Simplilearn Review in 2024: Legit? Is It Worth It?

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Are you looking for an honest review of Simplilearn Review in 2024? You are at the right place! As someone who spends the majority of time navigating the internet to find suitable courses for professional and personal development at a reasonable price (it is a cherry on top if they also provide accredited certificates), I have never heard of Simplilearn. I was looking up an online learning platform with an affordable and certified course on Data Science (one of the more expensive topics) when I stumbled upon Simplilearn. I started learning more about this platform, and despite all the negative reviews, I decided to give Simplilearn a fair shot. 

If you are short on time, here is an overview:

Quick Summary of Simplilearn Review

Simplilearn is an online learning platform that provides accredited certificates on several topics related to digital skills. It boasts partnerships with renowned organizations like IBM and IASSC and is supported by companies like Google and Hubspot. Their main goal is to provide skills in the digital economy at an affordable price. They also have a 7-day refund policy if you are unsatisfied with their courses. 

  • Accredited certificates for completing courses that top organizations recognize.
  • Integrative learning (a mix of live lectures, video lectures, and assignments).
  • You can download courses you have purchased from its app to learn offline as well.
  • If you are dissatisfied, it has a 7-day trial period and a 7-day money-back guarantee.
  • Community access that lets you interact with instructors and other students. 
  • Limited selection of courses.
  • No free courses are available, like Udemy or Coursera.
  • Negative feedback from users 
  • The quality of some of its content is questionable. 

If you are looking for courses that focus on improving your digital skills, then Simplilearn is the platform for you. The courses available on Simplilearn are all taught by expert instructors in the digital world. They also come with accredited certificates that are recognized by most companies. However, Simplilearn is also one of the few online learning platforms with so many conflicting reviews. Most of their users are let down by the quality of their courses, while others are frustrated by their lack of customer support.

Simplilearn Review in 2024: Legit? Is It Worth It?

Simplilearn is an online learning platform founded by Krishna Kumar in 2010. Its headquarters are situated in San Francisco, California, and an additional office is in Bengaluru, India. It is one of the leading platforms for providing digital skills for professional development. Its goal is to help its users achieve career-focused success swiftly. It has partnered with over 40 organizations that focus on accredited certifications like IASSC and Caltech. Companies like Google and Amazon support Simplilearn and recognize its courses and certificates when hiring. Simplilearn collaborates with world-renowned instructors and esteemed corporations to design courses that provide high-quality content for learners.

Is Simplilearn Legit?

It is normal to wonder if an online platform is legit since some of them charge an exorbitant sum of money for a single course.

When it comes to Simplilearn, it is completely okay to question its legitimacy and let me tell you that you are not alone in doing so. The sheer number of negative reviews on the internet for Simplilearn would make anyone doubt their authenticity. But let me assure you that this platform is 100% legit. They boast over one million users and 400+ courses on subjects like data science, data analysis, digital marketing, and more.

Fun fact: LinkedIn (which has its own learning platform) has named Simplilearn one of the most recognized learning platforms in the world.

Who should get Simplilearn?

Simplilearn aims to provide an online learning platform for people who want to learn new technology and business-related skills. These skills then help you move ahead in your career. So it is safe to assume that Simplilearn is mainly for people who want professional development. It also offers a recruitment feature, so if you complete your course in due time and with a good score, there is a chance that you might get hired directly.

The most unique thing about Simplilearn is that it provides integrative learning. What is that, you ask?

Integrative learning is a type of mixed learning that consists of video lessons, live classes taught by instructors, assignments to enhance your practical skills, and community access to ask your questions and request guidance. 

Simplilearn understands that each student is different and learns in a way that is more comfortable for them. So, it allows you to choose a medium of learning that you feel would be most helpful to you. You can either choose self-paced learning (video lessons) that you can finish at your own convenience or decide to take live lessons (instructor-led) if you are more of an aural learner (someone who learns more when listening). 

Combining all of these techniques gives you the best outcome and helps you retain the information quickly. This would also eventually help you remember everything you have learned more efficiently. 

So Simplilearn has a lot to offer people who want to learn in digital technology and marketing. 

How much does Simplilearn cost?

Simplilearn courses are affordable regarding what they have to offer, but make no mistake about thinking they are cheap. Some of the courses available on Simplilearn are over $2000. I understand that it is not a big sum of money if you are looking for quality education with accredited certificates, but it is still something to consider. 

Simplilearn has three different training options to choose from. It is important to know which one suits your needs the best to make an informed decision. 

Self-paced learning: You get lifetime access to 29 hours of learning that will be available to you whenever you want. The price starts from $600. It includes all the video lessons, supplemental course material (like case studies and projects), quizzes, and learner assistance and support that you can get 24/7. 

Blended learning: you get everything that comes with self-paced learning, and additionally, you get flexible access to online classes. The price starts from $800. These classes are all instructor-led and provide a better learning opportunity. You also get a chance to ask the instructors your questions one-on-one. The live online courses have 8–10 students per batch, which is not crowded. The classes also offer flexible schedules. 

Corporate training: this module is specifically designed for corporate employees and organizations. This service is tailored to your company’s needs and employee goals set by the company. The price can be adjusted according to your requirements and is customized for each package. To avail of this service, you need to contact their customer support team, and they will help you out. 

My Personal Experience with Simplilearn

To give my honest review of Simplilearn, it’s a good idea to check it out thoroughly and see what it offers. First and foremost, the process of signing up for new users is quite simple and easy to follow. But when it comes to their design and landing page, I must say they were outdated and bland. Also, the prompts provided are useless and leave you confused as to which course is the right choice for you.

After you navigate a little, you will find “the selector” feature that will guide you into choosing your areas of interest and then suggest courses relevant to those fields. After you select a course (in my case, data science), you will be able to preview the course for free. The preview contains the topics covered in the course and the time required to complete it. 

You also get the option to download a preview of the course content. It contains information like who the course is designed for, what you will learn, key features of the course, and more.

You can check out reviews of all the courses available on Simplilearn. But most of the reviews are highly rated, and I found them to be a little misleading.

The courses also include a course advisor section. It contains all the information you need to know about your instructor, like their description (which has their bio) and their job title (with experience). It helps you understand your instructor a little better to decide if they are the right fit for you.

There is an FAQ section as well that will have all the questions that people normally have about a course, but if you still have any additional questions, you can also contact customer support to provide you with the answers so you can choose a course that is perfect for you. 

What did I like about Simplilearn?

Simplilearn offers curated courses for people who want to develop their digital marketing and technical skills. So it is a very niche learning platform. Though the content of some of its courses is outdated, the quality of most of them is good. These courses are all taught by expert instructors. 

There are no free courses available on Simplilearn (unlike most online learning platforms), but it provides a 7-day free trial. 

I found the feature of selecting your own learning method to be unique and useful. Not all students are the same, and I appreciate that Simplilearn keeps that in mind and has courses designed to suit everyone’s needs. The blended learning feature is a new and refreshing idea.

Simplilearn also offers live classes that are taught by experienced instructors. The batches are also relatively small, and you also get to schedule the class at your convenience. You also get community access, where you can solve your doubts and discuss the lectures with other students and your instructor.

The best thing about Simplilearn for me is that its courses come with accredited certificates, and if you do well, you get recruited through Simplilearn as they are supported by organizations like Amazon and Pepsico. 

I also appreciate that they have a mobile app that can be used to download the content for offline learning.


Simplilearn is a platform with conflicting reviews, making it a little difficult to trust the quality of the content of their courses. Despite that, there are a few advantages too. The lesson plans are well thought out and designed for people wanting to develop their professional skills. The feature of asking your doubts and sharing your thoughts with your instructor and fellow learners is unique and interesting. Getting accredited certificates, along with the chance to get recruited, also seems like a great opportunity.

It is important to note that Simplilearn courses are a little on the pricier side, and though most of the courses have good reviews, it is difficult to verify them as Simplilearn is not as transparent with its users as Datacamo or Coursera. The customer support could be better. They do offer a 7-day refund policy, but a lot of users complain that they never receive their money back.

All things considered, Simplilearn is a good learning platform with a decent course catalog, but it is necessary that you do your own thorough research before you purchase a course. 

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