professional who has just started your journey in the creative field, such as filmmaking, writing, music, photography, or anything else, don’t worry about the next topics.

It offers various courses on creative skills created by industry experts, which will help you build a solid foundation and gain the practical knowledge to kickstart your journey.

Experienced Working Professionals

This course is also for people with experience in their field, as it will help you take your skills to the next level, and you can learn new techniques that most of the top people in your industry are using.

Overall, you will get a unique perspective on your craft from the renowned instructors.

Develop a New Hobby

BBC Maestro courses are not just for professionals but also excellent courses for people who want to explore their hobbies.

Whether you are a budding photographer, musician, chef, or someone with a passion for painting, they have courses in various fields that cater to people’s different interests.

Career Changers

If you are working in a specific industry and want to change your career path, the BBC Maestro course can help you learn the skills required for this change.

Additionally, if you also get some techniques and hacks from the expert, this will give you confidence in your new path.

BBC Maestero Review: Pros & Cons

Every platform has its own pros and cons, and BBC Maestro is no exception. Here, we have shared some of the pros and cons of the BBC Maestro platform that you can consider before buying it.

Top-notch instructorsLimited interactive activities
In-depth learning materialNo formal certifications
Engaging teaching methodsInfrequent course updates
Wide range of creative topicsMinimal community interaction
Learn at your own paceOne-size-fits-all approach
Extra resources includedPotentially pricey for some
User-friendly platformMostly English language
New courses added regularly

BBC Maestro reviews: What others have said

Before writing this BBC Maestro review, I did in-depth research and asked many people about the BBC platform, and some of the common answers that I got from the people were that they enjoyed the courses.

However, there are also a few people who find the course’s prices excessive compared to the value they offer.

Here are some of the screenshots of the review of the people who have bought their courses

Let’s look into some more reviews on their writing courses and see what other people are saying about it

These are the reviews of the people who have purchased their courses, and these reviews are honest and the original from directly from the users who have purchased their course, which means there is no coating thing

Here are a few other reviews that I collected from their official site that you can consider as well

Let’s jump into the last and most important of this post that you came for: Is BBC Maestro worth it?

Is BBC Maestro worth it?

Yes, it’s definitely worth it, especially if you want to learn from people who are great in their fields. In my experience, if you want to make a career in your creative field, then Platform is your ultimate destination.

No matter whether you want to be a future writer, comedian, musician, chef, or painter, they have a course on every creative skill.

In terms of pricing, it is affordable compared to the value they are offering. Although some people have mentioned their price is a bit high, from my experience, they are charging a reasonable fee.

In the end, buying the BBC Maestro platform subscription depends on the specific individual’s needs, but overall, it is the best online learning for people who want high-quality courses.

BBC Maestro Alternatives

BBC Maestro is undoubtedly a good option for you, but if you are still looking for a platform that offers the same kinds of courses, here are some alternatives that you can explore.


Masterclass is one of the best aletrnative for BBC Maestero as it offers the same kinds of courses, but things which make this platform different is that they have world famous and excellent instructors that have expertise in their field and they have gained immese popularity for their contribution, check complete comparison of BBC Maestro vs Masterclass!

However, Masterclass is a platform that only offers an annual subscription; you cannot buy individual courses for their platform. Overall, the teaching style and way of explanation are pretty similar.

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It is one of the other online programs that offer courses more inclined to personal growth, including health and wellness, Mindfulness, Relationships, and Spirituality. However, they also offer courses on other subjects, including business, entrepreneurship, and writing.

Overall, you can also explore this platform; from my experience, there is a problem with checking.

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When it comes to online courses, skillshare has become one of the household names among learners, and I have also tried this application. They are designed for every kind of person as they offer many topics and teh skills.

Overall, the subscription to Skillshare is cheaper than the mentioned above platform, but my experience with Skillshare is not very good.

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To conclude, BBC is an excellent online platform for people who want to learn from the greatest people in different industries.

From my experience, their courses cover in-depth guides about any topic, which clearly indicates that they offer real value and practical guidance that you can implement in your profession and achieve greatness.

Whether you are an aspiring professional, an experienced person, or someone who wants to change careers, they have designed the course for all kinds of people, so what are you waiting for?

Head over to the BBC Maestro Platform, create your account, and explore the courses, but if you still have any questions regarding the BBC Maestro Review, please let me know in the comment section.

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