7 Best MasterClass Alternatives in 2024

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“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.” – Malcolm X.

In the ever-changing education landscape, online learning has emerged as a beacon of accessibility and convenience. As we look to the future, it’s clear that online learning is not just a trend but a fundamental shift in acquiring knowledge and skills.

Gone are the days of traditional classrooms and rigid schedules. With the rise of online learning platforms, you can learn at your own pace, on your own terms. Whether balancing work, family, or other commitments, online learning offers a pathway to personal and professional growth that fits into your busy lives.

The natural question arises: Which is the best online learning platform? (There are a ton of options available.) If you are like me and have been exploring all the learning platforms, you must have heard of MasterClass.

MasterClass is one of the best online learning platforms in the world (if not the best), but it has a few limitations, and it is expected to wonder whether the alternative to MasterClass will suit your needs better.

In this review, we embark on a journey to explore the seven best options for MasterClass.

7 Best MasterClass Alternatives in 2024

Best MasterClass Alternatives

But if you want a quick summary, here’s an overview table for you to go through:

Platform Pros Cons Pricing 
Skillshare AffordableCommunity support
Creative courses
No certificates
Quality of the courses is Inconsistent 
Monthly subscription is $29
Annual subscription is $99
Coursera Varied course content
Accredited certificates
Free courses
Complicated pricing 
No creative courses available
Individual courses start from $49
Specializations start from $49 monthly
MasterTrack certificates start from $2000
Degree courses start from $9000
Coursera Plus monthly is $59
Coursera Plus annually  is $399 
Udemy Wide variety of courses
Free courses available (over 700)
The quality of some of the courses could be better
Non-accredited certificates
Individual courses start at $10
Personal plan for $26.99 per month.
Mindvalley Interactive approach
Over 100 cohort-based quests
Smaller course catalog
Focused on niche topics 
Individual courses cost $199- $499
CreativeLivePractical courses 
Variety in categories
Free courses available 
No accredited certificatesIndividual courses start from $29- $199
Annual subscription costs  $149 
LinkedIn Learning  Expert instructors 
Free trial 
No accredited certificates
More focused on professional training
Individual courses start from $20
Monthly subscription is $39.99
Annual subscription is $323.88
The Great Courses Specially curated courses
Expert teachers and professors
Outdated technology 
Design can be improved
Individual course costs around $20
The Great Courses Plus has subscription plans
Monthly subscription costs $20
Quarterly subscription is $45, billed every 3 months
Annual subscription is $150, billed every year 

About MasterClass

Established in 2015, MasterClass is an online platform renowned for its immersive courses taught by global experts in various fields. With its high-quality video lessons and access to top-tier instructors, MasterClass has quickly become a popular destination for anyone seeking to expand their knowledge and skills.

The platform offers diverse courses covering arts and entertainment, culinary arts, business and leadership, sports and games, and lifestyle topics. MasterClass allows students to learn from the best in their respective fields, from acting with Natalie Portman to cooking with Gordon Ramsay.

Each course on MasterClass features meticulously crafted video lessons, downloadable materials, and interactive exercises to enhance the learning experience. Whether you’re interested in honing your creative skills, mastering a new hobby, or gaining insights into business and leadership, MasterClass offers a comprehensive array of courses to suit your interests and aspirations.


  • Production quality: MasterClass is known for its unparalleled production quality and cinematic experience. The videos are shot really well and are all of exceptional quality. They are also well-edited and organized to keep your learning journey smooth.
  • Engaging content: MasterClass is a video-format learning platform, but the learning experience is still immersive and interactive. 
  • Affordable: MasterClass courses are taught by famous celebrities and industry experts, and even then, they are pretty affordable.
  • Celebrity instructors: This is MasterClass’s USP as a learning platform. You get a rare opportunity to learn from your idols, making the whole process an out-of-this-world experience.


  • No free classes: MasterClass does not offer free courses to help you decide if the subscription is worth it. However, it does have a solid 30-day refund policy.
  • Lack of academic courses: The classes taught in MasterClass are more on personal development. These won’t help in a professional capacity. 
  • No certificates: You don’t receive any certificates after completing a class.

What Should You Consider in a MasterClass Alternative?

1. Diverse Course Offerings: While MasterClass offers a wide range of courses, exploring alternatives can expose you to different topics and perspectives that may not be available on the platform.

2. Affordability: MasterClass operates on a subscription-based model, which may only be affordable for some. Exploring alternatives can help you find courses that fit your budget or offer a more cost-effective learning experience.

3. Instructor Variety: While MasterClass boasts an impressive lineup of instructors, exploring alternatives allows you to discover educators who specialize in niche subjects or offer unique teaching styles that resonate with you.

4. Accredited certificates: While MasterClass provides valuable learning experiences taught by industry experts, it does not offer formal certification or accreditation upon course completion. Exploring alternative platforms that provide certification options can open up opportunities for career advancement, skill validation, and professional development. 

Looking for MasterClass alternatives allows you to diversify your learning experience, explore new topics, and find educational resources that best suit your needs and preferences. Also, check: Is MasterClass worth it?

Best MasteClass alternatives

Let’s get into the details of what each platform offers and why it could be an excellent alternative to MasterClass.


Skillshare is an online learning platform tailored to cultivate creativity and artistic talents. With an extensive library boasting over 50,000 courses and a bustling community of over 10 million users, Skillshare offers various subjects, including graphic design, photography, abstract arts, and more.

Led by expert instructors who are deeply passionate about their craft, Skillshare provides a supportive environment for learners to explore and develop their creative skills. Through practical exercises and insightful strategies, users can refine their artistic abilities at their own pace.

With subscription options of $20 per month or $99 annually, Skillshare offers an affordable way to access a wealth of creative resources.


  • Active community: Skillshare provides access to a creative community that supports and guides you when you feel stuck. This makes the process of learning fun and engaging.
  • Passionate instructors: The instructors at Skillshare are experts in their field and are enthusiastic about teaching. They also have years of experience and can share their handy tips and tricks for you to follow in the future.
  • Affordable prices: Skillshare subscription plans are affordable, and the plan gives you access to all their courses, allowing you to explore your creative side with various topics. If you are uncertain, you can always choose the free trial options to check out what Skillshare offers.
  • Practical approach: The teaching method on Skillshare follows a more hands-on technique. There is no such thing as just watching lessons or reading words; you get tons of practice exercises that help you master a new skill quickly and in less time.


  • No accredited certificates: Skillshare does not provide accredited certificates after you complete any course.
  • Unreliable course quality: Some Skillshare courses are not of good quality, as the platform does not thoroughly vet the instructors. 

Why choose Skillshare over MasterClass?

Skillshare provides the learners with a supportive community that helps encourage them to perform better. It also makes the learning experience entertaining and interactive. The practical exercises provided by the instructors are exciting and help you learn a new skill quickly and effectively. With the subscription plan, you can take as many courses as possible. 

If any of these things are important to you and your goal is to explore creative learning, then Skillshare is the right platform.

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Back in 2012, Coursera burst onto Stanford, fueled by the dreams of two Stanford professors who dared envision a world where education knew no borders. Fast-forward to today and Coursera stands tall as a beacon of online learning, offering a dazzling array of courses in engineering, business, health, science, and everything in between.

With a staggering 80 million-strong user base and a whopping 7,000+ courses, Coursera is like a virtual candy store for knowledge-hungry minds. But what truly sets Coursera apart is its unique partnership with prestigious universities, ensuring learners receive a quality education with accredited certificates.

These certificates, backed by giants like Google, Microsoft, and IBM, validate your newfound skills and unlock doors to exciting opportunities.


  • Quality of the course: Coursera courses are taught by lecturers and instructors from esteemed universities. The course material is well-researched and informative, and the classes are also well-structured and easy to understand.
  • Accredited certificates: Coursera provides accredited certificates for every course from Ivy League universities like Harvard, Columbia, Stanford, and more. This is probably the most distinctive feature of Coursera. 
  • Free courses: If you don’t want to spend the money but still learn new skills, Coursera allows you to audit most of its courses. You can take the courses and learn from them, but you won’t get their certificate.
  • Affordable (compared to real-life college tuition): Coursera provides university degrees at an affordable price and at your convenience. Compared to college tuition in this day and age, these degree courses are much more affordable.


  • Complicated prices: Because Coursera offers many learning programs and paths, it has one of the most complicated price structures. It takes a while to understand what you need to select to get the course you want, and it can be frustrating for many people.
  • Lack of creative courses: Coursera is more geared towards academic and professional development, so there are more courses in those fields. There aren’t many courses available on innovative topics.

Why choose Coursera over MasterClass?

Coursera provides a variety of courses to help you advance not just academically but also professionally. Most Coursera courses are accredited by top universities worldwide, making them much more valuable. Coursera also lets you audit most of the classes for free (albeit without certificates), which is perfect for someone curious and wanting to learn a few new skills for personal growth. 

Coursera certificates are also recognized professionally; if you require this, you should choose Coursera.


Since its inception in 2009, Udemy has skyrocketed to prominence as a premier destination for online learning. Boasting a vast treasure trove of content, Udemy makes pursuing knowledge accessible and affordable for learners of all backgrounds. With a significant user base exceeding 40 million worldwide. Udemy has garnered the trust of esteemed companies. Apple, Glassdoor, and Volkswagen use the platform to upskill their employees.

Udemy’s allure lies not only in its extensive course library but also in its flexibility and affordability. Whether you’re looking to dive into a specific subject or embark on a comprehensive learning journey, Udemy offers individual courses starting at just $10, making quality education accessible to all. For those seeking a more immersive experience, Udemy’s subscription plan, priced at $26.99 monthly, provides unlimited learning resources.

With Udemy, the possibilities for growth and development are endless.


  • Diverse Course Selection: With over 155,000 courses covering a wide range of topics, Udemy provides learners access to various subjects, from technical skills like programming and data science to personal development topics.
  • Affordability: Udemy’s pricing structure is often more affordable than traditional education options. Individual courses are available at relatively low prices, with frequent sales and discounts making courses even more accessible to learners on a budget.
  • Free Courses: One of Udemy’s advantages is the availability of free courses, which allow learners to access valuable educational content without financial barriers. These free courses cover a wide range of topics and allow learners to explore new subjects, acquire new skills, and enhance their knowledge at no cost.
  • Lifetime Access: Once enrolled in a course, learners typically have lifetime access to the course materials, including any updates or additions made by the instructor. This allows learners to revisit course content and review material as needed, even after completing the course, providing ongoing value and reinforcement of learning objectives.


  • Non-Accredited Certificates: Udemy courses typically do not offer accredited certificates upon completion. While learners receive a certificate of completion, it may not be recognized by employers or educational institutions as proof of formal training or qualification, limiting its value in specific contexts.
  • Course Quality Varies: Due to the open nature of Udemy’s platform, the quality of courses can vary widely. While many classes are well-designed and informative, others may lack depth, accuracy, or engaging instruction. Learners may encounter courses with outdated or inaccurate information, poorly structured content, or inadequate support from instructors, which can lead to a subpar learning experience; also, check Udemy alternatives.

Why choose Udemy over MasterClass?

Udemy offers an unparalleled diversity of courses, with over 155,000 options across various subjects. With Udemy, you can learn at your own pace, on your schedule, from anywhere in the world. The platform’s affordability makes it accessible to learners of all backgrounds, and frequent discounts and sales make courses even more budget-friendly.

Whether you’re looking to acquire new skills, advance your career, or pursue personal interests, Udemy provides several opportunities for growth and development. With lifetime access to course materials and a supportive community of instructors and fellow learners, Udemy helps you achieve your learning goals.


Mindvalley is an online learning platform dedicated to personal growth and development. It offers a wide range of online courses, events, and content covering various aspects of self-improvement. Founded by Vishen Lakhiani in 2003, Mindvalley strives to revolutionize education by providing accessible and holistic learning experiences to individuals worldwide. 

Collaborating with renowned experts and teachers, Mindvalley delivers high-quality content focused on personal development, spirituality, health, entrepreneurship, and more. Through its innovative approach to education, Mindvalley aims to inspire individuals to lead fulfilling and purpose-driven lives while fostering a global community of like-minded learners.


  • Interactive Approach: Mindvalley’s courses utilize an interactive approach to learning, incorporating engaging exercises, practical applications, and interactive elements to enhance the learning experience. This hands-on approach encourages active participation and deeper engagement with the course material, leading to more effective learning outcomes.
  • Community-Oriented: Mindvalley fosters a sense of community among its learners, providing opportunities for collaboration, support, and connection with like-minded individuals. Through online forums, discussion groups, and live events, learners can interact with peers, share insights, and support each other in their personal growth journeys.
  • Over 100 Cohort-Based Quests: Mindvalley offers a diverse selection of over 100 cohort-based quests, which are immersive learning experiences led by expert instructors. These quests provide a structured and guided approach to personal growth, with participants progressing through the content together as a community.       


  • Smaller Course Catalog: Compared to some other online learning platforms, Mindvalley may have a smaller course catalog, limiting the variety of topics available for learners to explore. This could restrict options for individuals seeking a broader range of learning opportunities.
  • Focused on Niche Topics: While Mindvalley offers courses on personal growth and development, spirituality, health, and entrepreneurship, its content may be more focused on niche topics within these categories. This could be a drawback for learners seeking courses on more mainstream or widely applicable subjects.

Why choose Mindvalley over MasterClass?

Mindvalley employs a distinctive learning methodology tailored to uncover the tactics of high achievers while facilitating personal growth. Participants acquire skills and mindset enhancements through daily, bite-sized sessions that promote incremental progress. 

Mindvalley’s structured courses commence at scheduled intervals, fostering a sense of community among participants. By engaging with a supportive network of like-minded individuals, participants can navigate challenges and celebrate successes together, maximizing their potential for growth and transformation.


CreativeLive is an online learning platform founded in 2010 by Chase Jarvis and Craig Swanson. It offers courses across various creative disciplines, including photography, video, design, music, entrepreneurship, and more. With over 1,500 courses and counting, CreativeLive provides learners access to expert-led classes covering technical skills and creative inspiration.

One of CreativeLive’s unique features is its emphasis on live, interactive learning experiences. Many of its courses are broadcast live, allowing participants to engage with instructors in real time, ask questions, and receive personalized feedback. Additionally, CreativeLive offers a diverse selection of course categories, catering to individuals with interests and skill levels ranging from beginner to advanced. Whether you’re looking to develop your photography skills, start a new business, or explore a creative hobby, CreativeLive offers comprehensive and engaging courses to support your learning journey.

There are three CreativeLive subscription plans. The annual plan is the best, as it comes with a Creator Pass and costs $149 for a single payment (only $12 monthly).


  • Practical Courses: CreativeLive provides hands-on, practical courses focusing on real-world skills and applications. You can immediately gain actionable insights and techniques to implement in your creative projects or professional pursuits.
  • Variety in Categories: With a diverse range of categories spanning photography, video, design, music, entrepreneurship, and more, CreativeLive caters to various interests and skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner looking to explore a new hobby or an experienced professional seeking to refine your craft, CreativeLive offers courses that are curated for your needs.
  • Free Courses: CreativeLive offers a selection of free courses, allowing everyone to sample the platform’s content without financial commitment. These free courses cover various topics and serve as an introduction to CreativeLive’s teaching style and course offerings.


  • No accredited certificates: One disadvantage of CreativeLive is that it does not offer accredited certificates after course completion. While you receive a certificate of completion for finishing a course, employers or educational institutions may not recognize these certificates as formal qualifications or proof of skill mastery. This limitation could be a drawback for individuals seeking credentials that hold academic or professional value.

Why should you choose CreativeLive over MasterClass?

CreativeLive is a learning platform that emphasizes practicality, diversity, and accessibility. With a plethora of hands-on courses spanning creative disciplines such as photography, design, and entrepreneurship, CreativeLive offers learners the opportunity to acquire actionable skills that can be immediately applied in real-world scenarios. 

CreativeLive also provides several free courses, allowing learners to sample the platform’s content without financial obligation. This feature ensures that individuals from all backgrounds can access high-quality educational resources and pursue their passions.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning, previously known as Lynda.com (founded in 1995), has quickly become one of the most sought-after online learning platforms. It provides users with a platform that helps them learn career-driven skills that can advance them professionally. It boasts millions of users and offers over 17,000 courses on design, technical writing, Java, coding, and more.

In Linkedin Learning, You can buy an individual course or get a subscription, depending on your requirements. Industry experts teach the lessons, and you can easily check their credentials.


  • Free trial: LinkedIn Learning offers a one-month free trial to users to determine whether their paid subscription is worth it.
  • Mobile App: The app features provided by LinkedIn Learning make learning convenient and easy. You can take the courses whenever and wherever you want. You can also download the courses for offline viewing.
  • Range of courses: LinkedIn Learning has a massive course library on all industry-relevant topics that can help you advance your career.
  • Quality of content: The courses on LinkedIn Learning are taught by sought-after industry experts, and you can check out their LinkedIn profiles to learn about their credentials and experience.


  • No accredited certificates: Though LinkedIn Learning provides certificates, they are not accredited and, hence, not that valuable. Plus, you can display these certificates directly on your LinkedIn profile.
  • Lack of creative courses: LinkedIn Learning focuses more on technical and professional development, so the courses are more in those fields. There aren’t many courses available on creative topics.

Why choose LinkedIn Learning over MasterClass?

LinkedIn Learning lets you buy an individual course or get a subscription, depending on your requirements. You can also use the platform for a whole month before buying anything.  

LinkedIn Learning is the ideal platform for advancing your career and showing your progress on your LinkedIn profile. You can also use the platform monthly to see if it meets your needs (remember to cancel your membership before the trial ends). 

The Great Courses

The Great Courses is an extensive learning platform. It is world-renowned for its detailed videos. And audio courses presented by sought-after professors and experts from different fields. The platforms. It was founded by Thomas Rollins in 1990 to revolutionize online education by providing access to college-level content.

The factor that makes The Great Course stand out (in my opinion) is its commitment to excellence in education. The courses undergo a selection process, ensuring you get the best learning experience (for the money you pay). 

By 2015, The Great Courses had sold over 10 million courses, and to this date, the platform continues to grow and improve.


  • Specially Curated Courses: The platform provides specially curated courses spanning a wide range of topics, meticulously designed to cover diverse subjects and cater to various interests and skill levels.
  • Expert Teachers and Professors: You can access courses taught by renowned experts, scholars, and professors who are leaders in their respective fields. These instructors bring expertise and insights to their lectures, ensuring high-quality educational experiences.
  • Affordable Pricing: Despite the caliber of its content and instructors, The Great Courses maintains affordability, making it accessible to a broad audience. You get a world-class education without breaking the bank, providing exceptional value for the investment in personal and intellectual growth.


  • Outdated Technology: The platform may use outdated technology or need more modern features commonly found in newer online learning platforms. This could impact the user experience and limit the effectiveness of course delivery.
  • Design Can Be Improved: You (like me) may find The Great Courses’ interface and design need improvement compared to more visually appealing and user-friendly platforms. Changes in design could enhance the overall learning experience and user satisfaction.

Why choose The Great Courses over MasterClass?

The Great Courses appeals to anyone seeking expert instruction and in-depth exploration of diverse subjects. With renowned scholars and professors as instructors, the platform offers high-quality educational content across multiple disciplines.

The Great Courses’ flexibility allows you to engage with the material at your own pace and on your own schedule. With pre-recorded lectures, individuals can study whenever and wherever it’s convenient for them, without the constraints of live sessions or rigid deadlines. 


When comparing MasterClass to other online learning platforms, each offers distinctive features and advantages that cater to different learning preferences.

Udemy stands out for its wide range of courses, covering diverse topics and skill levels. With over 155,000 courses available, you can access a vast array of subjects, from technical skills to personal development.

Coursera is known for its accredited certificates, making it a preferred choice for people seeking formal recognition of their learning achievements. Courses on Coursera are developed in partnership with universities and institutions, ensuring high-quality content and academic rigor.

Mindvalley specializes in spiritual and personal growth, offering content aimed at holistic development. Through courses and events, Mindvalley helps you unlock your full potential and lead fulfilling lives.

CreativeLive focuses on creative content and provides free classes, making it accessible to people of all backgrounds. With expert instructors and interactive sessions, CreativeLive fosters creativity and skill development.

Skillshare is renowned for its creative and skill-based courses, which provide hands-on learning experiences across various disciplines. Skillshare empowers learners to unleash their creativity and pursue their passions by focusing on practical skills and projects.

LinkedIn Learning offers career-driven courses tailored to professionals seeking to advance their careers. With content curated for skill development and professional growth, LinkedIn Learning provides valuable resources for anyone wanting to move ahead in their careers.

The Great Courses boasts expert instructors and affordability, making it an attractive option for people seeking high-quality education at a reasonable price. With comprehensive coverage of topics and engaging lectures, The Great Courses offers a fabulous learning experience.

In conclusion, the choice of platform depends on your preferences, goals, and learning needs. All these platforms have something unique to offer with fantastic course content. The best platform for you is the one that aligns with your interests, requirements, and learning style.

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