Pluralsight Pricing: How Much Does it Cost?

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If you have been looking to learn new digital and technical skills, you must have come across Pluralsight. It is one of the leading online platforms for learning and upgrading your digital and technical skills. 

Pluralsight provides a variety of courses on complex technical topics like software development, information architecture, coding, and more and has become the go-to learning platform for all digital skills enthusiasts. Learning these valuable skills will also advance your career and help you bag the promotion you have wanted for a while.

But before you get your wallet and start buying the subscription plan for Pluralsight, it is essential to understand what Pluralsight has to offer and how much it costs (there are a few plans to choose from).

In this review, I will discuss in detail what Pluralsight has to offer and, more importantly, what each of their plans costs so you can decide which plan is the perfect choice for you.

Pluralsight Pricing: How Much Does it Cost?

But if you are short on time, here’s a quick overview of what you get and how much it costs.

Course Option No. of Courses AvailableRefunds Certificate(non accredited) Free TrialMonthly PriceAnnual PriceWatch Offline
Standard Core Library (2500+)No Yes 10 days$29 per month$299 yearlyYes 
Premium Extended Library (7000+)No Yes 10 days$45 per month$449 yearlyYes 
Team ProfessionalExtended Library (7000+)No Yes 30 daysN/A$579 yearlyYes 
Team EnterpriseExtended Library (7000+)No Yes 30 daysN/ACustom priceYes 

Pluralsight Free Plan

When it comes to online learning platforms, most of them offer courses for free. So, it is natural to wonder if Pluralsight does the same.

The answer to that question is yes, but there are a few limitations.

You can create an account on Pluralsight for free, and that lets you take a few courses and gives you access to other services, but in a restricted way. With the free account, you can take their quiz that measures your skill level and then suggest courses accordingly. This great feature helps you determine whether Pluralsight is the platform for you.

To understand what Pluralsight offers to its full extent, you need to get a paid subscription, but most plans on the platform come with a free trial option. This allows you to try the courses and determine if they are worth the investment. When you start the free trial, you need to enter your payment details, but you can cancel it anytime. Pluralsight will also remind you a day in advance before the payment for the subscription goes through.

Why should you purchase Pluralsight subscription plans?

To follow the train of thought, the next stop would surely be, “Why should one buy a subscription if provided with the service of a free trial?”

And it is a valid question, especially if you want to learn only a few skills or refine your existing ones. If your needs are limited and you don’t require extended training, the free trial period would suit you. But if you want to learn new technical and complex digital skills like coding, you would need more than 10 days to accomplish that. So, buying the subscription plan is in your best interest if you want to advance your career in technical fields. 

With the subscription plan, you can finish the courses at your convenience without worrying about the deadline. You also get to explore all the features Pluralsight provides its users and review the practice assessments to evaluate what you have learned. 

Most importantly, with the subscription plan, you receive a certificate of completion after completing your course. And if you don’t want to continue your subscription plan, you can always cancel it whenever you want. 

Plans and Pricing

Pluralsight has two subscription plans designed for individuals or a team. Let’s look at what it means and what each plan offers.

Individual Standard Plan 

Individual Standard Plan costs $29 if billed monthly or $299 yearly (working out to $25 per month) paid in a single payment. This plan gives you access to the Core Library, which has over 2500 courses. After finishing each course, you get a certificate of completion. You can also take practice assessments to evaluate your skills. With this plan, you can download the courses to study in offline mode and take notes for each lesson. It also lets you explore the channel paths, Skill IQ, and Role IQ assessments.

Individual Premium Plan 

Individual Premium Plan costs $45 if billed monthly or $449 if billed yearly (working out to $37 per month) paid in a single payment. This plan offers everything that the Standard Plan has to offer and more. You get access to an extended library comprising over 7,000 courses. You can do interactive projects and use the assessment tool to prepare for certification quizzes. You can create your own channel paths and get community access that you can use to discuss your thoughts and doubts or to collaborate on projects.

Professional Team Plan 

The Professional Team Plan costs $579 a year per user (this plan can only be billed annually). With this plan, you can access an extended library of courses (over 7,000) and engaging practical exercises. You can also prepare for the Kaplan certification exam by completing the practice exercises. Since this plan is designed for companies that want to upskill their employees, you also get this additional analytics tool that can help you keep track of your team members’ progress. You can check their content usage and skills with this tool. The recommended number of people for this plan is 2–50 team members. You also get a 30-day free trial to check this plan out before you commit to buying the plan,

Enterprise Team Plan 

Enterprise Team Plan is a customized plan that allows you to design a plan that suits your team’s needs. You can access advanced content on niche topics, skill development plans, skill progression highlights, a specialized Q&A with expert instructors, and one-of-a-kind practice and skill assessment quizzes to track your members’ progress. The price of this plan is available on request. You can contact the sales team at Pluralsight to get a custom quote, and you can also request a demo to understand the services a little better. 

Pluralsight Discount Prices

You can often encounter Pluralsight running various discounts and offers on its subscription plans. When you come across a discounted price, I recommend you grab the opportunity and buy the plan, as Pluralsight courses are a good value for money, and if the discounted price fits your budget, it is worth it. The most common discount I have encountered is 20% off on their annual standard or premium individual subscription. So always watch for any promotions or offers before making the payment.

Pluralsight Financial Aid 

Apart from the discounts and offers, Pluralsight also has a nonprofit called, which provides courses for high school students and educators.

They’ve got a membership program that will let you access an initiative called Pluralsight One. If you’re a Computer Science Teachers’ Association member, you can register to get this membership as a teacher at a highly discounted price. 

Payment Methods and Currencies

Currently, Pluralsight accepts credit and debit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and Discover) and PayPal as payment options. 

When you create your account, you’ll be asked to choose your payment method, even for a free trial (you can cancel it anytime you want). 

The currency options provided by Pluralsight include USD (United States Dollar), EUR (Euro), GBP (British Pound), and INR (Indian Rupees). The final cost of your subscription plan will depend on your location and the tax regulations in your state or country. 

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Pluralsight offers a 10-day trial period for the individual plans and a 30-day trial period for the team plans. You need to enter your payment details to avail yourself of this service. Pluralsight will email you before activating your paid plan if you forget to cancel your subscription before the trial ends.

Pluralsight offers no refunds once your subscription plan starts, but you can cancel anytime. You can use the platform until your subscription expires. 


We are at the end of this review, and I hope you now have a clear idea of how much Pluralsight costs and what services you get with the subscription plans.

That leaves us asking, “Is the cost worth it?” 

You must first understand your needs and budget to know the answer to this question. If you’re looking to pick up a few new skills or upskill your existing digital and technical skills to advance your career, then a Pluralsight subscription might be helpful. Its various tech-related courses make it one of the leading platforms for learning new digital skills.

They also offer multiple subscriptions; you can choose one according to your requirements. The standard plan for an individual is affordable if you are a beginner just trying to understand the digital industry.

But if you want to up your game and learn complex IT-related courses, consider the premium plan, as it consists of more advanced courses.

Overall, Pluralsight is a great online platform and worth your investment.

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