Bobbi Brown MasterClass Review – Best For Makeup and Beauty?

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Let’s face it (pun intended): the world of makeup can be daunting. You are constantly surrounded by flawless faces on Instagram and YouTube, leaving you feeling like you need some kind of advanced degree in makeup to look even remotely presentable. Just like you, I struggle with constant insecurities, too. I love the idea of makeup but have no experience applying it. The whole process for me feels like finding a needle in the haystack. I spend every morning watching endless makeup tutorials, hoping something someday will click and I will become a pro. But the process ends in me looking like a clown. 

During one of my countless searches on “how to apply makeup flawlessly,” I came across Bobbi Brown’s MasterClass teaching makeup and beauty. As a makeup enthusiast (but in no way a pro), I have obviously heard of Bobbi Brown (and own a couple of products from her makeup line). I immediately signed up for her class, thinking it would be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

So, was it a revelation filled with Bobbi Brown’s secrets on achieving perfect editorial looks or a complete bust (like something you watch on YouTube) that leaves you underwhelmed? In this review, I will answer all your burning questions and give my two cents on how I felt about this class. Let’s see whether Bobbi Brown’s MasterClass can change an ugly duckling (me) into a beautiful swan.

Bobbi Brown Masterclass Quick Summary:

If you are short on time, here is a quick summary you’ll know.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Apply makeup step-by-step
  • Try out different styles of makeup (formal, editorial, etc.)
  • Elevate your fashion and personal style
  • Embrace your unique self
  • Figure out a makeup look that suits you the best
  • Layer makeup products to get a flawless finish 

Time Duration 

This class is 3 hours and 48 minutes long.


  • Opportunity to learn from a makeup mogul
  • Tips and techniques to apply makeup
  • Choose a makeup style that flatters you
  • Learn to appreciate your inner beauty 


  • Not for advanced makeup artists 
  • The supplementary guidebook could have been better


I recommend Bobbi Brown’s MasterClass to anyone experimenting with makeup who doesn’t know where to start. This class is a delight to watch and provides practical tips to improve makeup application. Bobbi’s exceptional screen presence will keep you engaged throughout the course. You will also learn to appreciate your uniqueness and inner beauty and understand makeup’s impact on fashion. 

Bobbi Brown MasterClass Review

Who is Bobbi Brown?

Bobbi Brown’s name is synonymous with effortless beauty in the makeup world. She is not like any random celebrity with a makeup brand – she is a legend who changed the face of the makeup industry (literally). Bobbi has always advocated a more natural approach to makeup and hates the cakey foundation that creases and makes you look older. She has created a line of universally flattering shades (lipstick) and easy-to-use products. As an amateur makeup enthusiast, I could only dream of achieving the perfection Bobbi Brown has mastered over all these years.

She has been my inspiration for ages, and her philosophy of using makeup to enhance your natural beauty (not masking it) has always resonated with me. For me, she is not just a name on a foundation bottle; she is the makeup artist I aspire to become one day. Bobbi Brown has won awards like Glamour Woman of the Year and The Fashion Group International Night of Stars Beauty Award. These wins solidified her place in the ever-evolving and super-competitive makeup industry. In her MasterClass ad, she promises to teach you to embrace your natural beauty and rock a makeup look that makes you feel confident and fabulous.

Bobbi believes you should enhance your features and not overpower them. She has always said that makeup should be quick, achievable, and fun; it should never feel like a chore. This MasterClass is a rare chance to learn from the inventor of the ultimate “no makeup makeup look.” But this class is not just about makeup and makeup techniques but a journey towards self-discovery.

Who Should Get this Bobbi Brown MasterClass?

Bobbi Brown’s MasterClass on makeup and beauty is like her perfectly blended eyeshadow palette – it caters to a wide range of makeup lovers. It is perfect for people like:

Makeup Newbies: If you get overwhelmed by the world of makeup, this class will help you with all the fundamentals that will bring out your natural beauty. It will teach you the basics of foundation selection (from shade to formula) and techniques for creating flattering everyday looks.

Makeup Enthusiasts: Even if you know how to apply makeup, you can always learn more. This course also explores a few advanced techniques (like creating the perfect smokey eye). You will also learn to change your day makeup to party makeup in simple steps. 

Bobbi Brown Fans:  Are you loyal to Bobbi Brown products like me? Then, this MasterClass is a unique opportunity to learn all the trade secrets of your favourite makeup artist (Bobbi Brown). You can learn to use her products correctly and discover tricks you might not know.  

Anyone Who Wants to Feel Confident: Makeup isn’t just about flawless complexions and trendy colours. Bobbi Brown’s philosophy centers around enhancing natural beauty and feeling good in your own skin. This MasterClass will help you use makeup as a tool for self-expression and confidence building, not something you use to hide yourself.

What does Bobbi Brown MasterClass cover?

Bobbi Brown MasterClass is 3 hours and 48 minutes long and is divided into 19 video lessons of around 12 minutes each. It is the perfect length. The class is engaging and exciting. The lessons are well-structured, and Bobbi’s delivery is charming. Her anecdotes are fun. 

You get a 44-page supplementary guidebook with a written summary of all the lessons for you to go through later. It also breaks down all the different makeup looks discussed in class. There is no additional reference resource or other downloadable material.

MasterClass offers an active community platform for connecting you with people who share similar interests. This allows you to showcase your accomplishments and engage in conversations about your learning journey with like-minded peers.

The lesson plan is as follows:

  1. Bobbi’s Beauty Philosophy
  2. The Changing Face of Beauty
  3. Colour and Makeup
  4. Inside Bobbi’s Makeup Kit
  5. Foundation
  6. Using Tinted Moisturizer
  7. Bronzer and Blush
  8. Eyes and Brows
  9. Creating a Statement Lip
  10. Skincare Essentials
  11. Workplace Makeup
  12. Self-Application: Day to Night
  13. The Perfect Smokey Eye
  14. 1-Minute Makeup
  15. Makeup Mistakes
  16. For Aspiring Makeup Artists
  17. Editorial Makeup
  18. Conclusion
  19. Bonus: Bobbi’s Business Philosophy

Summarizing the Lessons from Bobbi Brown MasterClass

Bobbi Brown starts her MasterClass by introducing herself. She talks about her childhood and teenage years (with adorable pictures) and thanks her mother for encouraging her to pursue a career in makeup. She also says that makeup is evolving, and no specific beauty standards exist. For this very reason, she uses a variety of different models in her MasterClass. All of them have different skin tones, belong to other ethnicities, and have varying ages as well.

She then discusses how makeup was invented and changed over the years. She displays the trends prevalent in different decades and the role model behind those trends. For example, in the 90s, everyone wanted to dress and look like Princess Diana. 

Before she starts with the foundation, she explains the significance of choosing the right colour and tone that matches your skin to get that seamless finish. Colour theory plays a crucial role in makeup application, and she demonstrates this by displaying contrasting makeup looks on one person and how each look makes her look different. She also explains the principles of nude makeup and how to achieve the perfect “no makeup makeup look.”

Brown then bares her three makeup bags in front of the audience. You see what is inside her day, evening, and travel makeup bags. She also lists her holy grail products and explains why she loves them. 

Bobbi explains the technique of correctly applying the foundation and mentions that selecting the perfect shade can make or break your look. This lesson helped me realize that I have been using the wrong foundation shade for ages (no wonder it never looked right). The extensive lesson covers all the basics of foundation and its application.

In the next lesson, Brown uses tinted moisturizer instead of foundation for people who want a more natural look. The key to achieving good coverage with tinted moisturizer depends on your concealer placement, and she teaches how to do it.

Bronzer and blush are Bobbi’s favourite products because they can make you look great when you’re not feeling your best. Bobbi applies bronzer and blush to three models and discusses tips on selecting the bronzer and blush shade and formula. She also explains which brushes to use for the application. She focuses on highlighter placement and making your subject shine (particularly useful for brides).

Brown then teaches techniques for getting perfectly arched eyebrows. She shows how eyebrow shape can change the way your eyes look. She then explains how to apply symmetrical eyeliner (every woman’s dream). She says your eyeliner application is terrible because you are not using the correct formulas. She discusses the pros and cons of gel, liquid, and pencil eyeliners. She also teaches how to fix mascara (in case you blink) correctly.

The following lesson is all about choosing the perfect lip colour. Brown demonstrates using a statement lip to a model and shares how to do it. This application works for a classic red, bright pink, or darker and more unforgiving colours. She then breaks down skincare products, from cleansers to moisturizers, and explains which products are essential for healthy skin.

As a working woman, Brown understands the necessity of workplace makeup and knows how to play up her features while still looking professional. She shows how to apply workplace-appropriate makeup, depending on your workplace. She then explains how to change day makeup into night (party makeup) using simple products and tricks. This section was self-application, and it was constructive to see the techniques firsthand.

The smoky eye is a technique that can quickly go wrong. Bobbi demonstrates how to apply a simple, modern, smoky eye and then how to play it up. As a working artist and businesswoman, Bobbi knows how important it is to be able to do your makeup in just about a minute. She teaches a quick and easy look that uses only a few products. This section would be handy for mothers who want to look put together but need more time to follow an elaborate makeup tutorial.

Brown then discusses common makeup mistakes, such as too dark or light foundation, lip color that washes you out, and uneven brows, and how to fix them without making a mess. For aspiring makeup artists, she shares her personal stories (involving failures and successes) and emphasizes the need for constant practice to achieve perfection.

Since most of Brown’s MasterClass covers basics, she decided to end with a bang by doing a bold and colorful editorial look. 

To conclude her MasterClass, Bobbi shares lessons from her years in the beauty industry: Be on time, ask for help, and do the best for others. She believes in the power of hard work and determination and urges you not to give up on your passions and goals. She wraps up the course by explaining what she learned from her experience as a teacher. This provided a fresh perspective and made me like her even more (if possible).

Her bonus chapter consists of actionable tips for people who want to start a makeup business.

Key Points from Bobbi Brown MasterClass:

My main takeaway from Bobbi Brown’s MasterClass is embracing my natural beauty and learning to overcome my insecurities. I have struggled with the shape of my nose and have tried all possible contour tricks to make it look better, but after taking this class, I decided to love my nose, and it made a huge difference in how I view makeup. 

I had trouble selecting a foundation shade that matched my skin, and this course made me realize the problem was not the shade but the undertone. It might seem like a small thing, but an undertone can make a huge difference when it comes to appearance.

I have gravitated towards expensive products, thinking that is the reason for flawless makeup applications. However, Brown made me understand that techniques’ significance affects a makeup look, not the price tag. I also learned how to get the perfect winged eyeliner every single time, which is a massive achievement for me (although I am very clumsy).

I also appreciated the lesson on skincare. Brown emphasizes the need for a skincare routine before you apply makeup to keep your skin healthy and make your makeup appear perfect. I didn’t know this, and I always skipped skincare, thinking it was not necessary, but never again. 

Bobbi is known for her stellar nude makeup looks, and as a person of color, my nude is very different from what I generally see online. I am very grateful that Bobbi included a variety of different skin shades and tones in her class to give me a better understanding of what will suit my skin color and type.

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What did I Like about Bobbi Brown’s MasterClass?

I spend way too much time watching makeup tutorials (guilty as charged), and Bobbi Brown’s MasterClass was like a dream come true. Here’s what I liked about this MasterClass:

Learning from a Legend: This course was a unique chance to learn from the queen of “no makeup makeup.” Bobbi Brown revolutionized the industry with her focus on enhancing natural beauty. Her class provides valuable insights on everything from foundation selection to creating universally flattering looks.

Top-Notch Production: MasterClass is known for its high-quality productions; this course was no exception. The visuals were crystal-clear, the audio was crisp, and the class was very well structured. 

Actionable Tips, Not Just Theory: Bobbi Brown’s MasterClass is about actionable advice and helpful tips. Nothing about this lecture feels dry or dull. I learned valuable lessons like choosing the right foundation shade for my skin tone (as I already mentioned). After getting the proper foundation, I learned how to blend it seamlessly to avoid harsh lines and creasing. I also mastered the perfect winged eyeliner. 

From Basics to Beyond Whether you are a makeup newbie or a seasoned enthusiast, this MasterClass caters to all skill levels. Starting with the fundamentals like skincare and essential tools, it progresses to more advanced techniques like smoky eyes and editorial makeup. There’s something for everyone, and you might even discover a hidden talent for contouring (fingers crossed).

More Than Just Makeup: Bobbi Brown’s philosophy goes beyond flawless complexions and trendy colours. Her MasterClass touches on the importance of self-confidence and embracing natural beauty. You will learn how to use makeup as a tool for self-expression and feeling good in your skin.

Bobbi Brown MasterClass Conclusion

That brings us to the moment of truth: “Is Bobbi Brown’s MasterClass worth it?”

As a lifelong makeup enthusiast with a closet full of makeup products and no foundation (or skin tint) that matched my skin, this course was a revelation. I have struggled with “bare-faced anxiety” all my life, but somehow, makeup made it even worse. Bobbi Brown’s MasterClass made me realize the problem was not my products or face but my application techniques.

However, this class was not just about learning advanced contouring techniques or the secret to achieving that (almost impossible) “glow from within.” It was more of a lesson on loving your natural self and using makeup to highlight your beauty and not hide your flaws. Brown’s philosophy completely changed my perception of makeup.

This class felt like having a casual conversation with a friend who understands my struggle with feeling invisible without a complete glam look. Bobbi Brown teaches you how to celebrate things that make you unique, from your beautiful eye shape to your broad nose and bushy eyebrows. 

Bobbi Brown’s MasterClass felt like a makeup therapy session where she shared her pearls of wisdom. She breaks down overwhelming techniques into easy-to-follow steps, and you will master the art of steamy, smoky eyes with ease and confidence.

So, was it worth it?

Absolutely, YES!

You gain access to a wealth of knowledge and experience for the price of one good foundation. In my opinion, Bobbi Brown’s MasterClass is worth the time and money. You will leave feeling accomplished and confident in your skills.

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