Craftsy Review in 2024: Legit? Is It Worth It?

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Are you the kind of person (like me) who sees a ball of yarn or a stack of fabric and instantly starts wondering what your next masterpiece will be? 

I have always been drawn to all things crafty, be it stitching, weaving, or pottery. That is why I have explored my fair share of creative classes (online and offline) in search of the perfect place where instructions meet inspiration. That is how I discovered Craftsy.

With Craftsy, you are not just learning a new skill but embarking on an exciting and informative creative journey. Craftsy offers a treasure trove of classes designed to spark your imagination and elevate your craftsmanship, from mastering intricate quilting patterns (say hello to new blankets) to crafting cozy sweaters that rival those found in high-end boutiques.

In my review of Craftsy, I will tell you everything you need to know about it before starting your innovative journey. You can then choose if Craftsy is the creative platform for you.

Craftsy Review in 2024: Is it legit?

Craftsy is a unique online learning platform that offers various creative classes. These classes are taught by industry experts with (tons of) experience. You can find courses on sewing, quilting (with patterns), cooking, and baking (with exact recipes). Craftsy is for everyone, regardless of their level of skill. You can be a seasoned pro or an absolute beginner, and you will still learn a lot from Craftsy classes. They are informative and inspiring and will help you elevate your craftsmanship. 


  • Affordable
  • Course material (like recipes and patterns) can be downloaded
  • Over 50 free classes
  • Expert instructors and excellent-quality of content
  • Free cancellation at any time
  • Weekly newsletter with valuable tips and tricks 


  • Not all classes are beginner-friendly
  • It does not have a review system
  • No lifetime access to classes


Craftsy is a fantastic platform for anyone wanting to pursue a new hobby, finetune their existing skills, and learn more. You get 20 hobbies and crafts to choose from, with over 100 courses in each one. If you cannot commit to purchasing a subscription, you can always take the free classes and previews of paid classes to understand the platform better.

What is Craftsy?

Craftsy is an online learning platform focused on helping people learn new creative and crafty skills (like knitting, sewing, cooking, decorating, and more). If you want to pursue new hobbies but find all the tutorials seem intimidating, then Craftsy is your Holy Grail.

With 20 hobby and craft-related topics and hundreds of courses for each hobby, Craftsy has something for everyone. The classes on Craftsy are available on (but not limited to) all the fun and trendy crafts like sewing, quilting, knitting (including crochet), furniture-making, pottery, paper-mache, and many other art forms and specific art techniques.

It is a subscription-based service, but on the plus side, the subscription plan allows you to explore all the craft and hobby classes available on Craftsy. You can access 1000+ classes, each with downloadable course material (in PDF format), like sewing patterns and recipes. If you are still deciding whether to commit financially, you can always take the free courses (50+) available on Craftsy. You can also buy individual classes if you don’t want to pay for an annual subscription.

Who is Craftsy for?

Craftsy is for anyone with even a tiny bone of creativity. You can leave it to them to develop your skills and help you flourish creatively. It does not matter what skill level you function at; you can be just a curious beginner with nothing to lose and everything to gain or an advanced crafter who wants to polish their skills while keeping up with industry trends (or someone in between).

Craftsy is ideal for people who prefer learning online in a self-paced environment (without deadlines). This allows them to learn without judgment or competition (from peers or instructors). 

Experienced crafters also have much to gain from Craftsy in refining their techniques and bringing elegance and precision to their existing skills. 

Crafting is beneficial for people struggling with mental health. A study has shown that people who participated in crafting activities experienced increased positive energy, reduced stress levels, enhanced self-esteem, improved mental clarity, and a better understanding of their identity (National Library of Medicine). Craftsy can be the perfect platform for them.

Craftsy is the ideal platform for you if you like giving personalized handmade gifts (best friend’s birthday coming up?) but don’t have the time to take in-person crafting.

Lastly, if you want to stay busy, keep your mind and body engaged, and know how to accomplish, then learning a few crafting skills (on Craftsy) can do wonders for you.

How much does Craftsy cost?

Pricing OptionDescriptionCost 
Individual classesPurchase classes that you are interested in$10-$70 per class(avg $30)
Class BundlesBundles of similar courses at discounted priceDepends on the bundle size
Craftsy Premium MonthlyMonthly subscription for unlimited access   $8.99 per month
Craftsy Premium AnnualAnnual subscription for unlimited access$89.99 per year (paid in a single payment)
Craftsy Gold Upgrade(from Premium subscription)Choose 8 classes and get lifetime access to them (including all the course material)$450 

Craftsy offers over 50 free classes and a free preview of many paid classes, so you can make an informed decision after using the platform.

You can also buy individual classes depending on your interests and requirements. They range from $10 to $70 (the average price is $30). This is suitable for people who only want to learn a few specific skills and are clear about their priorities. 

But if you want to take more than three classes (I dare you not to), the Craftsy Premium subscription is a better and more reasonable choice. The monthly subscription costs $8.99 per month, and the annual subscription costs $89.99 per year (you save $17.89) in a single payment. The subscription plan allows you access to all the classes (over 1000), additional course material, and a weekly newsletter with tips and tricks. It also includes access to frequent live courses and events. 

You can also share your Craftsy subscription with three friends or family members (at no extra cost). This feature adds another layer of value to the subscription plan as it is a four-member subscription at one price.

The prices may seem pricey for a crafts-based learning service, but the course quality is absolutely worth it. When you compare these prices with in-person craft classes (which sometimes cost over $100), you will realize you are saving money.

Craftsy: Refund Policy

Craftsy offers several free classes (as I already mentioned), but these classes don’t provide detailed tutorials or extensive patterns and recipes. The lack of free variety in free classes limits your options. Some popular topics don’t even have a single free class that you can take to explore them more.

If you want to try Craftsy but are still determining whether it is perfect for you, you can request a refund. The platform offers a 30-day refund guarantee in case of dissatisfaction (only for annual membership).

My Personal Experience with Craftsy 

As someone who loves crafting, I was excited to get familiar with Craftsy and take a few creative classes. 

Craftsy’s homepage is user-friendly and visually appealing. Navigating and searching for classes based on my interests is also effortless. There were classes on any crafting activity I could think of, like woodwork, photography, painting, pottery, and even cake decorating. I was surprised and impressed with the variety of courses and crafts.

After browsing for a while, I took a beginner-friendly watercolour painting class by Anna Mason. Since I did not know who the instructor was, Craftsy’s “Know your instructor” section was helpful, and I also liked the overview that clearly stated what to expect from the class.

After I enrolled in the class, I got access to the video lesson, downloadable course material, and community support. As I started the course, I noticed it was fast-paced, but I could control the playback (a plus as I am a slow learner). I had to pause and rewind at a few places, but soon, I could keep up with the lesson quickly. By the end of the lesson, I could clearly see my brushstroke improving (that made me happy).

I also enjoyed being a part of the discussion forum where people who have taken the class or are taking it (like me) share their progress and offer tips and tricks. You can also share pictures of your completed projects, which is a fantastic feature.

When I finished the course, I received a certificate of completion (unaccredited). The certificate made me feel accomplished and confident in my skills.

Overall, my experience on Craftsy was rewarding. The quality of the video lesson and the supportive community atmosphere inspired me to pursue my passion for creativity and lifelong curiosity.

What did I Like about Craftsy?

As I keep saying (repeatedly), Craftsy is an innovative online learning platform, and I love what it offers. It has a few limitations but is not a complete turn-off and can’t be overlooked. 

Craftsy is highly produced for a hobby-based learning platform, and the lesson plan is expertly structured. Each class comes with professionally shot videos (no shaky cameras), detailed (easy to decipher) instructions, and easy-to-follow demonstrations. 

The classes on Craftsy also come with additional course material like patterns, project ideas, and recipes. The material is relevant to the course that you take and the level you are at. For beginner-level classes, the patterns and projects will be on the same level of skills. You get several patterns (knitting, sewing, and quilting) and detailed recipes (cooking and baking).

It also has extensive community support that encourages and inspires craft aficionados. You can participate in discussions, social media groups, and virtual events. You can also ask questions, share your finished projects, and receive feedback from experienced and novice learners.

Craftsy has a convenient mobile app that lets you take your crafting lessons on the go (that is just perfect for me). You can review the video instructions while going to work or relaxing at home (or even while waiting at a DMV line). You can go through your classes, browse new projects, and share with the community from your phone or tablet. Craftsy app is simple and user-friendly, with an offline viewing option (when you don’t have access to WiFi).


Craftsy is most definitely worth it (in my opinion).

Craftsy is a one-of-a-kind online learning platform focused on all things creative. It has a massive course catalog for over 20 craft-related topics. Skilled instructors with downloadable resource material and project designs design the classes. And most importantly, Craftsy is affordable, with individual courses starting from as little as $10

It also has free courses (over 50) for people who want to start their creative journey but don’t have the means. 

If you are interested in honing your craft-making skills and want high-quality videos and a diverse and accessible learning experience, then Craftsy is the perfect platform for you. It is worth your investment, with its user-friendly approach and extensive courses. You can choose Craftsy without hesitation if you are passionate about art and creativity.


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