Elaine Welteroth Masterclass Review in 2024 (Is is Worth It)

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Imagine someone who has spent years studying and learning the essential skills to land a job at her dream company.

She finally got the opportunity and was selected for her dream job. She is happy with her life; however, after working for a few years, he realizes that he has other dreams and passions to pursue.

One day, she left her high-paying job to follow her passion and restart her career from scratch. By God’s grace and hard work, she became a successful author, New York Times best-seller, talk show host, and judge of various kinds.

She was none other than Elaine Welteroth, who followed the same path from leaving her job as a journalist to becoming one of the most influential people in the world.

Quick Summary of Elaine Welteroth Masterclass

What you will learn: The art of designing your career from scratch, finding your zone of genius, building a team, marketing yourself, dealing with imposter syndrome, and many more.

Run Time: 15 video lessons (2 hours 1 minute)

Who should consider: Aspiring entrepreneur, working professional, and anyone who wants to pursue passion and dream but doesn’t know where to begin.

Recommendation: 8/10. It is the perfect power-packed master class for anyone who wants to learn about the art of designing their career from scratch and discover the industry’s top secrets.

Elaine Welteroth Masterclass Review

Recently, she launched her course masterclass on designing your career, where she shared the exact process that helped her succeed.

In this Elaine Welteroth Masterclass Review, I will share everything you need to know to decide whether this course is worth considering.

Before that, let’s see what this post covers about the masterclass.

  • About Matthew Walker 
  • Overview of the Elaine Welteroth Masterclass 
  • Things covered in Elaine Welteroth’s masterclass 
  • Who should consider Elaine Welteroth’s masterclass?
  • What did I like about Elaine Welteroth’s masterclass?
  • Pros and cons of the Elaine Welteroth Masterclass
  • Is it worth buying the Elaine Welteroth masterclass?

Let’s get started without any further delay and explore the Elaine Welteroth Masterclass in detail.

About the Instructor: Who is Elaine Welteroth?

Elaine Welteroth is a New York time bestselling author, award-winning journalist, and judge of Project Runway. She is known for being one of the youngest editors in chief at a Conde Nast publication.

In addition, she has worked as a TV show host for Washington Post Columnist, and currently, she is the leading expert and advocate of the next generation.

She was recently appointed as Michelle Obama’s cultural ambassador. She has written the hit show Gorwn-ish and has also appeared on cameras for a range of media outlets, including ABC News and Netflix.

Moreover, She has received various awards and Recognition in her journey of becoming an inspiration for various people. Here are some of them.

  1. Became the youngest editor-in-chief at Condé Nast (Teen Vogue) at 29.
  2. Second African American editor-in-chief at Condé Nast publication.
  3. Transformed Teen Vogue into a socially conscious, inclusive magazine.
  4. New York Times bestselling author for memoir “More Than Enough.”
  5. Advocate for diversity and representation in media and fashion.

In this master class, Elaine shared her years of experience as editor-in-chief, becoming one of the bestselling authors of all time and an influencer representing fashion in a diversity of media channels.

Most importantly, she has shared the exact framework that has helped her to take this step and pursue her dream and the passion she always wanted, which will help you redesign your career from scratch.

Overview of the Elaine Welteroth Masterclass 

Elaine Walteroth’s Masterclass on Designing Your Career is a comprehensive Course hosted on a masterclass, a platform known for offering high-quality courses led by industry experts at an affordable price.

In this masterclass, Elaine has shared her exact steps on how to design your career and make it successful; she also shares her experiences and the lessons she has learned after working in the media industry for years.

Additionally, she also teaches you concepts like finding your passion, overcoming self-doubt, building leadership skills, networking with people, improving your communication skills, and many more, and this course covers everything you need to know to make a successful career out of your passion.

Here is the complete list of lessons that this master class teaches you about designing your career.

  1. Meet Your Instructor: Elaine Welteroth
  2. Uncover Your Zone of Genius
  3. Build Your Career Blueprint
  4. Build Your Network
  5. Search for Opportunities and Side Hustles
  6. Taking the Leap to Be Your Own Boss
  7. Game Plan for Financial Confidence
  8. Strategize Your Work-Life Balance
  9. Present Yourself for Opportunity
  10. Marketing: The Art of Putting Yourself and Your Work Out There
  11. Building Your Team
  12. Essential Writing Skills
  13. You’re Not an Imposter
  14. Navigating Cancel Culture
  15. Be the Boss of Your Own Life

Furthermore, this masterclass also includes a workbook that will help you understand the glossary used in this course and some bonus tips on finding opportunities and networking with other high-quality people.

What is included in Elaine Welteroth Masterclass?

Elaine Welteroth’s Masterclass consists of 15 video lessons, each lasting 2 hours. Each lesson teaches you a specific thing about making your career successful.

In this section, I will provide an in-depth review of the lessons this course teaches you about redesigning your career and helping you make the right decision about considering it.

So, let’s dive deeper into this and understand things in detail without any further delay.

Meet Your Instructor: Elaine Welteroth

Unlike any other course, this course also starts with an introduction, where Elaine shares his experience, journey, and background and how she has found her passion for becoming a successful journalist and New York time best seller.

Additionally, She has given you the overview of what this master class teaches you about making a successful career and redesigning it from scratch.

From my experience, this lesson is designed to help the learner connect more with the instructor and better understand the concept in a better way.

Uncover Your Zone of Genius

In this lesson, Elaine Starts by teaching you about an individual’s limitless sense of possibility and how they can use it for soul-searching and identify their passion and values because it acts as GPS that helps you know the direction of your carrer.

She also teaches you about the Zone of Genius, which simply means the sweet spot of the intersection of your passion, talent, value, and skills.

In other words, she defines it as something that you love doing, something that nobody else can do better than you in your field, and something that must be unique, like fingerprints.

To sum up, this lesson covers the importance of understanding your Zone of Genius. It is a critical process that can become your compass when you feel lost. Lastly, it also provides you with the framework to stay focused on what matters most to you.

Build Your Career Blueprint

In this lesson on building your career blueprint, Elaine teaches you about having a big-picture vision for your career. This allows you flexibility and allows you to make a mistake without worrying too much about going off track because, in the end, you know what your vision is all about.

In addition, she mentioned that a blueprint for your career is a 30,000-foot view of your career path, which is the combination of your short-term and long-term goals.

To explain this concept better, she uses the analogy of an eagle’s eye and a hawk’s eye, which represents the big-picture view of your career and the details of your day-to-day tasks.

Furthermore, she also encourages you to think about the people you admire in your field, make them role models, and learn everything about them that made them successful. For example, she uses the example of Harritee Cole, whom she admires and learns everything about.

In essence, this lesson teaches you about having a clear and big reason for your career and breaking down your goals into short—and long-term ones in order to take the right steps toward a successful career.

Build Your Network

In this lesson, Elaine teaches you about the importance of networking and explains to you how most people don’t have a trust fund or a fallback plan. Still, they have the people who can support them in their tough times, and these are the people who give you honest feedback. It’s always important for you to keep these people around you.

In addition, she suggests you have a board of advisors. These five to ten people always want to support you in various ways, not necessarily financially. Think of yourself as a businessman, and these people are your advisors and supporters.

Furthermore, she encourages you to surround yourself with people who can give you advice and support you in your tough times. Make sure you also support them and remember them in their tough times. That’s how networking helps you redesign your career.

Search for Opportunities and Side Hustles

In this lesson on searching for a side opportunity, Elaine teaches you how she started her career during a global recession as a side hustle, giving her flexibility and allowing her to pursue their passion and dream with her day job.

You can also do the same if you are already working in a company. Then, you can invest some time in pursuing your passion along with your job.

Moreover, she also mentioned that sometimes a side hustle can even create a new job for you. She explained that while working as an assistant at Ebony magazine, she noticed they were not invited to fashion shows.

Elaine took the initiative, contacted the designer, and received the invitation, although it is not part of her job. She still did it to make some good friends for free.

Overall, this lesson will demonstrate the importance of taking the initiative and investing the time to search for side hustle opportunities along with your job to perceive your fashion or dream.

Taking the Leap to Be Your Own Boss

Undoubtedly, we all want to be our own bosses and do what we want, whenever we want, and wherever we want, but Elaine first teaches you about identifying your strengths and planning your career before quitting your job.

But now the big question arises: How do you know when it’s the right time to quit your job and bet on yourself?

She explained very well that you should always get something in return for your hard work, but sometimes you might feel like quitting because you are underpaid, Unappreciated, or bored with your job.

She has been there, too, and she teaches that you shouldn’t make a rash decision. First, you need to ask yourself whether you have reached the point where you can manage your finances or have the skills to achieve your financial goal.

On the other hand, she shares her wisdom that you should always think carefully about whether you are gaining more from your current job or from your side, and consider both things so you don’t have any regrets after making a decision.

Lastly, she mentioned that it’s really scary to leave a stable and high-paying job, but this wear can keep you stuck, and you will not get a fulfilled life, so it’s better to learn how to manage your fears.

Game Plan for Financial Confidence

Leaving a high-paying job is really scary, and she talks about how you can overcome your financial fear when considering quitting your job to follow your passion.

She understands your worry about paying bills, rent, health insurance, or other expenses. Still, whenever you feel overwhelmed by fear or self-doubt, it’s crucial for you to make a plan and act accordingly.

Most importantly, she did not mention that you just need to quit your job to follow your passion; instead, she suggested that you must have a solid game plan to survive and make a successful career.

Furthermore, she highlights the importance of financial confidence, which is far different from financial security. Financial confidence comes from having a solid plan; she advises revisiting your goals, clarifying what you want to achieve, and being honest with yourself.

Strategize Your Work-Life Balance

Chasing a dream is undoubtedly one of the greatest things any individual can do to fulfill their life. In this lesson, Elaine shows you the importance of self-care in this process.

She also mentioned that burnout is real, and if you are thinking of making a successful career, then without a self-care plan, you cannot succeed in it.

Additionally, she acknowledges the hustle culture that encourages individuals to work hard. Still, it’s important to have a work-life balance and only accept projects that add value to your life or teach you new skills or knowledge.

Furthermore, Elaine has shared her own strategy that she made a pact with herself that she only accepted the project that she felt passionate about opportunity project which really energized her.

Lastly, she taught you not to say yes to every opportunity because doing so will make you burnt out and anxious about your goals.

Maybe you feel like giving up on your dream, so it’s better to have a balanced approach and manage your work and life while chasing your dream.

Present Yourself for Opportunity

You all have heard the saying that preparation always meets opportunity. Similarly, in this particular lesson, Elaine emphasizes the power of a good outfit and explains how your outfit decides how people perceive you before giving you any opportunity.

She also shares her personal approach to how you can staple your item and streamline the decision-making process because, as an entrepreneur, you have a limited time, so you cannot wear and design something of your own. So it’s always better to have a go-to style as it saves your energy and time.

Elaine showed you how she had streamlined her decision-making process and stapled items like her curly hair, white boots, gold glasses, and structured suit, which balanced her personality and showed her professionalism.

Most importantly, she reminds you that you don’t need to become a fashion icon to develop a look that supports your business and represents your brand because that matters a lot.

Lastly, she also shares tips for people who are struggling with fashion. She suggests they create a mood board of what they like, study people with a singular style, and experiment with their Outfits.

Marketing: The Art of Putting Yourself and Your Work Out There

If you want to land an opportunity or network with high-quality people, show your work. The best way to do this is by having the right marketing strategy. Elaine has stressed the importance of marketing, especially through social media.

She teaches you how social media is a very powerful, free tool today, and you can use it to market yourself, especially when you don’t have too much money to spend on marketing.

Moreover, she uses the analogy of a shopfront window, where he highlights the importance of keeping your storefront attractive and updated to draw people’s attention. In other words, you need to post content regularly to keep your audience engaged.

Furthermore, she also teaches you how to create a schedule for your social media posts, which helps you manage your time better and reduce the stress of finding ideas for your posts every day.

Lastly, she ends this lesson by sharing some of the tools that she uses for her social media and how you can use them for your own, especially if you are a new content creator.

Building Your Team

Now, let’s move into the next section, which teaches you that you cannot do everything alone. If you have a dream, then you need people and support to accomplish those goals.

Another thing worth noting is that finding the right people is a time-consuming process, as you need to find the team that aligns with your values and system.

She suggests that entrepreneurs develop their company’s values and culture because only then can they hire the right people to support their businesses or ideas.

Furthermore, I liked her tip on why you should focus on hiring people gradually and understand what help you need from them.

To sum up, Elaine shared her experience of trying the Hollywood way of having various agents and managers. Later, she realized that things do not work like that, so she recommends that you find support that fits your goals and values.

Essential Writing Skills

From my experience, good writing skills are relevant irrespective of any field, and that’s what Elaine teaches you about how writing has helped her develop her career, from collaborating with high-quality people to getting the opportunity she always wanted. Writing skills have always been a best friend for her.

She stressed the importance of learning writing skills and developing one’s authentic and professional voice because both are different and can be used elsewhere.

Later, she discusses the difference between professional and authentic voices and which one you must use based on your purpose.

Moreover, she also shared her personal experience of how she used to model her manager’s email style and studied how to communicate via email. She found that you were slow.

In the end, you also need to proofread your writing so it is free of mistakes and looks professional to the person you are sending your email or a presentation to.

In essence, this lesson is all about building your writing skills and developing your unique voice to succeed in your career and work with high-value people in your field.

You’re Not an Imposter

In this section, Elaine discusses the imposter syndrome, which many people experience, especially when starting something new or pursuing a passion or dream.

Moreover, she also explained that it is not only the feeling you experience but the type of feeling that every successful individual experiences.

But instead of escaping this feeling, Elaine teaches you to recognize it and challenge the negative self-talk associated with your imposter syndrome.

Meanwhile, she has also shared some tips on how to overcome this imposter syndrome. These tips include listening to positive affirmations, reading good books, and finding a personal mantra to get rid of this feeling.

In the end, you need to understand that imposter syndrome is a feeling everyone experiences. You need to take it as a challenge and learn the pattern to recognize and disrupt it confidently.  

Navigating Cancel Culture

In this chapter on navigating the cancel culture, Elaine discusses the reality of being canceled for creating disruptive content. She shares her personal experience of being canceled during her time as a beauty director at Teen Vogue. She encountered this many times throughout her career.

That’s one of the main reasons she teaches you to be prepared for being canceled, take it as a lesson, and bounce back with more energy and the course. Sometimes, your ideas, writing, and various things get canceled.

Be the Boss of Your Own Life

In this last lesson, Elaine shared some of her personal experiences about herself in unexpected situations, like when she met with Michelle Obama and Oprah Winfrey.

She admitted that she felt intimidated and unsure of what to say in this situation, and that’s why she is teaching you the importance of preparing for such movement in advance using visualization and role-playing.

Elaine suggests that the learners practice overcoming their nervousness and be ready for any kind of opportunity. She also mentions that it is okay to feel nervous.

But it’s equally important to remind yourself that taking risks is essential for your growth, and the main motive of sharing her experiences is to inspire you to embrace such movement and learn from it as it contributes towards professional development.

Who should consider Elaine Welteroth’s masterclass?

From my experience completing this course and going through all the chapters of this masterclass, I would say that this course is specially designed for people who are serious about resigning their careers from scratch but don’t have a clear path from where to begin.

This master class teaches you everything you need to know to redesign your career and make it successful by leveraging your passion and dreams.

However, other people can still consider this course, as you can see below.

  • Young professional seeking advice on career development and finding purpose.
  • People who are doing the job are thinking of pursuing the career of their passion.
  • People who want to start something of their own but don’t know where to begin
  • Anyone interested in learning effective communication and networking techniques

In essence, anyone can consider this course if they are serious about redesigning their career from scratch out of their passion but don’t have a clear roadmap or guidance on where to begin and make it successful.

What did I like about Elaine Welteroth’s Masterclass?

Overall, my experience with this course is wonderful. I have learned various lessons from Elaine, and some of the advice is applicable and can be implemented after completing this master class. Here are some things that I liked most about this course.

Comprehensive and detailed masterclass

This is undoubtedly one of the most comprehensive and detailed master classes on designing your career. It has covered the various concepts that will help you and give you a clear idea about what it takes to make a successful career out of your passion or dream.

These things include finding your passion, creating a successful career blueprint, building a network with high-value people, marketing yourself, achieving financial confidence, building your team, and many more.

This masterclass has covered everything vital about designing your carrer from scratch, even if you don’t know where to begin.

Helpful Workbook

What really impressed me about this master class is its workbook, which is included with the course; this is one of the most beautifully designed workbooks that covers various tips about designing your career. Most importantly, it has also explained some of the glossary terms that have Been used throughout the course.

It also considers the various assignments and practical exercises, which will enhance your learning experience and help you grasp the concept even better.

Drawbacks of Elaine Welteroth Masterclass

As mentioned before, I have completed this course from scratch, and to be honest, I have found it helpful and learned various lessons.

But, while watching this course, I felt that a few things could be improved to make the learning experience even more interactive for the learners, and here are some of them.

Few pieces of advice are vague and not implementable

There is no doubt that Elaine has years of experience in this industry and has made a successful career out of her passion and dream. I’ve become one of the most influential personalities.

But still, from my experience, there are some lessons in this masterclass where the advice is to seek a word in the chapter that is not implementable or less actionable.

It is difficult for anyone to implement it in real life and get hands-on experience, specifically the lesson around overcoming your fears and managing imposter syndrome.

Fewer Case Studies and real-life examples

After completing more than 40+ courses in the master class, I would say that this is one of the master classes that really has fewer case studies and real-life examples. Adding case studies and real-life examples makes the courses even more understandable and interactive for the Learners.

So, if you are someone who better understands real-life examples or crazy studies, then you might feel disappointed in this course compared to the other master class courses.

So, from my experience, I found these two drawbacks of this course that you can also consider if you are considering investing your hard-earned money in it.

Elaine Weleroth Masterclass: Pros & Cons

Overall, my experience with this course has been really good. I have learned various concepts about building a successful career, including finding your passion, creating your brand, finding the right opportunities, networking with the right people, and more.

However, as you know, every course has its own pros and cons, and this course is no longer an exception.

Let’s examine the pros and cons of Elaine Weleroth, which will help you make the right decision about investing in this course.

Pros of Elaine Weleroth Masterclass

  • Taught by a highly successful and renowned expert in the field.
  • A comprehensive masterclass covers every vital concept
  • Provides the additional workbook to help you implement your learning
  • Consist of actionable advice that is easy to implement
  • The teaching style is very interactive and engaging.

Cons of Elaine Weleroth Masterclass

  • Contains less content around marketing.
  • Some advice is difficult to implement.

How Much Does Elaine Weleroth Masterclass Cost?

As mentioned before, this course is hosted on the Masterclass platform, which is known for offering high-quality courses. You need to buy a subscription to this platform to get access to this Elaine Welroth Masterclass.

Currently, this platform offers customers three types of subscription options that you can consider based on your requirements and budget.

  • Standard Plan: $120 Per Year ( Access to 1 Device and No offline Mode)
  • Plus: $180 Per year (access to 2 Devices and Offline Mode)
  • Premium: $240 Per Year (access to 6 Devices and Offline mode)

Each of the plans has its specifications. To get more idea about the pricing of the masterclass, you can check out the complete guide on the masterclass review.

Is Elaine Weleroth Masterclass worth it? 

Elaine Weleroth’s Masterclass is really worth it for anyone looking for guidance on designing their career out of their passion and dreams to make it successful starting from scratch.

In this masterclass, Elaine shared her complete journey from working as a journalist to becoming one of the most influential people and being rewarded with one of the best New York Times bestsellers for her book.

In addition, she has shared her years of experience working as a journalist, TV host, and judge of various shows. Her advice is actionable and practical; anyone can implement it easily without any hurdles.

In short, this master class is packed with knowledge from an expert who has been in this industry for a long time and has learned various lessons that he has collectively shared in this course, which makes it even more worth considering.

On the other hand, it is also worth noting that this course might not be suitable for people who have just started their careers and want to make a career out of their passion and dreams.

Overall, from my experience, this course is worth considering if you are looking for a roadmap for a successful career, but ultimately, whether you should consider this course or not will depend on your goal and the budget.


This Elaine Welteroth Masterclass gives you a complete idea of what this course teaches you about what it takes to reinvent your career and make it successful. Apart from that, we have also seen an in-depth review of each of the less. Now, you have everything you need to decide on buying this course.

But if I share my personal experience, this course is worth it for people who want to pursue a career in their passion and dream but don’t know where to begin their journey.

Ultimately, it depends upon an individual’s goal and budget, but if you still have an inquiry or question regarding Elaine Welteroth’s Masterclass Review, please let me know in the comments section. I will be happy to assist with your query.

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