Jimmy Chin Masterclass Review in 2024 [Is it worth buying?]

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I first used a camera in college to take pictures of my friends. My cousin, who knows a lot about photography, taught me some basics. Since then, my interest in photography has grown.

Afterward, I started researching the best photographers in the world and anlayising, and that’s when I discovered Jimmy Chin. It has been more than two years since I have followed him on social media and observed his work.

Here is one thing about Jimmy Chin: He is a pro outdoor and adventure photographer, and not only that, but he is also an adventure athlete, and some of his adventures are truly inspiring.

Recently, I discovered that Jimmy Chin had launched a masterclass on adventure photography. As a fan of his work, I was excited but hesitant at the same time, as I don’t own any expensive photography gear and don’t plan to climb Mount Everest.

Quick Summary of Jimmy Chin Masterclass

What you will learn: The art of Adventure photography, principles for construction shoot for photos, Finding the right location, post-production, editing, building a team, finding clients, and many more.

Run Time:  20 video lessons (4 hours 10 minutes)

Who should consider it? Aspiring adventure photographers, photographers with some experience, and someone who has the basics knowledge about photography and want to make a successful career in the photography industry

Recommendation: 8/10 (It is one of the short and powered-packed masterclasses that teaches about the path of mastering adventure photography skills and becoming a successful photographer)

Jimmy Chin Masterclass Review

Still, I decided to take Jimmy Chin’s masterclass, as I wanted to learn about the mindset of the successful photographer and what made him so successful in the field of photography.

In this post, I have shared my experience of the Jimmy Chin Masterclass, from the topics it covers to the equipment and tools you need to master — this review will cover everything you need to know.

But before that, let’s have a quick overview of what this post covers 

  • About Jimmy Chin MasterClass
  • Overview of the Jimmy Chin MasterClass
  • Things covered in Jimmy Chin MasterClass
  • Who should consider Jimmy Chin MasterClass?
  • What did I like about Jimmy Chin MasterClass?
  • Pros and cons of the Jimmy Chin MasterClass
  • Is it worth buying the Jimmy Chin MasterClass?

So grab your cup of coffee and get ready for the ride of the photography world.

About the Instructor: Who is Jimmy Chin?

If you are reading this article, then you most probably have an idea about Jimmy Chin and what he is known for, but if you don’t know about him, here is a quick introduction to your instructor.

Jimmy Chin is a National Geographic Photographer, Mountain athlete, and Award-winning filmmaker who has created two of the most successful movies in his directing career: Free Solo and Meru.

Furthermore, he is also one of the New York Bestselling authors for his book There and Back: Photographs from the Edge, in which he covers his journey in photography and other essential components.

Additionally, he is known as one of the few who have skied down Mount Everest using the East Rudge Route, and due to his versatile career and expertise, he has received various awards and recognition. Here are some of his achievements.

  • National Geographic Adventurer of the Year (2018).
  • Co-director of award-winning documentary “Free Solo” (2018).
  • First to climb Mount Everest and ski down (2006).
  • Founder of production company Alpenglow Collective.
  • Photographed for top brands like Apple, Nike, Paramount.
  • Named one of the “25 Greatest Adventure Photographers” by Men’s Journal.
  • His photos have appeared in National Geographic, The New York Times

In his first-ever masterclass, he teaches everything you need to know about outdoor adventure photography and how to make a successful career in this industry.

Now let’s move into the next section and overview of the Jimmy Chin Masterclass

Overview of the Jimmy Chin MasterClass

Jimmy Chin masterclass is one of the most compressive photography courses. It covers everything about adventure and outdoor photography, from the principle of constructing a photo narrative to shooting, editing, post-production, and post-processing.

This masterclass also contains career advice and tips on building and leading teams. Most importantly, Jimmy shares the proven path to becoming a successful photographer and making money from this profession.

Furthermore, he also covers some of the fundamental principles of photography that he sticks to while capturing pictures of anything. These principles are beyond the basic principles. Therefore, this course is for people with basic photography knowledge.

This course consists of 20 lessons, each lasting 4 hours and 10 minutes. Each lesson covers different topics of photography, helping you gain a complete understanding of becoming a successful photographer.

Jimmy Chin Masterclass Review: Things covered

As previously mentioned, this course is mostly for aspiring photographers with basic knowledge of photography and how cameras work.

But that does not mean that a person who lacks the basic knowledge cannot take this course; in fact, this course covers some of the basic stuff as well as more topics and stories about Jimmy Chin’s life as a photographer.

Until now, you have seen a quick overview of the things that this course offers. Now, let’s dive more deeply into this masterclass, have an in-depth review of each lesson of this course, and discover what each of the lessons especially teaches you about photography.

Lessons 1-2: On Location: Climbing Photoshoot & Portraits and Natural Light

It is the first lesson of Jimmy Chin’s master class, in which he shares the process of adventure photography and the technical approach he follows while capturing the perfect image of any object or scene. 

To explain this concept even better, Jimmy has used the experience as a reference for shooting and climbing, which gives you a better idea of the direction of the course. 

The most interesting part of this lesson is that Jimmy had a seared behind-the-scenes look when he was capturing Conrad and what he was thinking while he was taking those photos. 

Some of the other things that you will learn in this lesson include

  • Effective use of lightning while taking pictures
  • What is the difference between commercial and editorial work? 
  • How to create the depth while taking pictures?  
  • Understand the use case of natural light. 

On the other hand, in the second part of this chapter, Jimmy shows you how to tell a story through your photography and the technical approach to capturing the image.

Overall, this chapter will give you a complete idea of using light and equipment and analysing the shooting conditions.

Lesson 3: Capturing Your Passions

In this chapter, Jimmy shares how you can find your passion for photography and identify what drives you in this industry. 

In addition, he uses his example of how climbing has helped him master a part of photography, and it is one of the things that drives him the most about photography. 

The exciting thing about this chapter is that he not only shows his example but also shares some practical tips that you can use to identify your passion and develop a unique voice in the photography industry.

Furthermore, he also shares a list of the things that influenced him to make a career in the photography industry.

What I like about this lesson is his philosophies on dealing with failure and finding your unique style as a photographer, which will help you stand out.

Lastly, he shares why you should always set a high standard and raise your bar for yourself to grow in this industry.

Lessons 4-5: Principles of Narrative: Concept, Research and Pitch & The Shoot and the Edit

From my experience, it is one of the most important lessons for any aspiring photographer. In this lesson, Jimmy shares his personal approach to Editorial work and lays out some of the important methods and steps that you can use to prepare for your shoot.

To explain this concept in a better way, he uses his own project, Yosemite, as an example to teach you about the process of editorial projects; this process includes the 4 main steps, which are

  • Research and conceptualizing your idea
  • Pitching the idea
  • Shoot for the story
  • Edit the story

Additionally, this lesson also teaches you how to overcome challenges when dealing with any client and convey your feelings through the image.

Most importantly, you will learn how to present your ideas to the board and get approval. From my experience, it is this course’s most vital and interesting lesson.

What I like the most about this chapter is that the instructor has used various examples of his own work, including National Geographic, and what these clients expect from you as a photographer.

Photo Studies: Shooting at the Top

In this chapter, Jimmy dives deep into sharing his experiences and approach to shooting at the top and how he used his problem-solving skills while taking such pictures. 

He also walked you through one of his urban projects and showed you how to plan your shot and overcome the challenges and difficulties of shooting at the top.

Furthermore, this lesson also covers how you can add the human element to your work and use natural light to make your picture even more stunning. You will also learn about his collaborative process and how he uses creativity while taking shots.

One of the demerits of this video lesson is that it contains technical terms that the instructor does not explain, which might be a problem for many new people. However, he shared all the glossaries in his workbook that you could refer to and learn about such terms.

Commercial Work: Pitching and Working With Clients

It is one of the exciting lessons of this course, where Jimmy shares practical tips for commercial photography and how to find clients for your work.

But to give you better ideas, Jimmy starts this lesson by explaining the differences between commercial and editorial work and their pros and cons, which helps you shape your pitch.

It is one of the essential lessons for photographers as they have to pitch a project at some point in their career. But before that, you need to understand the difference between commercial and editorial projects and handcraft your pitch accordingly.

Commercial Case Study: Canon Shoot

As previously discussed about commercial photography, in this lesson, Jimmy will walk you through the commercial projects that he worked on with Canon.

He has shared the entire process, from organizing to capturing to delivering the images quickly to the client without compromising on quality.

Furthermore, you will also get access to the scene look, which will help you learn how he planned and sorted this to the Waddington range in southwestern British Columbia.

This lesson will give you an insightful understanding of organizing, executing, and delivering a commercial photograph to the client.

Lastly, this section covers planning the shot, selecting the right location for the commercial photo shoot, and the tools you need to approach the clients.

Lessons 10-11: Photo Studies: Creative Partnerships & Building and Leading a Team

In this lesson, Jimmy discusses the importance of collaboration and how to succeed in the project. By sharing the same vision, you can get the best out of your team.

Not only that, but he also shared his own approach to building long-term relations with your team. Some of the other things included in this chapter are 

  • How to build a trust with your talent?
  • How to work with the athletes who have the same goals?
  • How to build a successful team?
  • How to be flexible and change according to situations?

Chin introduces you to his teammates, including Conrad Anker and Dean Potter. This lesson also covers the framework for building strong relationships with your team and dealing with conflict.

Another thing that Chin has highlighted in this lesson is the importance of having a clear idea about what you want to achieve from the shoot and how you will get there, ensuring safety measures.

Lesson 12: Photo Studies: Mountain Architecture

He walks you through some of his mountain photo shoot work and explains how you can get the most out of the mountain shooting area. Here are some of the lessons that you will learn from this chapter.

  • How to manage your task while climbing mountain?
  • How to use the composition rule taking photos?
  • How does weather affect the natural light?

You will also understand Jimmy’s idea of the leading line and how to use this concept to place subjects in landscape photography to create a balanced image.

This lesson was personal for me as Jimmy shared his own opinions and preferences about mountain photography. He also used some of the examples to make the concept even easier to understand.

One drawback of this lesson is that Jimmy has used some technical terms that might be hard for the beginner to understand, but you can always refer to the workbook included in this course. 

Lesson 13: Editing

If you are interested in photography, then you most probably know how important it is to edit your Image before sending it to your client.

In this lesson, Jimmy shared his entire editing process and the strategy he has been using for the past few years.

You will also learn to critically analyze any picture and understand the details of selecting the final photo and sending it to the client.

The best thing about this lesson is that Jimmy introduced his editor and showed you the exact strategy, from choosing the images to enhancing them using editing software.

Jimmy Editor has also made the complex process much easier to understand, making this lesson even more worthwhile.

What I liked about this lesson is they both explained the concept so well that even if you are unfamiliar with the editing software, you will understand everything about the editing process.

Lessons 14-15: Post-Processing: Conrad on the Wall & Portrait

It is a combination of two lessons. In the first part, Jimmy teaches you how to approach post-production, especially for commercial shoots. He also shares the step-by-step process that you can follow for post-production.

Some of the other important lessons that you will learn in this chapter include 

  • How to fix the common problem while Outdoor shooting 
  • When to make the changes to your photographs?
  • How to make your image stand out from the crowd?

Furthermore, Jimmy also shares his different techniques and methods of post-production for both editorial and commercial photo shoots.

Most importantly, he also teaches how to create a balance between the photos, making them look natural and giving them a different look.

From my experience, this lesson is a bit longer than other lessons, but you will see every edit in real time and the before-and-after comparison, which makes this concept very clear.

Lesson 16: Gear: Cameras, Lenses, Power & Storage

In this lesson, Jimmy shared details about the essential gear needed for adventure and outdoor photography, things to consider when choosing camera lenses, and storage options.

Here are some of the important lessons that have been covered in the chapter 

  • Overview of the Jimmy camera and the lenses
  • Types of different lenses for the lighting scenarios
  • What kinds of lenses you should for lightweight gear?
  • Best lenses that you can choose as beginners 

 Additionally, he explains each camera and lens in the video, which helps you get a complete idea of what you need for different types of photo shoots.

Lastly, Jimmy shared some practical tips for preparing storage for photography trips. His advice will help you decide what equipment to bring, ensuring you’re well-prepared for your adventures.

The selection is mostly useful for people with photography experience, as Jimmy shared some great advice for people looking to get started with adventure photography.

Lesson 17: Settings: Modes, ISO, Focus and Depth of Field

In this camera setting lesson, Jimmy teaches you about the different camera modes and scan levels that you can use for your photography. He also shares his camera settings and his preferred modes for the Shoot.

Furthermore, he also shared the best camera modes for the different genres and the settings you should prioritize as per the client’s demands. Here are some of the other things included in this lesson.

  • Making the changes to the setting before the Shoot
  • Types of different camera modes
  • How to layer the image 
  • Jimmy Philosophies on the camera settings.

This lesson will give you unique insights into camera settings and modes. You will also learn how to experiment with different settings and enhance the level of your photography skills.

He also shared his own strategy and shortcut for the camera setting, especially if you have a tight deadline. At the end of this lesson, I had a clear idea about the different camera settings and modes.

Lesson 18: Career Advice: Building a Body of Work

Now, let’s move into the most important part of this course, which is building a career in photography and getting directly from the most famous photographer of all time, Jimmy Chin.

In this lesson, Jimmy shares what has helped him throughout his journey to becoming one of the most successful photographers of all time. 

Some of the things he mentioned with newbie photographers include building your Portfolio, giving time to complete the assignment, and researching your field regularly.

He also shared his journey and the mistakes he has made along the way to gain search and use success in the photography industry. And here are some of the this lesson covers include 

  • How can you master the art of photography even if you are a beginner?
  • How do you build the right mindset to succeed in the photography industry?
  • How do you create an attractive Portfolio to get clients?
  • How do you build a brand of your name in the market?
  • How do you develop problem-solving skills?

Furthermore, he also shares some practical tips for attracting clients, sharpening your skills, and making a successful career in photography.

Lastly, he also shared some of his tips on building a brand and standing out from the crowd, and I found this lesson to be one of the most practical in the masterclass.

Lessons 19-20: Becoming a Photographer: Jimmy’s Story & Conclusion: Be Present On Your Journey

This is the last part of this masterclass. In this lesson, Jimmy shares his story of how he found his passion for photography and became one of the most successful photographers of all time.

This journey was fun, inspiring, and humble, and it is worth listening to for any aspiring photographer.

He also shared how he has explored multiple fields, made a name for himself, and achieved success and fame.

He also teaches about his different paths to balance his life and his passion for photography.

Moreover, some of the other things that he shared in this lesson include 

  •  What are some things that influenced him to pursue a photography career?
  • How did he make the connection with different people?
  • How do you build the character to pursue a career in photography?

I promise that by the end of this masterclass, you will have a complete idea of what it takes to make a successful career in the world of photography.

Lastly, he concludes his masterclass by highlighting the importance of honesty with yourself, hard work, and consistency in making a successful career in the photography industry.

Who Should Consider Jimmy Chin MasterClass?

As said earlier, this masterclass is not designed for the absolute beginner because it contains advanced terms and technical aspects, including the editing process, camera settings, and many more, which you can only understand if you have basic knowledge about photography.

So, after watching all the lessons of this master class and going through the workbook, which is included in it, here are the three types of people who can consider buying this course.

Adventure photography beginner

The first group of people who can consider this master class are aspiring adventure photographers or people interested in learning about adventure and outdoor photography.

This master class covers everything that you need to know to become a successful adventure photographer. 

It includes everything from finding your passion for photography to selecting the right location, buying the right gear, learning the art of editing, and, most importantly, finding the client for your business. 

This masterclass has covered everything to make a successful career in the photography industry.

Photographers with some experience

Are you already in the photography industry and have years of experience? If so, then you can also consider Jimmy Chin’s masterclass, and Jimmy has shared some of the advanced concepts and lessons that will help you to master this photography skill even in a better way.

These advanced concepts include making an attractive portfolio, finding a high-ticket client, pitching to the client, executing the project, delivering the promised output, and many more. 

He has shared his entire process of getting the client and building the team that works with him.

Admirers of Jimmy Chin Fans

You should consider this course if you already know Jimmy Chin and admire his work. 

He has here his entire journey from finding his passion for photography to the challenges he faced in order to become one of the most successful photographers in the world.

Furthermore, he also shared a list of resources and advice that have helped him achieve huge success in this photography and receive various awards and recognition from the people.

Ultimately, this course is specially designed for people with a basic knowledge of photography; if you don’t have it, it’s better to clear your basics before deciding on this concept.

Jimmy Chin Masterclass Review: What I liked about this course?

Undoubtedly, this is one of the most comprehensive masterclasses on adventure photography, and Jimmy has explained everything he knew and learned from his experience in this industry.

He might not be as engaging as the other teacher on the masterclass platform, but the knowledge he has shared in this course is invaluable and insightful.

Let’s look at some of the lessons I liked about this course, which are worth considering before you invest your hard-earned money in it.

Detailed and comprehensive masterclass 

To be honest, I have taken various courses on the masterclass, but it is one of the most detailed and comprehensive, covering almost every topic that one needs to know about adventure photography.

Jimmy has covered a wide range of topics in this master class, from finding your passion to selecting the right location, making changes to your camera setting, taking the perfect shoot, Finding the client, Building the team, and more.

This master class covers everything Jimmy has learned so far after working with the client and organization of that different company. It helps you set the right foundation from the start of your journey.

Contains Real-life example 

Another thing that makes this course even more helpful for the learner is the real-life examples of Jimmy’s projects and work, which help you understand the concept better.

Another feature that makes this course more valuable is its good structure and easy-to-follow lessons. These enable users to learn and implement the concept in real-time and gain practical exposure.

For example, in the editing lesson, Jimmy showed the complete editing process on the screen, and I understood every concept around it even though I had little knowledge about editing.

Insider secrets about photography 

Jimmy believes in helping people, and he shared all the secrets about photography that he has had for years about making various mistakes in his career.

He shared tips about outdoor photography, choosing the right location, working under tight deadlines, and, most importantly, how you can build a successful career as an adventure and outdoor photographer.

It’s good to see someone who is honest and open about his work. He does not hesitate to share his secrets with fellow learners, clearly showing his helping nature.

The best part is that most of these tips are practical, and you can easily apply them to your work or life to master the skill of photography.

Jimmy Chin Masterclass Review: Things to Improve

From my experience, Jimmy Masterclass is worth considering if you have the basic knowledge for adventure, an interest in making a successful career in this industry, and a desire to learn from the experience of Jimmy Chin, a successful photographer of all time.

However, there are still a few things that could be improved in this masterclass to make it even more helpful and interactive for the learners.

Not Beginner Friendly 

I liked most of the topics this masterclass covered related to adventure and outdoor photography. I enjoyed Jimmy’s journey and experience, which are explained in this course.

However, one of the major drawbacks of this course is that it is not designed for beginners and does not contain basic photography lessons, which can be an issue for anyone who is just getting started with adventure photography.

From my experience adding some basic information about the adventure photography can make these course even more accessible and helpful for the aspiring photographers.

Technical terms are not explained. 

Another drawback of this masterclass is that in various scenarios, the technical terms used in the course are not well explained and can cause issues for someone unaware of such terms.

Although the workbook provided with the scores is helpful and explains all the terms used in this master class, explaining the technical terms along with the video lesson can be more helpful for the learner, and they can understand the concept without any hurdles.

Less engaging compared to other teachers

I accept that every instructor has their teaching style and explains the concept, but I found Jimmy less engaging than the other teachers. 

He doesn’t speak in a very structured way, and in many parts, I feel that he is having a conversation with someone rather than teaching the concepts.

But it’s not a big issue. Sometimes, it’s good to have a relaxed and casual mentor, but I can understand that it can be discouraging for some people.

In fact, in many lessons, he has not explained the technical terms, as this course is mostly for people with basic knowledge of photography.

Jimmy Chin Materclass Review: Pros & Cons

In my experience, the Jimmy Chin Masterclass is the best course, especially if you are an aspiring photographer or someone who wants to sharpen your skills before making buying decisions.

Here is a list of the pros and cons that you consider to make the informed decision

Pros of Jimmy Chin Masterclass

  • It gives you the complete work process of Jimmy Chin
  • It contains practical and real-life examples of photography
  • Precise and easy-to-follow lessons to understand concepts easily
  • Covered the insider tips of Jimmy Chin and his proven advice
  • Provides you with the workbook containing a glossary.

Cons of Jimmy Chin Masterclass

  • It is not beginner-friendly and requires basic knowledge
  • Many technical terms are not explained
  • Jimmy is not an engaging teacher as compared to others.

If you are considering investing your hard-earned money in this course, consider the above pros and cons and make an informed decision.

How much does the Jimmy Chin Masterclass cost?

As mentioned at the start of this post, this course is hosted on the Masterclass platform, which is popular for offering high-quality courses. You need to buy a subscription to this platform to get access to the Judd Apatow masterclass.

Currently, this platform offers customers three types of subscription options that you can consider based on your requirements and budget.

  • Standard Plan: $120 Per Year ( Access to 1 Device and No offline Mode)
  • Plus: $180 Per year (access to 2 Devices and Offline Mode)
  • Premium: $240 Per Year (access to 6 Devices and Offline mode)

Each of the plans has its specifications. To get more idea about the pricing of the masterclass, you can check out the complete guide on the masterclass review.

Is it worth buying Jimmy Chin Masterclass? 

Yes, buying Jimmy Chin Masterclass is worth it, especially if you are an aspiring photographer or want to make a career in adventure photography.

Jimmy has shared all his experiences and the learning that made him one of the most successful photographers in the world. In this masterclass, he has covered a wide range of photography topics, which helps to master this skill.

From my experience after going through the entire course and spending more than 4 hours with Jimmy Chin, I can honestly say that I have gained various insights about adventure photography and how it works in real life.

Most importantly, Jimmy Chin has also shared effective ways to get high-ticket clients, build success, and market yourself in this crowded space, which makes this course even more worth considering.

But if you don’t have the basic knowledge about photography, then this course might not be the perfect fit for you. This course contains advanced concepts and technical terms you can only understand with basic knowledge.


This is my honest Jimmy Chin masterclass review post, where I share every vital thing that you need to know before investing your hard-earned money in this course.

I hope from this review post you understand everything about this course and make an informed decision to consider this masterclass.

But from my experience, if you are looking for a proven guide and want to learn from the world’s successful people, then there is no better option than considering Jimmy Chin’s Masterclass review.

But if you still have any questions regarding Jimmy Chin’s Masterclass, please let me know in the comments section. I will be happy to assist with your queries.


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