15 Best Gifts For Chefs To Give Right Now!

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Here are the 15 best gifts for chefs that you can give right now!

Do you know any chef in your family, or is your close friend a chef?

Do you want to give the best gift possible according to your budget and choice?

Look no further!

With the top 15 gift ideas for chefs, I’m here to help you choose the best gift for the chef in your life, which will surely make them smile and say ‘Thank You.’

So, let’s get started:

15 Best Gift Ideas For Chefs In 2024

Here are the thoroughly researched, backed with chef’s recommendations, sorted only 15 best gifts for chefs that can make you stand out.

#1. A MasterClass Subscription – One Of The Best Gift For Chef

Chefs spend a lot of time in the kitchen, a lot!

They practice their skills to make delicious food. And maybe the chef in your life wanted to become a professional cook.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a professional or for the hobby’s sake; the chef in your life can directly learn from the professional master chefs and restaurants in the comfort of your home.

Just give them the gift of MasterClass!

Regardless of experience level, MasterClass offers top-notch, premium-quality courses for chefs on its platform at a minimal cost of just $15 per month.

Ever wanted to learn from the seven-star Michelin chef Gordon Ramsay? Learn directly from them on MasterClass!

If you are an avid learner, 180+ courses on MasterClass are waiting for you to upskill you with just hours of video lessons.

Want to boost your home cooking skills? Get The Art of Home Cooking MasterClass by Alice Waters.

Moreover, many more premium and top-of-the-line courses are available for chefs on MasterClass.

Such as Modern Italian Cooking MasterClass, Restaurant Recipes at Home, and Thomas Keller’s MasterClass.

If the chef you are planning to gift for aspires to learn chef skills further, MasterClass is the perfect gift you can give them.

Whether it is a Christmas gift or a gift for a special occasion such as a birthday, anniversary, or something else, a gift like MasterClass is a one-time investment that will return for a long time.


#2. Skillshare – 2nd Best Gift For Chefs

Is the chef you are shopping for a beginner but has a passion to learn cooking skills?

Make them start by learning Cooking Like A Chef: 5 Fundamental Skills for Kitchen Success on Skillshare.

Skillshare has 30,000+ courses to learn from, and for cooking specifically, it has 100+ courses.

In my detailed comparison of Skillshare with MasterClass, I have already discussed the differences between these two popular online learning platforms.

But if you are planning to give a gift with thousands of courses to choose from (and also want slightly flexible plans), Skillshare is the best choice!

Especially for beginners, Skillshare has beginner-friendly and step-by-step cooking courses that will surely help the aspiring chef of your life learn and get started with their skills.

The best part?

With an extensive catalog of courses, you will be free to choose according to your experience level, runtime, and even reviews by previous learners.

All that with a budget-friendly cost of Skillshare!


#3. High-Quality Chef’s Knives can be Best Gifts For Chefs

A chef always needs a good collection of knives, no matter what style of cuisine they love to make.

And it can be one of the best gifts for chefs if they don’t have good knives.

However, not all knives are made especially for chefs. Quality also matters when choosing a chef knife.

Generally, kitchen knives made with carbon steel are of premium quality and are more durable, robust, and sturdy build quality.

Therefore, such knives do not lose their sharpness for a longer time.

You also don’t want a too-heavy knife, making hand movement tough for the chef.

That’s why you need a perfect chef’s knife to get your work done efficiently.

The Mercer Culinary M20000 forged knife set is a premium set of chef knives that you can give as a gift.

The whole set comes with stainless steel material quality that comes with an easy-to-care tempered glass block.

The best part?

It is perfect for professional chefs or home cooking enthusiasts and even comes with a magnetic block to hold the knife in place.

Give this gift if your chef needs a set of chef-level knives or if they are learning knife skills from online courses.

You can also pair these knives with a good quality knife roll or knife sharpener if you are shopping only for the knives.


#4. Highly Accurate Food Scale For Kitchen is a Gift For Chefs

If you are shopping for an aspiring professional-grade chef who loves to cook, they probably want to prepare their dishes with high precision.

And that’s where a highly accurate kitchen scale comes in handy.

A kitchen scale is an essential tool that you can use to weigh food items.

Therefore, it becomes an essential tool for chefs to prepare dishes where they need to place ingredients accurately.

It is primarily helpful for newbies or aspiring chefs who are not expert enough to get an idea about ingredient quantity.

Hence, this device will help avoid mistaking by keeping everything up to the desired quantity.

That is why you can gift this Oxo Good Grips 11-Pound Food Scale, which offers high accuracy to even the smallest measurements and is easy to handle and clean.

Moreover, the scale is highly accurate compared to a cup or spoon, so the chef is less likely to make mistakes in the kitchen.

Give this valuable tool to help them make their dishes delicious!


#5. Premium Chef Apron for Chefs

It’s a no-brainer that an apron is a must-have for the chef.

They quickly get dirty when they work in the kitchen.

Therefore, you can gift a high-quality apron that is comfortable and has multiple large pockets to make it easier for them to work.

One such apron is the AFUN Chef Aprons for Men and Women which has large pockets and is also comfortable.

You can even choose further based on the likeness of the chef you are buying it for.

For instance, you can choose between bibs, bistro aprons, 4-way aprons, and more options.

However, if you want to give the chef a premium apron, I recommend opting for Waterproof Rubber Vinyl Apron.

It is suitable for cooking, fish washing, even pet grooming, and more. In short, it is a multipurpose apron that the chef can use.

With a breathable build and comfortable wear, it becomes one of the best gifts for the chef to give on a birthday, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, and other special days.

Get the latest price now and choose from a variety of colors!


#6. Restaurant Gift Cards can be the Best Gifts For Chefs

Chefs also love to eat food.

And if you are planning to give the chef in your life a treat, you can arrange a restaurant gift card.

Chefs can often get inspiration to try new recipes by eating at a restaurant.

If they are already looking for a dish to get out of their comfort zone, then maybe exploring through food media or eating at a new restaurant can work.

However, make sure that the restaurant is to their liking so that they can enjoy your treat.

You can even plan to gift a card to the restaurant they have not tried yet.

Moreover, you can plan a gift card for a regular restaurant where the chef in your life can take a night off from cooking and eat their favorite dishes.

There are a lot of options under this category, and also it is a simple yet effective way to say thank you to the chef.

However, ensure your gift card covers at least one person’s entire meal.

You can do this by looking for good restaurants in your locality.

#7. Hydroponic Grow Kit for Chefs

Chefs also love to grow their own vegetables and herbs.

And if the chef in your life also loves to grow some plants, then gift them a hydroponic garden.

It is one of the best ways to impress them, as a hydroponic garden allows you to grow indoors.

And as traditionally, it may not be feasible to grow fresh herbs or plants throughout the year. That’s where hydroponic gardening comes into play.

However, if you are new to the hydroponic garden, don’t worry. These are very easy-to-use modern ways to grow plants.

These systems allow you to cultivate various edible plants indoors without soil or going outdoors.

That means the chef in your life can grow their own plants and herbs indoors throughout the year without any extra hassle.

There are several options available for buying the best hydroponic garden. And also, there’s a lot to consider if you want to grow indoors seriously.

But, to start with, a hydroponic garden kit for beginners is here, which you can give them as a gift.


#8. Cutting Board For Chefs

Just like a knife, a cutting board is one of the primary companions for the chef’s kitchen.

And if you see the chef in your life using an old cutting board or if they have none, you must give this as a gift.

The chef can never turn down a cutting board as a gift.

However, you can pair a cutting board with cutting board care items like Thirteen Chefs Food Grade Mineral Oil to make it more useful.

Moreover, you can even buy a whole kit like Clarks’ Cutting Board Oil and Wax kit, which is also an affordable option.

But don’t forget the main gift, a cutting board, and later the care items.

One popular cutting board is the Thirteen Chefs Cutting Board For Kitchen, with an attractive white color and dishwasher safe.

Also, this cutting board is of perfect size, so you can use it comfortably and wash it easily.


#9. Books For Chefs

Whether a writer or chef, a book helps everybody grow and learn.

Therefore, if you are out of gift ideas for chefs, you can give them the best books specially made for chefs.

Also, chefs usually always want to keep learning and growing.

That’s why a great gift for the chef is to give them a book.

For example, if the chef in your life is a beginner, then you can give them a book made for chefs – On Food And Cooking by Harold McGee.

The book mainly focuses on foundational information, such as ingredient selection and things that make food flavorful.

It also gets you through what makes cooking “healthy” and what not.

Therefore, it includes much information beginner chefs must have when beginning their journey.

However, even chefs who are already at an advanced level will also find many valuable things in this book.

Another popular option is The Flavor Bible by Andrew Dorenburg and Karen Page which provides an essential guide to culinary creativity.

It is one of the critically acclaimed books that any chef should read.

It provides an understanding of combining different ingredients and how you can make things flavorful with those things.


#10. Mabel Home Paella Pan For Chefs

Do you want to give a thoughtful gift for which you receive endless thanks?

Mabel Home Paella Pan is the gift that anyone who loves cooking will love!

It is one of the practical gifts the chef in your life will love if they receive it from you.

The Mabel Home Paella Pan is compact, portable, and easy to clean.

Whether you want to plan a quick party or an impromptu dinner date at home, you can impress the crowd at the dinner table, even with limited supplies.

It is currently one of the most popular and best suitable tools for cooking paella and other outdoor dishes.

Also, there are two rings of flame which are controlled independently.

The best part?

It is easy to clean and highly sturdy, which means with a one-time investment, you can make the most out of it for years.


#11. Blackstone Flat Top Gas Grill Griddle For Chefs

The Blackstone Gas Grill Griddle is one of the favorite tools for cooking enthusiasts.

It not only allows one to cook more than one food at a time but also allows one to transport it with ease.

Want to throw a BBQ party?

Blackstone gas grill griddle has got your back!

Multiple features such as battery-powered push button ignition and easy-to-assemble allow you to prepare it instantly for the party.

Go for restaurant-style cooking with this grill and make the most of your skills.

Considering the build quality, it is sturdy and made with Stainless Steel to last for years.

The best part?

You get a one-year warranty. That means your investment is backed!


#12. Storm 500-R Headlamp For Chefs

If the chef you are shopping for already has a grill, this headlamp will be an additional and essential tool you can gift.

Many chefs consider it a grill essential because when cooking outside and when it gets dark, you must focus on having that precision.

And this headlamp is an essential tool that will help you focus on your cooking.

This headlamp comes with adjustable brightness according to need and also a strap that fits comfortably around your head to focus on.


#13. Japanese Copper Tamagoyaki Omelette Pan For Chefs

Does your chef love to cook omelets? Give them a unique gift of a copper Tamagoyaki omelet pan!

This pan allows you to roll a perfect omelet evenly filled from end to end or even help as a homemade pasta maker.

Also, the ideal pan size allows any home chef to use it for personal purposes.

However, you can even go for more size options as well.

The build quality is copper, a good conductor of heat; therefore, you can cook most effectively in it.

But the handle is made of natural wood, which allows a good pan grip and is easy to control.

For many professional chefs, this is one of the favorite go-to pans that they desire to have.

That’s why I kept it as one of the best gifts for chefs in 2024, just what a chef would like.


#14. Smart Blender For Chefs

If you are out of gift ideas for chefs, giving a smart blender to the chef in your life always works.

A smart blender has multiple uses for the chef.

And as it is electric-powered and has innovative features, it will take the load off your chef’s shoulder.

Whether for smoothies, hot soups, frozen desserts, or anything else, this smart blender completes everything perfectly and smoothly.

The best part?

The built-in timer helps to avoid the over and under-processing of your recipes.

And on top of that, you can always choose and adjust the program settings to fit your needs.

Also, the variable speed control will make you adjust and fine-tune the texture of any recipe you put in this smart tool.

With touchscreen controls, this smart machine comes with an easy-to-clean and manageable size.

Therefore, gift this intelligent tool to your favorite chef, friend, or close one. It will surely help them in multiple ways.


#15. Electric Kettle For Chefs

An electric kettle is another essential tool that comes in handy for various purposes.

A kettle will help chefs take a coffee break and come in handy for instant water boiling for cooking.

Therefore, if you plan to gift the chef helpful something, an electric kettle is never out of trend.

Whether to get a head start for water for potatoes or pasta or just a simple break where the chef can prepare a coffee or tea for themselves before the meal prep.

The Fellow Stagg EKG Electric Kettle has a gooseneck for easy pouring over coffee and tea, which makes it much more helpful.

The stainless-steel build material makes it much more durable and quicker to heat for various purposes.


How Do You Thank A Chef?

Choosing the best gifts for chefs doesn’t need to stress you out now.

Also, there is no specific way to thank a chef you already know or if they are close to you.

You can plan a gift, treat, throw a party, or even say “Thanks” if you can’t do anything else.

Just remember to follow your instincts; if you already know the person, it becomes much easier to thank them in many ways with a sentimental gift.

From giving a gift card to their favorite restaurant to just an excellent book for a chef can work.

And thanks to the internet, you will never run out of ideas to give the best gifts to the chef in your life.

FAQs About Best Gifts For Chefs:

What does a chef like as a gift?

A chef can like anything related to cooking, such as chef knives, a high-quality chef apron, a kitchen scale, a vacuum sealing tool for food preservation, or helpful something you can plan according to your budget.

Remember that, from giving a gift card to a premium restaurant to gifting, a great book written for a chef can work as a gift.

What do you buy a home cook lover?

If you plan to give a gift to the cook lover, you can gift them a flat-top grill, smart blender, cutting board, or as simple as aprons and kitchen tools.

Remember that if you give them something to help them cook their recipes better, they will endlessly thank you.

So you can plan accordingly.

How can I impress my head chef?

Even though it is subjective but you can put your 100% effort to impress your head chef. You can put flavors perfectly balanced to impress your head chef if you are planning through a recipe.

Give The Gift That Your Chef Love!

Hopefully, now you have decent ideas for the best gifts for chefs.

It is a no-brainer that any gift that helps a chef get their work done quickly in the kitchen will be one of the best.

Therefore, this list contains almost every gift that will ultimately help the chef in your life somehow.

Some gifts, like MasterClass, are the investment that will pay returns for years.

Similarly, cooking courses can help beginner chefs upskill themselves for a professional journey.

So, trust your instincts and give the gift that makes your chef smile.

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