Mindy Weiss MasterClass Review – Best to Plan Your Wedding?

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Let me give you a tour inside my head: fairy lights twinkling, the dance floor shimmering with laughter, and every detail subtly screams “happily ever after.” That is my vision for my wedding day—a celebration bursting with personalized touches and enough awe to make even Pinterest take a bow.

You might have already guessed that I am about to get married (cue wedding processional), but you don’t know that I am no stranger to a glue gun and a ton of glitter. I have always had a flair for planning the most fabulous parties. Themed parties for my nieces (with a customized unicorn pinata I DIYed) and game nights with friends (with a charcuterie board that would make Martha Stewart weep with joy) are just the things I recently put together.

So, it was safe to assume that planning my own wedding would be a piece of cake, right? But I was wrong. While I can channel my inner creative crafter every now and then, planning a perfect wedding, felt like a whole new ball game. I spent night after night searching for a party planner that fits my budget and understands my imagination. That is when I found (celebrity party planner) Mindy Weiss.

Of course, she was out of my range, and that was heartbreaking. But I came across the next best thing. A MasterClass hosted by Mindy Weiss discussing how to plan a dream wedding (on a budget), and I screamed, “Sign Me Up.” 

I expected this class to be a “not your average” online course. After all, it was hosted by Hollywood’s go-to party planner. I was curious to see if this MasterClass offered insider tips, organizational hacks, and DIY ideas that could elevate my party or if it was a complete bust and a waste of my time. 

Hoping to ease my wedding planning jitters, I took this class, and boy, was it the ride of a lifetime. In this review, I will discuss all the ideas Mindy shares in this MasterClass, what I liked about it, and my key takeaways.

So, all the brides-to-be and future party planners, hold the conga line and let’s get this virtual party started.

Mindy Weiss MasterClass Review Summary:

If you are short on time, here is a quick summary you’ll know.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Calculate a realistic wedding budget
  • Select your perfect palette, decor, and venue
  • Build your entire wedding binder
  • Find your perfect photographer, makeup artist, and other vendors
  • Build a menu your guests will love
  • Create an ideal seating chart
  • Choose memorable drinks and desserts

Time Duration 

This class is 4 hours and 2 minutes long.


  • Learn from the party-planning legend
  • Tips for creating an attainable budget
  • Well-structured course content 
  • Actionable strategies for negotiating with vendors 
  • Tricks on creating the perfect floor plan


  • Lack of interactivity
  • Focuses primarily on Mindy Weiss’s specific approach and experiences
  • Caters more towards beginners or those at a certain skill level

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If you love planning memorable events and/or weddings, Mindy Weiss’s MasterClass is an investment. Her approach to planning events and weddings is unique, and you will walk away from this course with valuable insights on how to successfully plan a party (on a budget).

Mindy Weiss MasterClass Review

Who is Mindy Weiss?

If you are a party-planning newbie and have no clue who Mindy Weiss is, let’s know her a little better.

Mindy Weiss is not just your regular wedding planner; she is considered a legend in the event planning business. She started her career in the stationery industry. She customized party invitations and always strived to create unforgettable events, which soon led her to specialize in weddings. She has over thirty years of experience transforming the mundane into something extraordinary. She will revamp your boring “I dos” into celebrations worthy of a fairytale.

Her impressive list of accolades includes being named one of the best wedding planners in America by Brides magazine. Publications like Architectural Digest and People Magazine have also recognized her creativity.

All talk and no-show is not who Mindy Weiss is. Awards and recognition is just one part of her journey. Her true magic lies in her years of experience and her A-list client list. She is the brains and wits behind dream weddings for celebrities like  Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, Mandy Moore, and even a few couples from ABC’s The Bachelor (can’t guarantee the longevity of these marriages, though). High-profile events mean a lot of details and drama, and Mindy Weiss has managed them with utmost grace and regality; from navigating complex logistics to managing diva behavior, she has done it all. Her unique ability to never lose sight of the couple’s vision for their big day has made her successful in the business. 

So, what makes Mindy Weiss the perfect person to host a MasterClass in wedding planning?

The answer to that question is that Mindy Weiss is not just about creating extravagant celebrity bashes. She understands that every wedding is unique, regardless of budget or guest list. Her MasterClass promises to help you plan a wedding that suits your vibe and taste and reflects your personality. Most importantly, she will help you plan a wedding that tells your love story.

Whether you are a DIY enthusiast like me or someone who dreams of a full-service wedding extravaganza, Mindy Weiss will guide you through turning your wedding mood board into a reality.

Who Should Get Mindy Weiss MasterClass?

A MasterClass on planning your dream wedding by a renowned planning whiz like Mindy Weiss is an absolute dream for people who want a wedding that reflects their unique personality and style. She will provide you with insider tips and creative flair in this class. You will discover how to transform your wedding dreams into a reality that is as distinctive and memorable as you. This course is ideal for a few people like:

1. Engaged couples who are in the early stages of planning their wedding and want professional guidance on how to approach the process but do not have the budget to hire a wedding planner of the likes of Mindy Weiss.

2. People who aspire to have an elaborate, high-end wedding but also want to add personal touches to it and want to learn from one of the top wedding planners who has organized celebrity and luxury weddings.

3. Anyone interested in learning about the latest wedding trends, styles, and ideas from an industry expert, like color schemes in style, design trends, and bridal gowns in season.

4. Future wedding planners or event managers who want to understand the business and art of planning upscale weddings.

5. Couples with a large budget for their wedding and don’t know where to start can learn to invest in how to plan and execute a truly spectacular event.

6. People who are looking for creative inspiration and unique ideas to make their wedding stand out and provide a truly personalized experience to their guests.

Mindy Weiss has planned weddings for many A-list celebrities, so her Masterclass will surely provide you with an inside look at how lavish, high-profile weddings come together from an experienced professional’s perspective. It covers topics like budgeting, vendor selection, design inspiration, timelines, and bringing a cohesive vision to life.

What does Mindy Weiss MasterClass Review cover?

Mindy Weiss MasterClass on Planning your Dream Wedding is 4 hours and 2 minutes long. It is divided into ten main categories, and each lesson lasts 15-20 minutes. The content is very well-structured and follows your train of thought. It covers basic things like writing your vows and finding the perfect minister, as well as complex concepts like drafting a floor plan and managing a seating chart. 

You get a workbook that you can use as a wedding binder to write down all your ideas. It also contains a written summary of all the lessons. You also get a list of additional resource material that you can reference when tackling a particular topic.

The best thing about Mindy Weiss’s MasterClass is the flourishing online community of wedding planning enthusiasts and brides-to-be who constantly share their ideas and visions with you while also providing helpful feedback.

The lesson plan is as follows:

  1. Introduction
  2. Create Your Budget 
  3. Choose Your Venue
  4. Hire Your Team
  5. Choose Your Attire
  6. Send Invitations
  7. Plan Your Ceremony
  8. Pick Your Menu
  9. Design Your Day
  10. Draft Your Floor Plan

Summarizing the Lessons from Mindy Weiss MasterClass

Mindy Weiss starts her MasterClass by introducing herself and talking about her childhood. Her parents planned fabulous birthday parties for her that were the talk of town long after they were done, inspiring her to do the same. She worked in the stationery industry and made customized invitations for clients that let the creative spark fly in her.

She suggests making a wedding binder with all your ideas and reference images of what you want your big day to look like. A wedding binder will make your job as your wedding planner much more manageable.

Mindy then offers tips on making a comprehensive budget and shares tried-and-true tips for saving money on your wedding, highlighting the best situations to trim or concede on your ideals. She also breaks down how to avoid hidden costs and create a guestlist with her tried and tested ABC method.

Weiss explains the significance of choosing the perfect wedding venue and how it can impact your wedding dates. She then analyzes on-site versus off-site venues and one-stop versus two-stop weddings. Then, she provides questions to ask on venue tours. Mindy also suggests having a pros/cons list when exploring venue options to help you make an informed decision.

The following lessons are about hiring your dream (wedding) team. Mindy gives tips and tricks on selecting your vendors, from photographers, makeup artists, and hairstylists to bands, DJs, and entertainment, and even assists you in choosing a good wedding planner (if you can afford one).

Next up is another significant step: deciding on a dress code and planning your own fantastic attire. In this section, Mindy details all of your options and helps you choose which route to take. She covers things like the dress code for the guests, choosing your wedding dress and your partner’s outfit (and vice versa), and selecting the outfits of your wedding party, from flower girls and the ring bearer to bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Mindy then highlights the importance of choosing the perfect wedding invitations and save-the-dates, as your correspondence with your guests will be their first impression of your wedding. She discusses how to make your save-the-dates, invitations, and website as beautiful and informative as possible. 

It is easy to get lost in the process and lose sight of important things. Mindy talks about often overlooked tasks and roles and how to tackle them. She discusses the roles involved in a traditional wedding ceremony and provides the tools you need to choose an officiant with whom you can collaborate. Mindy teaches you how to conduct a seamless rehearsal and shares the critical information you need to relay to the wedding party before you walk down the aisle. She also covers the topic of writing the perfect vows, as your vows are the reason you are getting married.

Mindy prides herself on always leaving her guests with a full stomach and smiling faces, and she shares her strategies with you for accomplishing the same. Mindy walks you through the essential foundation for any full cocktail hour—hors d’oeuvres, liquor options, theme, and the benefits of an open, closed, or soft bar. Mindy gives actionable tips for choosing a balanced, crowd-pleasing menu. She runs you through the different courses and budget-friendly options for plated and buffet-style menus. The best part about any party is the dessert, and Mindy shows you how to find a cake maker, get the most out of tastings, and leverage faux cake tricks. She also offers ideas for alternative options.

Mindy shares the fun of styling your wedding. With three incredible table demos, she presents color, decor, and texture options for various budgets. If you are confused, you can take a questionnaire to help you choose your color palette and preferences. She discusses things like developing your unique color palette, picking out floral arrangements, and using the right linens and textures for your tables.

Now that Mindy has helped you determine all the lovely details of your dream wedding, it is time to record them into your schedule and floor plan. In this closing lesson, she guides you in creating a seating chart and itinerary.

Key Points from Mindy Weiss MasterClass:

As a bride-to-be who has taken countless event planning courses and watched endless “How to Plan Your Wedding” tutorials, Mindy Weiss suggested a few things that resonated with me, and I will use them when planning my own wedding. 

I learned the art of creating a story through decor and design. I know the significance of colour schemes and themes. Still, after taking this course, I understood how to build cohesive narratives through design elements like colour palettes, florals, menus, and favours that will elevate my wedding from ordinary to extraordinary.

I considered myself to be immensely skilled at haggling and managing the budget. But I have only planned small-scale parties (nothing compared to weddings). Mindy Weiss taught me how to communicate effectively with the vendors. I also learned new negotiation tactics and collaboration strategies (like with photographers and videographers). These techniques will help me seamlessly execute multiple parts of my wedding with the use of masterful coordination and planning.

Attention to detail is what makes or breaks an event, and Mindy Weiss’s MasterClass provided me with a newfound appreciation for the intricate details that make a wedding truly memorable. Her meticulous approach to planning every tiny aspect of the wedding was inspiring. She also taught me the importance of being a detail-oriented perfectionist (I finally found a way to make my OCD useful).

I started this MasterClass feeling lost and overwhelmed, but Mindy Weiss renewed my passion. I now have renewed excitement and confidence in my planning abilities. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and it motivated me to create an unforgettable celebration of my own.

What did I Like about Mindy Weiss’s MasterClass?

As someone who has followed Mindy Weiss’ journey through the event planning business, I find her Masterclass on planning your dream wedding to be a revelation. There are several things I really appreciated and enjoyed:

Spectacular Screen Presence: Firstly, Mindy has an excellent screen presence. Throughout her MasterClass, she comes across as warm, personable, and clearly passionate about her work. Her enthusiasm is infectious, making learning from her much more engaging.

Insider Information: What really excites me, though, is getting her unique, insider perspective on high-end wedding planning. With decades of experience working with A-list celebrities, I got advice and ideas that go way beyond typical wedding tips. Her Masterclass gave unprecedented access to how she translates lavish visions into reality.

Mouthwatering Menu: I was particularly interested in Mindy’s approach to menu planning and catering for these upscale affairs. As a bit of a foodie, it was fun to hear her suggestions on wowing guests with exceptional culinary experiences, from cocktail hour bites to multi-course plated dinners. Her vendor recommendations alone opened me to amazing chef and catering partnerships for my big day.

Vendor Ventures: Speaking of vendors, I was curious to learn her strategies for vetting and managing the many specialists required to pull off a luxury wedding weekend. I learned how she ensures everyone is aligned with the couple’s vision and how I can translate that to my wedding.

Powerful Production (quality): Masterclass’s reputation precedes them. I expected Mindy’s lessons to be meticulously organized into a step-by-step curriculum with supporting videos, workbooks, and other resources. My expectations were not just matched but surpassed. The platform’s cinematic quality and production value made my learning experience incredibly immersive.  

Overall, I was drawn to Mindy’s Masterclass because of her credibility, valuable real-world expertise, and the tremendous insight she can provide into the world of celebrity/high-end weddings. Having this kind of exclusive access is hugely appealing, and I am so glad I took this course. It helped me understand all the nitty-gritty of wedding planning, and I now know how to tackle them.

Mindy Weiss MasterClass Conclusion

Mindy Weiss’s MasterClass was a veil lifted for my wedding planning. Entering the course, I felt unsure, like navigating an unfamiliar aisle. But I emerged with a wealth of knowledge and the confidence to walk down the wedding planning path. Her passion for planning events is undeniable, infectious as the bouquet toss that sets that gets all the bridesmaids agitated and excited (all at once).

One of the most valuable lessons I learned was weaving a narrative through design. Mindy emphasizes creating a cohesive story, where every detail – from invitations to centrepieces – is a bloom contributing to the overall floral arrangement. This resonated deeply, as I have always envisioned a wedding that transports guests to a beautiful, unforgettable garden, and now (thanks to Mindy) it seems doable.

This MasterClass also illuminates vendor management, a task that previously felt as daunting as navigating a crowded reception hall. Her communication tips were like a vow renewal with these wedding-day vendors, ensuring everyone works together seamlessly. I no longer feel like a lost guest at my own celebration.

My initial trepidation had transformed into a firm “yes” to the planning challenge by the end. Mindy’s wisdom is like a well-curated wedding registry, equipping me with everything necessary to throw a successful celebration. I am now eager to put these lessons into practice, the cold feet replaced by a steady stride towards the altar of execution. Mindy Weiss has ignited a flame within me, and I am confident the resulting wedding will be a reception that becomes the talk of the town.

So, is the MasterClass worth it?

This course is an excellent investment for any bride-to-be passionate about crafting a dream wedding. Think of it as the wedding planner you can not afford, delivering expert guidance that serves as your “something borrowed” for a stress-free planning process. It is a wise pre-wedding gift, sure to outshine any other (besides the ring on your finger).

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