Codecademy Review In 2024: Is It Worth It?

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Since the last decade, digital technology has been a massive development. Due to this, coding and web design have become two of the most lucrative professions. I wanted to know if it was something I could learn to improve my prospects and advance my career. With no prior information or experience in IT or coding, I decided to learn it. I work full-time and do not have the means to learn coding in person, so I searched for online platforms that focus on teaching coding in a beginner-friendly way. That is how I came to know about Codecademy. So, just in case you’ve not heard of it, this extensive review is for you to get more information about Codecamedy and determine if it is the platform for you to learn coding.

But if you are short on time, here’s a quick overview:

Quick Summary of Codecademy Review

Codecademy is one of the few online learning platforms that strives to deliver the best courses on learning coding languages and designing websites. It provides courses on several coding languages, like Java, Python, C++, and many more. It has over 40 million learners from all around the world. It also has courses on various technology-related subjects like cybersecurity and generative AI. 

  • Beginner-friendly and easy-to-understand course plans.
  • Tons of free courses.
  • Massive course catalog covering most coding and IT-related subjects.
  • Engaging lessons with practical projects (like natural website-building exercises).
  • Access to an active community forum to interact with instructors and other learners.
  • Affordable.
  • The quality of some lessons might not be for advanced programmers.
  • No refund policy.
I recommend Codecademy to anyone who wants to learn coding and programming. It is one of the best platforms focusing solely on programming and coding. And since digital technology is advancing rapidly, web design and coding seem like marketable skills that can help you achieve your future job goals. 

Codecademy Review In 2024: Is It Worth It?

Codecademy was founded by Zach Sims and Ryan Bubinski in 2011 to make computer science and coding more accessible for beginners. They also team with nonprofit organizations to help underprivileged people learn coding and get hired. It offers courses on more than 15 coding languages, like Java and Python. Also, it provides crash courses on other tech-related subjects like the fundamentals of Linux and other operating systems. 

As the goal of this platform is to make coding easy and accessible, many of its courses are free. When you hear free, it is natural to assume that they might not be good and would be a waste of time. But that is not the case with the free courses provided by Codecademy. These courses are incredibly detailed and structured, making them valuable in computer science and coding.

But if you want to learn the nitty-gritty of coding and get into as much detail as possible, Codecademy also offers paid subscriptions in Pro and Plus plans. These plans allow you to take as many courses as you want, and you get a more comprehensive range of courses. With that, you also get constant guidance from your course instructor and the opportunity to interact with them to ask your doubts. 

Codecademy also provides learning paths that consist of multiple courses that you can take to master one specific skill. These courses have a career-driven approach and will help you get ahead professionally.

 It currently boasts over 40 million subscribers with the mission “To create a world where anyone can build something meaningful with technology, and everyone has the learning tools, resources, and opportunities to do so.” 

Who is Codecademy for?

Codecademy aims to make coding simple and fun to learn, which can be ideal for many people. It has a variety of courses focused on coding and web-developing skills. These courses cover the basics of computer science and programming. It is targeted towards people interested in learning more about these topics and want to build their careers around them. 

If you are keen to learn the ins and outs of coding for free, this platform will be a godsend. Codecademy has beginner-friendly courses that teach the basics of web development and programming interactively, and most of its introductory courses are free, so that is a plus. 

The courses are self-paced and flexible, so there are no deadlines. This is an excellent opportunity for people either in school or working full-time. It helps you diversify your job prospects and gives you an additional edge in hiring. 

Most lessons also come with practical tasks and easy assessments so you can keep track of your progress. You also get to be around a supportive community of like-minded people who help solve your doubts and guide you through your tasks.

How much does Codecademy cost?

As I mentioned earlier, Codecademy has several free courses on the basics of coding, computer science, and website design. The courses are of excellent quality and help you learn much as a beginner without prior experience in these fields. 

You need to create your account and sign in, and you are all set to start your journey to learning to code.

There is also a 7-day free trial to try the Pro version to see if it is worth your investment.

Is Codecademy Pro or Plus Subscription Worth it?

You get good-quality courses for free on Codecademy, so it is typical to be curious whether buying the Subscription will be worth it.

The answer to that is yes, it is.

Codecademy Plus costs $179.88 (works out at $14.99 per month) when paid annually (through a single payment) and $29.99 when paid monthly. With the Plus subscription, you get all the basic (free) plan features and additional access to all the courses, exercises, and projects available on Codecademy. This includes most of their career and skill paths. This plan is ideal for students who want to learn one specific skill, like Python or C++.

Codecademy Pro costs $239.88 (or $19.99 monthly) when paid annually (paid through a single payment) and $39.99 when paid monthly. With the Pro subscription, you get everything the Plus plan offers and more. You get professional certification and a chance to interact with the instructors. You get to use your skills on practical and technical projects. And if you get confused and need help, you get support and encouragement from your instructor and peers. 

You can check out what Codecademy offers with the primary (read-free) plan, and if you like the course content and the teaching style, you will enjoy the Pro or Plus subscription, depending on your requirements.

However, it is essential to note that Codecademy does not provide refunds for the Pro or Plus Subscription, so if you want to buy the plan, you need to be very sure. You can cancel your Subscription whenever you want, and there is a 7-day free trial so you can wet your feet before you jump in.

If you don’t decide to proceed with the Subscription after the free trial ends, you will lose the progress you have made, and any certificates you have received will be considered invalid. 

Codecademy Pro for Students

As I mentioned earlier, the Codecademy Pro Subscription is ideal for students. Being mindful of that and understanding that most students don’t have the financial independence to purchase additional courses outside of school, Codecademy offers eligible students a 35% discount off its regular Pro Subscription price. So, students have to pay $152.92 annually for the Pro Subscription.

Codecademy for Business

Codecademy offers specially curated Business plans that allow your employees to learn new skills interactively. This is focused on professional growth and increasing digital proficiency. These courses are created by expert industry instructors and teach the most valuable digital and coding skills (like HTML and Python).

You can get a 14-day trial to check it out by inviting 5-10 team members and then deciding if you want to buy the plan for your whole team.

  • Codecademy for Team: This plan lets your team take engaging courses at their convenience and is an ideal way to provide training for a small team (up to 25 members). It costs $299 annually per user

 Codecademy for Enterprise: This is ideal for teams with more members (over 25). You can contact Codecademy support for a demo and get a custom quote based on your requirements. 

My Personal Experience with Codecademy

When you sign up for Codecademy, you are immediately on the basic plan, and it remains that way unless you specifically decide to buy the Pro plan. The platform’s design is user-friendly and easily navigable. The basic plan offers over 60 free courses that are detailed and easy to follow. But these courses are mostly curated for beginners, and they might only be for some.

As someone with no experience in coding or computer science, I was confused about which course would be most helpful for me. That is when I came across the Codecademy quiz feature. You complete the quiz, and it suggests courses based on your preference. This was an interesting way to understand a beginner’s needs and then help accordingly.

The teaching approach is sequential and not very overwhelming. You get exercises and course material to practice your skills and evaluate your progress. Various case studies are provided for you to use as a reference.  

After browsing various courses, I decided to choose a course that looked the most interesting to me (introduction to Python) and gave it a try. On the left side of the screen, you will find the course material in text format for reference. The middle part of the screen is left blank, so you can practice what you have learned. If you are making good progress or making mistakes, you can check it out on the right side of the screen. This was a fascinating approach, and I found it quite engaging. 

After you are done with the lesson, you will see the option “next” in the bottom right corner. You will only be allowed to move forward if you have completed all your exercises correctly. If not, you will be prompted to review your work. Even after doing so, if you still can’t find the error in your work, you will be given hints so you can finish your lesson in the best way possible.

I liked this approach, as Codecademy makes sure you know the course material and can put it to practical use.

All things considered, I enjoyed learning from Codecademy, and it was a fun yet educational experience.

What did I like about Codecademy?

The best thing about Codecademy is that it offers free courses for beginners without experience in these fields. This allows a lot of people to see if coding and programming are something that interests them and if they are worth learning. We live in a digital age, and I know programming and digital skills like data analysis and computing are the future, but they might not be for everyone. The free courses allow people to explore these skills without worrying about the cost. 

I am someone who has never ventured into the world of coding, and I can say with certainty that Codecademy courses are of great quality and well-structured, making them easy to follow and beginner-friendly. 

I also liked that it had a practical approach to learning, and whatever you learn, you demonstrate it right away. Codecademy programs make sure that anyone who does not have a clear understanding of the topic at hand cannot move forward in the lesson plan. This technique makes sure that all learners know the course material well.

The lessons are clear and concise, and most of them are text-based, so you can take your sweet time to get familiar with the concept. This allows you to take as much or as little as you require to understand any topic well. 

I enjoyed the additional resources that are provided with each course for reference. The idea of community support is also very reassuring, as you can clear your doubts and share your thoughts with your fellow learners. 


So to answer the previously asked question, “Is Codecademy worth it?” YES, it absolutely is.

Codecademy is a platform for people inclined to learn how to code and web design. So it has a very niche audience.

Even if you are interested in coding and developing your computing skills, whether or not you will enjoy learning on Codecademy depends on your skill level. Codecademy focuses on making coding accessible to all; hence, most of its courses are for beginners. So if you are an advanced coder or web designer wanting to learn more, it might not be your platform.

Overall, Codecademy is for anyone who is a curious learner and wants to dive into the world of coding. It offers amazing courses and learning opportunities for beginners. The lessons are simple and well thought out. It also follows the idea of self-paced learning, so you can finish the course whenever possible, as there are no deadlines.

If unsure, you can use their free trial feature to check if it meets your learning requirements and preferences. 

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