RuPaul MasterClass Review in 2024 – Is it really worth it?

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Have you ever thought about what it takes to become an authentic person and stand out from the crowd?

Have you wondered why only a few people become drag queens and achieve all the success and fame?

A few back, while I was searching for a drag queen, these questions popped into my mind, and after hours of research, I discovered RuPaul Charles, considered one of the most legendary status drag queens of all time.

On diving deeper into his, I learned that he has recently launched his masterclass, which teaches the art of self-expression and authenticity.

I don’t have much interest in the drag world, but what grabs my attention is learning how to improve my relationship with myself and the world around me.

Quick Summary of RuPual Masterclass

What you will learn: The art of self-expression, becoming authentic in this noisy world, finding your unique voice, building a community of like-minded people, dealing with failure, and making a name for yourself in this industry.

Run Time: 16 video lessons (2 hours 1 minute)

Who should consider it: People interested in making a career in the drag world, Rupaul Fans, and anyone looking for a guide toward personal growth, self-discovery, and empowerment.

Recommendation: 7/10 (It is one of the short and powered-packed masterclasses that teaches about the path of discovering yourself and gives you the path to becoming successful in the drag world)

I decided to enroll in this course and learn the art of finding my inner truth so that I could become authentic in this noisy world.

In this RuPaul masterclass review post, I have shared everything you need to know about this course, from its topics to things I liked and whether you should invest your hard-earned money.

Before that, let’s see what this post covers about Rupaul masterclass

  • About RuPaul masterclass
  • Overview of the RuPaul masterclass
  • Things covered in RuPaul Masterclass
  • Who should consider RuPaul’s masterclass?
  • What did I like about RuPaul’s masterclass?
  • Pros and cons of the RuPaul masterclass
  • Is it worth buying the RuPaul masterclass?

And a lot more, so let’s get started without further delay and explore the RuPaul masterclass.

RuPaul MasterClass Review

About the Instructor: Who is RuPaul Charles?

RuPaul Charles is an American Drag Queen, Television personality, actor, singer, producer, writer, and multifaceted American entertainer with legendary status in the world of drag.

To be more specific, he is also considered one of the most commercially successful drag queens of all time, having won more than 14 prime-time Emmy awards.

He is also popularly known for creating, producing, hosting, and judging the reality show RuPaul Drag Race.

Apart from becoming a judge and producer, he is also a singer and songwriter who has released over 15 Studio albums. His 1993 hit Super Model led him to gain immense popularity worldwide; here is the list of his achievements in the drag industry.

  • Pioneered mainstream drag queen visibility.
  • Multiple Emmy winner for “Drag Race.”
  • Cultural icon promoting self-love.
  • Best-selling memoir author.
  • Grammy-nominated for “Supermodel.”

Furthermore, he became one of the first drag Queens to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and is considered one of the most influential people in the world

However, his journey of expressing himself is not easy. He has faced many challenges to becoming one of this generation’s most successful drag queens. 

In this masterclass, he shares his entire journey, experience, and the challenges he faces to become one of the most influential people in the world and establish himself as a name brand in the drag world.

Overview of RuPaul Charles Masterclass

RuPaul Charles’s masterclass on self-expression and authenticity is one of the transformative courses hosted on the masterclass, a subscription-based platform known for offering high-quality courses led by an expert.

In this masterclass, he walks you through his journey of becoming a drag queen and the essential things you need to know to make a name for yourself in the industry.

Some of these things include finding your frequency, cultivating your tribes, navigating the world around you, dealing with failure, making an impact, and embracing your true self under the guidance of the Emmy-winning host.

This masterclass consists of 16 lessons, each lasting 2 hours. In these 16 lessons, he shared concepts around self-expression and the desire to grow in personal life.

Here is the overview of the complete lessons covered in this masterclass.

1. Meet Your Instructor: RuPaul

2. Finding Your Frequency

3. Cultural Lighthouses for the Soul

4. Cultivating Your Tribe

5. Seeing Yourself

6. Navigating the World Around You

7. Owning the Room

8. There Is No Such Thing as Failure

9. Proportion and Presentation

10. A Conversation with RuPaul and Zaldy

11. The Big Reveal

12. Prepping the Face

13. Building a Solid Foundation

14. The Glow Up – Contour and Color

15. The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul

16. Putting On the Final Touches

Additionally, RuPaul Charles also shared how he found his passion in the world of drag. From my experience, this lesson will help you connect more with your instructor, which enable you to learn the concept quickly.

Unlike any other masterclass course, this course also contains the workbook and the PDF, which you will get at the end of this course. It allows you to implement what you learned from his masterclass.

Things covered in RuPaul Charles Masterclass

You have seen the overview of the topics covered in this course, but knowing just about the topics is not sufficient for you to make the decision to buy this course

However, you don’t need to worry. I have shared an in-depth review of each topic covered, which will help you decide whether to enroll in this course or look for another one.

Let’s jump right into it and what each lesson teaches you about self-expression & authenticity.

Lesson 1: Meet Your Instructor

Unlike any other course, this course also starts with the instructor’s introduction, where you will learn more about your instructor’s background from him.

In this lesson, RuPaul dives deeper into his background and sharing you the stories from his childhood and the struggles he faced before finding his passion in this journey and making a name for himself.

Additionally, he also shared a list of lessons and mistakes that he made at the start of his career and how you can avoid them and save your time and money.

Furthermore, he also shared the importance of believing in yourself and being president with your actions rather than wasting time convincing the people.

Lesson 2: Finding Your Frequency

In this lesson, RuPaul teaches you about finding the frequency and shares the various methods you use to discover your inner truth. Some of these methods include meditation, journaling, and self-reflection exercises.

Additionally, he also shares the method that he has used to find the inner truth and journey towards self-acceptance.

Lesson 3: Cultural Lighthouses for the Soul

In this section, RuPaul discusses the various cultural figures and icons, ranging from entertainers to activists to influencer personalities, who have inspired him throughout his life and helped him shape his identity and style.

Furthermore, he also demonstrated how you can identify your icon and the lighthouse and draw motivation and strength from them to shape your identity.

Lesson 4: Cultivating you tribe

In this lesson on cultivating your tribe, RuPaul discusses the importance of finding your tribe, building the community around them, and nurturing them. Hence, they share the same energy and support you in moving forward.

In addition, he also shares some tips on how to network with people and build relationships with them so that you can get help from each other.

In addition, she also shares some of his approaches and how to deal with the negative that you get from people while building your tribe

Lesson 5: Seeing Yourself

There is no doubt that we are the combination of influences of people around and our parenting, and in this chapter, Rupaul encourages you to see your past as a source of wisdom no matter how traumatic your past was

In this lesson, he shares his difficult childhood and how these memories used to hurt and control him, which is reflected in his behavior and the way he saw himself. Here is some wisdom that can help you.

  • Take past memories as a source of wisdom to build the present identity
  • Always nurture yourself and find your unique voice
  • Learn to move forward, build an identity, and eliminate memories. 

To be honest, I found this lesson a bit inspiring. That contains some old nuggets that will help you understand how to deal with the painful memories of the past and build your unique identity in the present.

Lesson 6: Navigating the World Around You

Whether you accept it or not, we live in a world where you always find the person who feels jealous about your growth trying to bully you, and you will find such a person everywhere.

RuPaul has also encountered the same things at various times, and in this lesson, he teaches you how to confront bullies and the negative voices in your head.

Lastly, this lesson will teach you important life lessons that will help you throughout your career.

Lesson 7: Owning the Room

This lesson of owning the room RuPaul has broken down the elements that led him to create an attractive presence on the stage and showcase his confidence in front of the audience.

He also mentioned tips on how you can improve your body language, vocal projection, and audience engagement, and some of the other things covered in this lesson include

  • How can you channel your energy?
  • How to use meditation to manage anxiety?
  • How do you use the visualization for practice?
  • How to overcome the fear of being in the spotlight

The best part is that you cannot only use this technique to project confidence on the stage or the runway, but you can also use the same tricks to be more confident in any situation in life.

Furthermore, one downside of these lessons is that he teaches you how to use visualization but does not share any exact steps for visualization and channeling your energy.

Lesson 8: There Is No Such Thing as Failure

No matter which field you choose to pursue your career, you must accept that you will fail at some point. However, how you interpret your failures will likely decide whether you achieve your goal. 

In lessons, RuPaul shared his story and the experience of hitting rock bottom and losing all hope. He bounced back and used his failure as a data point to improve things and make a successful career.

Moreover, he also encourages us to avoid and not fear failure; the message of this lesson is that you need to stay in the game for a longer period and be true to yourself if you want to sustain yourself in this world. 

What I like about this lesson is his story and the example he has used to teach the importance of failure and why you need to believe in yourself if you want to achieve anything.

Lesson 9: Proportion and Presentation

In this lesson, RuPaul shares some practical tips for understanding your body proportions and using fashion and style to create a confident look.

He also mentioned that you should know your strengths and maximize them properly, and positioning your body is a way for you to look confident and bold in front of the audience.

Lastly, he summarizes all the lessons he has covered so far about finding your inner beauty and authenticity.

Lesson 10: A Conversation with RuPaul and Zaldy

This chapter is the conversation between Rupaul and his costume designer of 30 years, Zoldy Goco, and in this lesson, he breaks down the various things about Parul designs, which includes

  • How did he construct the gown for RuPaul?
  • How does she use the RuPaul strength in designing his costume?
  • How did he use the various effects to create an optical illusion?
  • How has costume helped her to make a maximum impact on stage?

At the start of his chapter, this masterclass was finally moving towards explaining the drag queens, but after some things turned out differently, this video not only explains the drag world.

But also covers some of the hidden tips and the methods that you use to enhance your look and become more glamorous in front of the audience

Lastly, You will learn how to construct your custom or find clothes that can impact the viewers’ eyes and look bold and sexy on the runway.

Lesson 11: The Big Reveal

In this lesson, RuPaul shares the importance of finding the inner truth and teaches you a method for discovering yourself and your inner truth.

He also mentions that self-discovery is not a one-time activity. It is an ongoing process, and you need to spend the time to find your real truth and unique voice.

Additionally, he shares some techniques, such as meditation journaling and visualization, that you use to find your frequency and inner truth; most importantly, he mentions in this process that you need to stay true to yourself.

Lesson 12: Prepping the Face

One of the essential components to becoming a successful drag queen is all the time; it should take care of your skin and make it look fantastic in front of the audience.

This lesson is entirely taught by his makeup artist, Raven, who explains how to clean and moisturize your face before applying makeup or using any other facial element to enhance your looks.

Lesson 13: Building a Solid Foundation

This chapter is a conversation with the raven (a makeup artist). In this lesson, she teaches you how to choose the right foundation that perfectly matches the shade of your skin tone.

Furthermore, she also demonstrated different methods and techniques that you can use to apply your Foundation all over the face and the neck area very smoothly without any hurdles.

Lastly, she also shares some of the use cases for concealer, including covering up blemishes and dark circles and enhancing the overall look.

Overall, this lesson covers the makeup routine of Rupaul and how it can transform your looks and make you more attractive in front of your audience.

Lesson 14: The Glow Up – Contour and Color:

Now, you have seen the steps to taking care of your skin and how to apply foundation to enhance your look. In this lesson, Raven dived deep into this and shared some proven and advanced tips on glowing your skin.

Additionally, some of these things include using different shades of powder cream and highlighting areas like your line and nose to get more attention from people.

What I liked about this lesson was his explanation of color theory and how you can use the right color based on your skin tone, face shape, and body proportions.

Lesson 15: The Eyes are the Windows to the Soul

As the name suggests, the eye is one of the essential components that has a huge impact on your overall look, and that is why it’s crucial for you to apply makeup to your eyes.

In this lesson, Raven has shared some practical tips on how to apply eye primer, eyeliner, and blend eye shadow to get attention-grabbing looks for your eyes.

Lesson 16: Putting On the Final Touches

It is the final lesson of this course, in which the Raven shows you the complete drag transformation and how to choose suitable stylish wigs, including cutting, teasing, and securing them to match your outfit.

To help you get the most out of this lesson, she also demonstrated the steps for using the right outfit to improve your overall look and make an impact in front of the audience.

Who Should Consider the RuPaul Masterclass?

As such, it is not mentioned who should consider buying this course, but after watching all the video lessons of this masterclass, I can say that it is designed for anyone who is looking for a guide toward personal growth, self-discovery, and empowerment.

Not only that, but the course is also suitable for people who want to enter the drag world and make a name for themselves in this industry.

In this course, RuPaul, considered one of the most successful drag queens, has shared all the lessons and experiences you need to succeed in the drag world.

Whether you are new to this field or have been there before, this course has covered all the concepts you need to know to find your unique voice and establish an identity in a noisy world.

So, if you are searching for a proven path to connect with your inner truth and help you discover yourself in this noisy world, then you can definitely consider this course. The best part is that it does not require any prerequisite.

What did I like about the RuPaul Masterclass?

To be honest, I loved his journey and the way he explained things. It feels like your old friend is talking to you here. I have mentioned some of the things that I liked about this masterclass.

RuPaul’s Positive Energy

One thing that I can guarantee after watching this masterclass is that you will not feel bored; in fact, you will feel the energy of the RuPaul and his passion for the drag industry.

His inspirational energy has taken the course experience to the next level, making every lesson more enjoyable and motivating.

Summaries every lesson after the completion

Another thing about RuPaul Masterclass is that each chapter of this lesson contains a highlight section loaded with the key takeaways of the class; most importantly, you can consider these critical takeaways as the summary of the classes and use them for future reference.

The main motive for sharing such summaries and highlight points after a lesson is to help you understand the lessons quickly and easily reference these review points at any time.

Inspiring Guest Appearance 

It is another exciting part of this masterclass. This masterclass does not cover RuPaul wisdom and insights but the valuable advice from his costume designer, Zaldy Gogo, and makeup artist David Petruschin (aka Raven).

In this masterclass, Zaldy shares his valuable advice on constructing your garment and dressing in a way that impacts the audience. Raven walks you through his makeup process and shares some tips you can use to enhance your look on stage.

Excellent graphics and quality production

Graphics are the next big thing that makes the learning experience even more engaging and exciting; this masterclass consists of multiple visuals, music, and reflections in different colors, making the learning experience more fun and enjoyable.

The best part is that you will realize the importance of graphics when you watch the lessons, in which Raven shows you the transformation process visually appealingly.

Beginner friendly

Yes, you heard it right. This course is beginner-friendly, meaning anyone can enroll in the scores even if they don’t know the Don’t Drag world and succeed in this industry.

RuPaul has explained everything from the basics to the advanced, making the scores easy to understand for everyone who is just getting started with this field of self-expression and finding the unique voice to stand out from the crowd.

Additional workbook

One of the best parts of the course that impressed me was the 42-page workbook, which is included along with this master class. This workbook is in PDF format, so you can download or print it for future reference. 

These things included in this 42-page workbook make your learning experience even more practical.

  • List of the quizzes to reveal your drag identify
  • History of the International Drag
  • Glossary used in this masterclass
  • Exercise to implement what you have learned

This workbook has made this course even more worthwhile for anyone interested in learning from RuPaul’s experience and journey.

What can be improved in this masterclass?

Every course has its drawbacks, and this course is no longer an exception; here are some of RuPaul Charles’s master class’s drawbacks and what can be improved to improve the overall learning experience.

Shortest Masterclass

As of now, I have taken various master class courses, and it is one of the shortest master classes I have ever enrolled in, but that does not mean this course is not valuable.

It is a power-packed course that covers Various aspects of the drag world. Most importantly, it also offers a workbook that you can use to implement what you have learned from the course.

But if you are looking for a longer course that provides a detailed concept of the drag world, this course might not be a perfect fit.

Less geared toward the drag world

In some places, this course is less geared towards the drag world and more inclined towards the superficial and filled with self-improvement tips.

The only lesson I found more inclined toward the drag world is when he discusses makeup tips and how to construct the costume to create an impact in front of the audience.

More theoretical and less practical in some places

As said earlier, the course combines an article and a practical lesson. However, while going through the video lesson of the course, I realized that some places are theoretical.

If you are looking for a detailed, step-by-step guide on becoming more authentic, expressing yourself, and finding your inner truth, then you might be disappointed with the course.

In this course, he has shared his entire journey of becoming a successful drag queen, which is good. He also shares some lessons he used to overcome the Dramas and negative voices inside his head.

However, from my experience, he can better explain the technique and share the exact steps for applying it.

For Instance, he has covered how you can find your unique voice using techniques like meditation and journalling, but he has not exactly shared the steps you need to write about in your journal to find your voice.

RuPaul Masterclass Review: Pros & Cons 

Undoubtedly, it is one of the popular masterclass courses that you can consider if you want to enter the world of drag, make a name for yourself, and achieve all the success.

But before that, it’s vital for you to consider the pros and cons of the RuPaul Charles masterclass so you can make an informed decision.

Pros of RuPaul Masterclass

  • Inspiring lessons on self-love and authenticity
  • Practical advice on building confidence and self-expression
  • In-depth drag makeup tutorial from renowned queen Raven
  • Behind-the-scenes look at creating RuPaul’s iconic fashion looks
  • Engaging and entertaining teaching style by RuPaul
  • Learn to find your own unique voice in a noisy world

Cons of RuPaul Masterclass

  • Some content is geared more toward those interested in drag/performance arts
  • Could use more depth on certain topics like personal branding
  • No option for direct Q&A or interaction with RuPaul and the instructors
  • Theatrical makeup styles may not suit everyone’s needs
  • No option to download lessons for permanent ownership

If you are considering investing your hard-earned money in this course, consider the above pros and cons and make an informed decision.

How much does the RuPaul MasterClass?

As mentioned at the start of this post, this course is hosted on the Masterclass platform, which is popular for offering high-quality courses. You need to buy a subscription to this platform to get access to the Judd Apatow masterclass.

Currently, this platform offers customers three types of subscription options that you can consider based on your requirements and budget.

  • Standard Plan: $120 Per Year ( Access to 1 Device and No offline Mode)
  • Plus: $180 Per year (access to 2 Devices and Offline Mode)
  • Premium: $240 Per Year (access to 6 Devices and Offline mode)

However, each of the plans has its specifications. To get more idea about the pricing of the masterclass, you can check out the complete guide on the masterclass review.

RuPaul Masterclass Review: What do others say

To find the actual worth of this course, I researched all over the internet to find the reviews of the other people who have taken Rupaul Masterclass. Here are two types of reviews.

  1. Loved the course and enjoyed every lesson
  2. It lacks a practical approach

To be honest, I also agree with the second. In many aspects of this masterclass, RuPaul has not explained things properly and just shared surface-level knowledge, and he must add more practicalities to his course.

Is it worth buying RuPaul MasterClass?

Yes, overall, this masterclass is worth it. It covers the important concepts and philosophies of the most successful drag queens of all time, which helps you build a strong foundation from the start.

Addiotnally, this course has also covered various topics, including finding your voice, identifying the right people to inspire you, cultivating your tribe and community, and dealing with failure. He has covered everything that you need to know.

But if you are looking for a detailed course on the drag world, this course might not fit you as it lacks a practical approach and detailed explanation.

On the other hand, if you are searching for guides toward personal growth, self-discovery, and finding your unique voice, then this course is worth considering.

I suggest deciding your goals and what you want to learn and considering the course accordingly.


This is my honest RuPaul masterclass review post, where I share everything that you need to know before buying this course.

I hope this post has helped you understand the topics this course covers about self-discovery and becoming authentic in this noisy world.

If you are thinking of making a successful career and looking for proven knowledge to start your journey, then there is no better option than the RuPaul Masterclass. However, it’s still important to consider your goals.

But if you still have any questions about this masterclass, please let me know in the comment section, and I will be happy to assist you.


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