Mark Cuban Masterclass Review 2024 : Worth it?

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I was the person who always wanted to start my own Business or do something on my own, but whenever I decided to take this, people around me would always say things like:

  • Starting a business is too risky
  • Starting a business requires a huge investment
  • Very Few people succeed in Business

Hearing this all the time made me afraid to begin. I was confused, frustrated, and didn’t know where to start.

But back then, I started watching interviews with successful businessmen to see how they approach things and deal with negativity. That’s when I came across Mark Cuban’s podcast. I liked how he explained business concepts and the mindset needed to succeed.

After researching Mark, I discovered he had recently launched a MasterClass business and enrolled immediately to learn from a successful businessman and billionaire.

Quick Summary of Mark Cuban Masterclass

What you will learn: Foundation of starting a business, finding the target market, Building the team, hiring the right people, proven marketing strategy, disrupting the competitor, and creating a brand of business.

Run Time: 10 video chapters (1 hour 28 minutes)

Who should consider: Aspiring business owners who want to start their own business but don’t know where to begin, Mark Cuban Fans who admire his work and principles.

Recommendation: 8/10. It is the perfect power-packed masterclass for anyone who wants to learn about starting a business from scratch and is looking for a proven path, along with real-life examples and case studies.

In this Mark Cuban Masterclass Review, I will share everything you need to know about this masterclass and, most importantly, whether it’s worth your money.

Before that, let’s see what this review covers about Mark Cuban’s Masterclass.

  • About Mark Cuban
  • Overview of the  Mark Cuban MasterClass
  • Things covered in Mark Cuban MasterClass
  • Who should consider Mark Cuban MasterClass?
  • What did I like about Mark Cuban MasterClass?
  • Pros and cons of the Mark Cuban MasterClass?
  • Is it worth buying the Mark Cuban MasterClass?

Grab a cup of coffee, get on the ride with me, and explore the course of Mark Cuban.

Mark Cuban Masterclass Review: Worth it?

About the Instructor: Who is Mark Cuban?

Mark Cuban is an instructor of this course. He is a successful businessman, Investor, Philanthropist, television personality, and former owner of the Dallas Mavericks, a National Basketball team.

Additionally, he is also the co-owner of 2929 Entrainment, an integrated media Entertainment Company; besides that, Mark is also one of the main investors and main sharks on the ABC reality Television series Shark Tank, where he invests money in various companies.

His net worth is $4.7 billion, making him one of the wealthiest celebrities and entrepreneurs. Here is a list of some of Mark Cuban’s other achievements.

  • Sold to Yahoo! for $5.7 billion in 1999.
  • Owner of the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks since 2000.
  • Starred on the reality TV show “Shark Tank.”
  • Invested in successful startups like Uber and Dropbox.
  • Became a billionaire through his business ventures.

Moreover, Mark Cuban also owned the Mustang Texas Town, which he purchased for roughly $2 million. In this masterclass, he shared his journey from working as a bartender to becoming a billionaire and one of the most successful businessmen of this generation.

Overview of the  Mark Cuban MasterClass

Mark Cuban’s masterclass on “Win Big in Business” is an online course hosted on Masterclass, a platform known for offering high-quality courses created by industry experts at an affordable price.

In this masterclass, Cuban has shared his entire journey from working as a bartender to being a salesman to Starting his first company to becoming a billionaire and one of the richest men in the world.

Additionally, he explained the concept of starting a business from scratch, especially if you have no previous experience. He also shares practical tips on how you can stand out from the crowd, disrupt your competitors’ markets, and make a name for your business.

Here is the list of the lessons this materclass covers about starting a business

  • Keys to Getting Started: Foundations for Starting a Business
  • Building Equity
  • Shark Tank: Taking Bets on Great Ideas
  • The Mavs: Building a Culture to Drive Success
  • Cost Plus Drugs: Disrupting Legacy Industries
  • Fireside: Building Around Communities
  • Market Smarter
  • Evaluating Risk: Being All in
  • Be Unconventional
  • Maximize Your Success: Exit Strategies & Making an Impact

Furthermore, he also shared how he started his first company at the age of 12 so he could buy a pair of basketball shoes; he covered all the secrets of self-made success that you cannot learn in college or university.

So, let’s move to the next section and review the topics covered in this course in detail. as it will help you make an informed decision.

What does Mark Cuban MasterClass include?

You have been under the impression that this master class consists of 10 lessons totaling one hour and 21 minutes.

Each lesson teaches you a specific aspect of the business, helping you understand what it takes to start a business from scratch and make it successful.

In this section, I have shared what each of these lessons teaches you about the business, which will help you make an informed decision.

Keys to Getting Started: Foundations for Starting a Business

It is the first lesson of this master class where Mark has shared the essential foundation that you need to start a successful business from scratch.

He highlighted the importance of having a clear vision, a solid business plan, a mindset, and a deep understanding of the target market.

Addiotnally, he also teaches you about the different types of businesses, including product- and service-based businesses.

At the end, he demonstrated the advantages and disadvantages of each business and which one you should start, especially if you are new to this field. Building Equity

In this lesson on building equity, Mark shared his personal experience with, which he founded with his other partners and later sold to Yahoo for about $5.4 billion.

With this lesson, he teaches you about how he and his team identified the gap in the market and created a product that solves the solution of streaming audio and video over the Internet.

Additionally, he teaches you about raising capital, growing the business, and marketing it effectively so that it reaches more customers without investing too much money.

Overall, this lesson will give you solid insight into finding the gap in the market and creating a solution to close it, Which Can Help You build a sustainable business.

Shark Tank: Taking Bets on Great Ideas

As mentioned earlier, Mark Cuban is one of the star sharks on The Shark Tank, a popular TV show on which he evaluates various business pitches. In this lesson, he shared his personal method for identifying promising ideas and good entrepreneurs.

Moreover, he also defined some important concepts, such as negotiation tactics, the Importance of due diligence, and instructing deals so that both parties can benefit from them.

The Mavs: Building a Culture to Drive Success

As the owner of the Dallas Mavericks, Mark has learned various lessons. One of the valuable ones he taught in this section is the importance of building the right team and culture in building successful companies.

Moreover, he also shared his wisdom on hiring the right people, creating a collaborative environment, and motivating the employees to take ownership of their work and give their best.

In summary, he also shared his philosophy on being a good leader who can understand their team well and empower them to work towards achieving the goals of the organization.

Cost Plus Drugs: Disrupting Legacy Industries

For me, one of the interesting parts of this masterclass is that Cuban has one of the case studies of his company, Cost Plus Drugs, which offers affordable prescribed medications to consumers.

Using this case study as a reference, he teaches about the challenges you can face when entering any industry. For instance, he shared the challenges he faced while building the company, one of which was navigating the bureaucracy of this new business model.

To sum up, This lesson teaches you about the challenges you can face while launching any business model and how you can tackle it last. Mark has also emphasized the prices of the products he advises to make your prices affordable.

Fireside: Building Around Communities

In this lesson on building around communities, Cuban shares his experience of the power of building businesses around communities and how it can help a business grow faster than any other business.

To explain this concept better, Mark has used the example of his own platform, Fireside. It is the first interactive streaming platform that connects creators to their audience on a virtual stage.

In essence, this lesson will give you valuable insight into understanding your target community’s needs and maintaining a relationship with them to create value.

Market Smarter

There is no doubt that every successful business has an effective marketing strategy that helps it generate revenue and sales.

From this masterclass, Cuban has sealed some of the marketing secrets and strategies that he used in his previous company, which helped him get the results of their campaigns.

Additionally, he explained the various concepts of marketing and its techniques, which cover identifying your unique value proposition, using the modern marketing channel to create a customer base, and building a strong brand identity.

Lastly, he also discusses the importance of continuously adopting new marketing strategies that are relevant to your business and market trends.

Evaluating Risk: Being All in

After watching various podcasts of successful businesspeople and entrepreneurs, I learned, which is also mentioned in this course, that entrepreneurship is all about taking calculated risks.

In this chapter, Mark Cuban explains how to evaluate and manage risk effectively by researching and understanding your ideas’ potential.

Lastly, he also teaches you about developing a contingency plan and going all in, especially when you find the right opportunity. He also shared some examples that enhance your concepts.

Be Unconventional

One of the things that has made Mark Cuban one of the popular entrepreneurs is his unconventional approach toward business, and in this lesson, he has shared tips for entrepreneurs to think outside of the box.

In addition, he also demonstrated the importance of challenging the traditional way of doing business, focusing on innovating new things, being willing to disrupt the established industry, and making a name for yourself and your business.

At the end of this lesson, Cuban also shared how you can leverage unconventional strategies to gain a competitive advantage and grow your business to a new height.

Maximize Your Success: Exit Strategies & Making an Impact

It is the last chapter of this lesson where Marc Cuban has failed his experience of making a lasting impact on the industry and also share the proven exit strategies for the entrepreneur.

Some of these strategies include selling the business, going public, or passing the business to the next generation of entrepreneurs.

He also highlighted the importance of using your success to impact society positively, help struggling people who want to start their businesses and guide them in the right direction.

Who should consider Mark Cuban Materclass?

You have seen the overview of the course and what it teaches you about the business. Let’s move forward and understand who invested their money in Mark Cuban’s masterclass.

From my experience watching every lesson of this course, I can say that it is specially designed for two types of people who can consider this masterclass.

Aspiring Business Owners

The first type of person who can enroll in this course are those who want to start their own business but don’t know where to begin or do not have a proven roadmap to succeed in the business world.

As in this masterclass, Mark has laid down some of the important concepts of the business, including having the right mindset to identify your target market, creating a product, marketing your product, and hiring the right people.

In essence, this course teaches you everything you need to know to start your business, make it successful, and raise the funding from the investor.

Mark Cuban Fans

If you are already a fan of Mark Cuban and love his work and perspective on entrepreneurship and business, then you can also consider investing in this masterclass.

In this master class, you will learn not only about starting a business but also about Mark, who, as a person, and his journey and the challenges he faced before becoming a successful businessman and a billionaire.

Overall, this masterclass also covers Mark’s lessons after investing years in building a successful business from scratch in different industries. This lesson will help you set the right foundation from the beginning of your journey.

From my experience, these are the two types of people who can invest their hard-earned money in this course and gain expertise from one of this generation’s most popular and successful American businessmen.

What I liked about Mark Cuban MasterClass?

One thing is obvious Mark knows about his shit; he is not sharing the knowledge from the air, He had spent years on the ground facing various rejections, getting demotivated, and doing multiple businesses, making them successful, and then he is sharing the knowledge.

It simply means that you must respect his experience and the skills he has developed to become a celebrated businessman.

You will see his experience and dedication throughout this course. He also gives an exciting look at his various businesses as a case study, which will help you understand the concept easily.

Here are some things I liked about the Mark Cuban Masterclass.

Learning From Experts

If you are looking for someone who can teach you about money or start a business, there is no better person than Mark Caban.

And no matter whether you like him as a shark or not, he has in-depth knowledge about the business, selling, marketing, negotiation, and building a business from scratch.

Some of this advice, especially about negotiation and selling, is truly valuable, and you cannot learn such things in school or any university.

The best part is that his teaching style is unique, engaging, and interesting, and I have not been bored during the entire masterclass.

Short and Concise lessons

One thing that makes this course stand out is that the lesson is short and to the point, making it interactive and easy for the learners to understand.

So, if you have a time constraint, you can also consider this course, as it does not require too much of your time and allows you to complete this masterclass efficiently.

Beginner friendly

As said earlier, this course is designed for aspiring business owners who want to start their business but don’t know where to begin.

You don’t need to worry anymore, as this course will teach you some important lessons that will help you start your business and succeed even if you know nothing about the business world.

Unconventional approach

The other reason I like Mark Cuban is his unique and unconventional approach to business, which challenges traditional standards and embraces innovation and technology.

In this masterclass, he shares how you can take an unconventional approach, make your business stand out, and build a name for yourself in the industry.

These are some of the reasons I should consider this masterclass, which I suggest you also consider before deciding to buy this course.

Mark Cuban Materclass Review: Drawbacks

You have heard about the good things about this course and Mark Cuban. Now, let’s talk about some of the drawbacks of this course that one should consider before investing their hard-earned money.

Concepts are not covered in detail.

As I have discussed before, the course is less than two hours long, which indicates that the lessons are short and to the point.

However, while watching this course, I realized that the concept covered is not covered in detail, which is really easy for someone who wants to understand things on a deeper level.

Specially designed for beginner

The course offers valuable advice for anyone who is considering starting a business, but another problem is that it is specially designed for absolute beginners. This indicates that if you are already running a business or have established one, then this course does not offer much value.

So, if you are someone who is thinking of learning something exceptional from this course for growing Your established business, then I will say this course is not worth it, but still you will learn some valuable lessons from him.

Mark Cuban Masterclass: Pros & Cons

After watching all the video lessons in this course, I will say it’s the best course for anyone who is looking for a guide to starting a business and doesn’t have enough experience.

However, as you know, every course has its own pros and cons, and this course is no longer an expectation.

Let’s examine the pros and cons of Mark Cuban, which will help you make the right decision about investing in this course.

Pros of Mark Cuban Masterclass

  • Taught by a highly successful and experienced entrepreneur.
  • Covered the unconventional approach towards business.
  • Contains practical and actionable advice that can be implemented in real-life
  • Short and easy-to-understand exercises
  • Offers Helpful Graphics

Cons of Mark Cuban Masterclass

  • Lack of in-depth knowledge
  • Only Designed for Beginners

How Much Does Mark Cuban Masterclass Cost?

As said before, this course is hosted on the Masterclass platform, which is known for offering high-quality courses. You need to buy a subscription to this platform to get access to this Mark Cuban Materclass.

Currently, this platform offers customers three types of subscription options that you can consider based on your requirements and budget.

  • Standard Plan: $120 Per Year ( Access to 1 Device and No offline Mode)
  • Plus: $180 Per year (access to 2 Devices and Offline Mode)
  • Premium: $240 Per Year (access to 6 Devices and Offline mode)

Each of the plans has its specifications. To get more idea about the pricing of the masterclass, you can check out the complete guide on the masterclass review.

Mark Cuban MasterClass Review: Is It Worth It?

Yes, the Mark Cuban masterclass is really worth it, especially if you are interested in starting a business and want to know more about Mark Cuban as a person.

This master class teaches you various concepts about a business that you can only implement if you start it. Some of these concepts include having the right mindset, Identifying the target market, hiring the right people, building an exceptional team, and Marketing effectively to establish your business as a brand.

This class has a lot to offer. Someone genuinely interested in starting his own entrepreneurial journey and learning from someone who has been in this industry for a long time and has built many successful businesses from scratch.

On the other hand, if you are already running a business and looking for extraordinary tips, then this course might not be worth your money because it is designed from the beginner’s perspective.

If you are someone struggling to start their own business and confused about taking the first step, there is no better course than Mark Cuban’s MasterClass.


This Mark Cuban masterclass review gives you a complete idea of what this course teaches you about business and related concepts. So now you have everything you need to decide on buying this course.

But if I share my personal experience, then this course is absolutely worth it for the people who are struggling to start their business and confused about where to begin their journey.

In the end, it depends upon an individual’s goal and budget, but if you still have an inquiry or question regarding Mark Cuban’s masterclass review, please let me know in the comments section. I will be happy to assist with your query.

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